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What Are the Best Facial Exercises For Jowls ... A COMPLETE Facialbuilding Program ... Period

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"For a Surgery-free Jowl-lift, Nothing Compares to Facialbuilding ... Absolutley Nothing."

For a Facialbuilder to achieve a complete facial lift, the removal of jowls is paramount. 'Target Training' is used in Facialbuilding when it is necessary to focus on an individual component of the face. As a rule, the Jowl area is considered key in most cases. Fortunately for most FlexEffect trainers, Jowl removal generally shows the greatest success.

If you are considering facial surgery to remove jowls, you seriously need to first consider FlexEffect Facialbuilding. FlexEffect offers you the best, no-nonsense facial exercise regime for getting rid of jowls on your own. Our Facialbuilder's get one-on-one training from FIA Certified FlexEffect Trainers in our private Online Training WorkShop. The instruction is free to Facialbuilder’s but the personalized training one receives is positively priceless. Once in WorkShop click on 'Jowls'.

Take a moment and view our Before & After page and see for yourself those who have had real success in getting rid of jowls. And, you can rest assured if the amount of result from your training does not reach your goal, than at least your surgery will not have to be as drastic and your recovery time will be far shorter due to the increase in the health of your tissue. Once healed post-opt you can jump right back into your training and never let it happen again!

Above: Cathy FIA Certified Trainer: Before & After

ligaments of the face / FlexEffect

Jowl deformity is a bulge of skin and fat between the Masseteric ligament and the Mandibular ligament.

It is often said that facial ligaments are the direct cause of jowls. This comes from the thinking that overtime ligaments will become slack, losing thier grip, allowing the tissue to descend. This is NOT true; in fact ligaments lose very little integrity with age.  Another misconception held by many facial training authors, is that lax facial muscles are the culprit... again...wrong.  It all has to do with the integrity of the skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat or lack thereof and surprisingly to many; the loss of facial bone.  Okay.... fine, so what can we do about it... this side of surgery?  Well, if you're simply doing facial exercises, you need to up your game i.e., Skin remodeling, Bone remodeling along with FlexEffect's Facial Resistance Training ... no other resistance training comes close.

It is important to note that all ligaments are capable of strengthening by a least 20% through Facialbuiding® Not only are the ligaments strengthened through FE™ Resistance Training, but the combination of Cross Stretching® and Pressure Reps® the connective tissue (collagen / elastic fibers) are also beefed-up...hence the reduction of facial sagging skin. Please read: Skin Remodeling it will help you to understand the process.

To read what Facialbuilder’s have to say regarding jowls, along with a wealth of informative information, please visit our General Forum and get all your questions answered.


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