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Cheek Hollows  Jun 30, 2002 1

Hi Deb,

I am 42 yrs old and have been flexing for five weeks now, have already noticed some toning. My right cheek has a noticable hollow, approx 40mm from the corner of mouth (running parallel to the corner of my ear). I would like to know the best exercises and frquency to fill this hollow/ hollows of the cheeks. Would it be right in saying, cheek press and cheek press adv are the best exercises to do and should I do theses twice per day.


Hi Baz

Yes, these two exercises will help. Please keep in mind, however, if you have not protected your skin from the sun during your youth, how much you'll be able to fill in this area depends also on how much subcutaneous fat you've lost in this area. The exercises will certainly help to build the hollow and make it less pronounced. It will also help the area appear tighter and more youthful. If you haven't already, begin a good skin care regimen to accentuate the hard work you're already doing. Also keep in mind if you're doing the exercises twice a day to this area, you may have to take a break every couple or few days to give the area a rest. You'll know this because it will begin to feel like you're not getting any resistance from the muscle when you perform the exercise. This is a good indication that the muscle is tired and needs time to recoup.



Cheekbones  Jul 25, 2001   

Does anyone know any exercises that will define your cheekbones? i barely have any. Instead, I have sorta chubby cheeks. Give me an answer, please! Thanks a lot.


Hi Jen

Flexing cannot spot reduce areas of fat on the face. Just the same as sit ups cannot spot reduce abdominal fat. However, if your cheeks are lax due to poor muscle tone or need to be built for more definition then flexing will help.



Dimples and  sunken cheeks   Jul 27, 2001    

I have big dimples.  When I laugh, there is a line that extends almost under my chin.   Will the excercises lesson that line?  My cheeks seem hollowed out in that area?  Will the dimple area
also firm up with continous excercise and which specific ones will attack that problem? Thanks



Hi Laura

The dimple area should firm up nicely. I don't know about the line when you smile. Often times, even in younger people in their teens and twenties will have a crease when they smile since this is a natural fold for many people, so whether you will be able to reduce or eliminate it remains uncertain.  All of the exercises that target the cheeks are going to be important, but also the neck as well. Working the neck seems to pull everything together.



I have the dimples and the lines too.  The line became extremely pronounced when I lost 30 lbs.  Since I've been flexing 3 mo. the lines have improved considerably.   The exercises definitely help
to lessen the line.  They may never be completely eradicated, but the area looks much better.  I can live with the way they look now.  I'm not feeling self-conscious about them. 



Cheekbones, chin, jawline Jul 4 ,2001    

Hello!I'm a girl, 15 yrs old, and I have no cheekbones (they are not visible anyway). But under my cheekbones, on my cheeks, I have very much skin, wich feels really loose and jelly-like. Now I
wonder, is there an exercise wich will thight up the jellyskin on my cheek, making my cheekbones more visible and/or an exercise wich builds up the muscels on the cheekbones making them bigger? What is the Wink and Cheek Raiser? I would buy the video, but my mum thinks it would be really stupid and pointless, "cause I'm just 15 yrs old".

And another thing: In profile you cannot see my jawline, and the skin under my chin is very loose (I think that is partly due to that I have no cheekbones) even though I have a quiet thin (but not in any way fit) body, the skin under my chin is very loose, in profile it looks like a doublechin. Is there anything I can do to make my chin flat and make my jawline visible?

You look at the models in Elle (wich you souldn't, but you do anyway), and you think "How do they get that flat chin?" It is 'cause they are so thin, or fit? Or because of their high cheebones? Mt firends tell me that if I only had the flat chin, the visible jawline and the high cheekbones I could really
become I model (which I don't really want to be, but It's never wrong looking like one ;) ).

I would jump up and down with joy for an answer and a method that would work! Could you please tell me some of your great exercises?

Thank you!
Agnes, from Sweden

Hi Agnes

At fifteen, your face and body are still in the maturation process of becoming an adult. It is still very possible that as you mature more that more defining female characteristics may emerge. Some girls may look very mature at 15, others may take a little longer.

The exercises are primarily for reversing and preventing muscle sag. They will help to build the muscle as well but as to whether they will give you runway model looks, is, at best, uncertain.

I think mum may have the right advice for you at your age. Wait until your later teen years to see what your body and face are going to look like. In the interim to protect your skin and prevent all those future wrinkles, WEAR sunblock DAILY. No matter what climate you're in, cold, cloudy, rainy, etc. By protecting your skin today, you'll look fabulous later! NEVER sun bathe. If you practice good skin care now, you'll head off a lot of the problems effecting people on this board.



Cheek Building Jun 6, 2001   

Hi All,

Just wondering, when the cheeks do finally start to build from the exercises, WHICH part of the cheeks build? I ask this because my face looks so incredibly FLAT compared to the way it used to look. I think I lost too much of my body fat from exercising ...or else it's just aging...either way...
Wondering WHERE the cheek builds? Will it give my face a fuller look from the front when not smiling? Will the center build or the top?? Does it poof out a bit, eliminating that flat look that I now have?? I'm quite alarmed by my appearance these days...

Thanks in advance...

Hi Lynne

If you're doing all the cheek exercises you should begin to see results throughout the cheek area. Again, if you have low body fat, you may not see big round cheeks. However, the exercises will help to counteract that gaunt look so common among athletes and chronic dieters. Your face may still be thin but no longer so sunken in appearance.


Thanks Jason



Technical question Re: Cheek exercises   May 22, 2001    

Hi All,

I'm trying to tailor my exercise program so that I can affect the changes that I'm trying to make, so I need a better understanding of what happens when we build certain muscles.For example, by doing "Cheek raiser," I understand that this will build the major upper cheek muscle. When this builds, does it actually "lift" as well, or just build out? And will building this part up LIFT up some of the sag beneath it in the lower part of the face?? As for the lower cheeks, here is where I have most of
my "play"...the looseness has begun here. I noticed from the muscle diagram that there are only two small muscles that connect to the mouth area from the upper cheek area. Will strengthening these muscles pull the lower part up or does it just bulk out those muscles?? In other words, how do I tighten the sagging lower part?? As it is, I don't seem to have much strength in those muscles. I guess
this is what has begun to atrophy for me...as well as the upper cheek losing some of its fat and sinking down a bit due to gravity. If any of you can provide info on these areas, please, please do.
As it is, it's just a crapshoot for me...Thanks in advance...


Hi Lynne

Anytime you work the muscles, you're not just going to bulk them up. You're going to be strengthening and tightening them. To get all kinds of tips and modifications to help target areas of
concern, you should look under workshop. A lot of great ideas are there.



Super Model face line May 9, 2001    

I see lot's of models with a very distinguishible muscle that goes from the ear to the begining of the mouth or a little bit higher. Do I have to be very skinny to get this muscle or muscles accentuated?  What type of exercise do I have to do?

please help

Hi Paty

That would probably be the risorius muscle, BUT it's very doubtful that is what you're seeing. It probably is more a makeup effect used to enhance the cheekbones. Although all of us are effected by the media to some degree, watch and research into all the little tricks makeup artists do in order to create effects that in life are certainly not natural. Kevin Aucion's book "Making Faces" gives away a lot of secrets that makeup artists use. A little air brushing never hurt, either! LOL


Hi Paty

I've heard that models have teeth pulled to accentuate this area too!  But Jason's right about make-up. Using a darker shade of foundation or powder in that area gives them the look you're
after.  With makeup, anything dark will make things receed and anything light will make things pop-out toward you, or "highlight" so highlighting the top of the cheekbone while contouring (darkening) the hollow  will give you that effect.     I see lot's of models with a very distinguishible muscle



Building cheeks   May 2, 2001   

Hello I was wondering if building up the apples of the cheeks would make a long face appear smaller, from the front as well as the profile?

Many Thanks

Hi Patsy

I'd like to know the answer to that also.  I have a long slender face and I'm hoping I can make it look fuller.


Hi Patsy/JoAnne

I have a long, heart-shaped face, high forehead, high cheekbones and really had no cheeks before flexing and now I do and yes, face is fuller.  It cannot change the structure of your God-given face, but it can build and make your face appear much fuller...at least has been my experience.  Good luck!   The very first thing that built for me was the cheek area.


Hey All

Which exercises build the "apples" of the cheeks in particular?? Would it be cheek raiser?? Or is it "cheek press?" (I'm not sure if I do that one right yet. I dont' feel much when I do it.



Video Apr 20, 2001     

I just received my video today and watched it twice so I could try out the exercises. Deb does not seem to use very much pressure while performing these exercises.  Is this because she was only demonstrating the technique or do you not have to use any more resistance to get results.  I am very interested in raising my cheek area and would also like to know if there are more exercises in the book that would be beneficial.

Hi Bev

It does not require a lot of resistance to obtain lift results. It is more important that you be consistent in doing the exercises. And yes there are a couple of additional exercises in the book for the cheek area that are not on the video.



Sides of Face Apr 14, 2001     

Which are the best Flexeffect exercises to build up the sides of the face and the temple areas?


Hi Rah

I like cheek press, cheek press adv., teeth clencher and reverse chew.  Most of these are in the book and NOT the video, so I hope you've bought the book! :-)



Cheeks Apr 11, 2001  

hi Jason, its Kim thanks for getting back to me so fast the last time! i asked if it was possible to build the cheekbone area because my face is naturally 'fat' around the bottom of my face and you said that i could try building the upper cheeks, what exercises should i use for this? thankyou so much!


Hi Kim

Cheek raiser and wink would be two of the most important. Cheek raiser is on the video and wink is in the book. If you haven't purchased either yet, drop me an e-mail and I will give you the exercises.



Wink & Wink adv. Apr 5, 2001 

I've developed an indentation when I smile running downward across the upper cheek area that is new since starting FlexEffect three weeks ago. Would this be something to do with doing the wink and wink advanced exercises? I have had some difficulty performing both these exercises and have noticed little change in this area apart from developing this indentation. Am I doing something wrong or do you think this will correct itself with time? It does look kind of ugly so would appreciate any advice. Thanks.



Cheeks Apr 4, 2001  

Hi Deb, Its kim from quite a while back, i was hoping that you could tell me whether or not you were able to answer my question, maybe you havent had time, or youve already answered it and i cant find it on the site or maybe you didnt get it, so here it is - my face is fat around the bottom, i think maybe its that my cheekbones are small and so my face doesnt seem evenly proportioned. I'm not really sure what i need to do to improve, maybe build up muscle on my cheekbones? is this possible? please get back to me soon.


Hi Kim

Yes, you can try building up the upper cheeks. Remember though, exercising will not spot reduce areas of fat. If it's sagging skin or muscle, then the exercises will help tighten the area.



Dimples Apr3, 2001

hey i would like to know that with this program you can get cheek dimples in the sides of your cheeks if you dont have them in the first place, and just a question, what causes them to be on some people and not others,

thank you ,


I don't think flexing can give you dimples...unless you had them prior to and they were 'hidden' with time and damage.  I think they are pretty much hereditary.  However, I did not ever have dimples (and don't now either) but I do have some pleasant little concave indentations under cheeks that were not there before flexing.  Don't know the whys whats and wherefores, except they are an added little bonus, as they look really nice..chisled and sculpted. Jason, where did I develop my 'concaves'?  Do not know how to describe them, but I certainly like them!


Hey Jean

Me too! When I smile they are there and they weren't before...they're like mini-dimples on both cheeks.


I just developed (or revealed) a dimple just below the right corner of my mouth from exercising.  And I don't do the corner pull too often, so I find its appearance quite intriguing.



If you have never had dimples then the exercises will not cause them to form. Dimples are created by the way the muscles uniquely articulate with each other in that particular individual.



I've been doing the exercises almost one year now, and before I started, I had a hint of a dimple that I had to smile hard to see. Now it's very definately there, and quite evident with a slight smile.  That's a pretty cool result of face exercises.



Cheeks Mar 28, 2001

Hi everyone,

I'm new at this and have a question for someone. I've only been doing the exercises for 3 weeks, and realize that changes aren't going to take place overnight, but have been reading on the board where some flexers have doubled up the exercises for troublesome areas. The areas I'd like to give some "special" attention are my lower cheeks. I have this slight bulldog effect going on that I'd like to try and reverse if at all possible. But I'm not sure which exercise I need for this particular area.
By placing my fingers on the corners of my mouth and raising, it alleviates this. Do I concentrate on Lower Lip Curl, Cheek Press, or is it Bottom Furrow I'm after for this area ? I love the board you've created here.

Sarah M


Cheek Press  Mar 17, 2001

I have been doing the cheek press for 2 weeks so as to get rid of a gaunt look due to loss of weight. my question is when you do the contraction - is it a outward contraction after pulling the cheeks toward the teeth? Also are the palms supposed to be used as a resistance to this outward contraction?

Many Thanks ,
bob k

Bob k

Yes, also try a "tight" (pursing you lips tightly together whle slightly smiling) smile while you're doing cheek press.  Also be doing cheek press adv. And remember it may take several months so
DON'T get discouraged. Keep right at it!



Cheeks Mar 13, 2001 19:55:12 GMT   

I started Flex Effect about a year and half ago and I do all 40 exercises every day. I am very happy about the changes and improvements in my face. Unfortunately, about a month ago I noticed two bumps on my upper cheeks. They are at the area that I put my middle fingers when I do cheek raiser. The left one is bigger and has a dark red circle around it and it is a little painful when I push on it. I stopped cheek raiser and wink adv for a while. The right one was gone and the left one became smaller. But it is a few days now that I started both excersises and they came back again. Please let me know which exercises you think might have caused this problem and what I can do to prevent getting it back when I start the exercises again.

Thank you,


This could be a blocked pore or skin infection of some kind. Signs of infection that you need to look for are: redness, tenderness, swelling, heat. If any two of these are present you need to think "infection".  Discontinue doing cheek raiser and wink until they are completely resolved. If you don't see immediate improvement within 24-48 hours, I would suggest you have them looked at.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for your reply. Do you think that pressing too hard on the cheek might have caused infection? The swollen area on my left side is little tender when I push on it. Before, when I was doing the cheek raiser after pressing the cheeks that area turned to red and black color.



Without eyeballing you, I couldn't say. But certainly it is a possiblity. It sounds as though you may have had bruising. If that's the case, we need to talk technique because I fear you may be performing the exercise incorrectly.  When done correctly, NONE of these exercises will stress the skin or muscle to the point of injury. But just like wt training, you must be careful of the amount of wt you're using. That's why FlexEffect is such a revolutionary type of facial exercise. It really does take a lot
more thought, technique, and training than simple isometric exercises. Not that isometric exercises aren't good. They are. They just won't take you far enough. But with resistance training, there's a lot more involved. Even now, I'll hit upon a different way to perform an exercise that helps target the muscle better. In this way, you're always growing with your training, finding out what works the best for your face. If you like, give Deb a call. If necessary, she'll refer you to me and we can talk techique. Or e-mail me and I'll send you more info.



Cheeks  Mar 11, 2001

I am wondering how can I effectively lose weight in my face? when i smile my cheek area looks more noticable and my face looks fat, and my pictures comes out worst because of my cheeks. please give me some sugestion!!


Hi John,

Facial exercise will not spot reduce areas of fat. In fact by building the cheek, they may look even larger. Only a wt loss program will help to reduce the size of the cheek (apart from some kind of buccal fat removal surgery). When we lose wt, we lose it equally from all over the body, so while dieting you'll lose wt in your face as well as your body. Facial exercise during a slow wt loss program will help minimize the facial sag often accompanied during intial wt loss.



Cheekbone exercises, progress, tips   Feb 28, 2001   

i've been flexing for about 4 months now and im 19. Obviously im not targeting wrinkles or sagging, but instead trying to build muscle in certain areas. I've been excercising the whole cheekbone area and have noticed a difference, nothing too dramatic, but i think i'm seeing some growth ( i can also tell because i need to apply much more pressure to feel the muscles working). I bend my thumb, then use the joint area in between my thumb to apply pressure (sorry its hard to put in words!)
another thing that helps is anchoring my elbows on a surface. Also, i put on moisturizer right before flexing to move around easier when doing exercises like nose lift. But anyway, to the point- ive noticed that the area right under my cheekbones, where you usually apply blush, has become tinted (im fair and its become kinda brown) it looks like ive applied some blush so its not that bothersome, but it wont go away- its not a shadow either. is this from strain? or is it common during the flexing



I would speculate that the discoloration could either be increased blood flow to the area (which should resolve fairly quickly after flexing) or dry skin. In people with darker tones, dry skin has a tendency to show up a brownish color, sometimes called ash. Regardless, back off the cheek exercises for a couple days and re-evaluate it. Let us know what changes you see.

Also, if your applying A LOT of resistance when you do cheek raiser you may actually be slightly contusing the tissue. Remember, your cheeks will grow with steady moderate pressure. If you need to, hold the counts LONGER rather than harder. That way, you'll still be getting a very good workout without over stressing the muscle or tissue.



i completely stoped exercising for 2 days and the discolaration has disappeared, ill back off applying so much pressure!



Cheek and Jawline   25-Feb-2001    

Do these exercises help both the gaunt look (by building up muscles in cheeks?  and the sagging muscles at the jaw line (the sagging look there?)  Is this strictly an exercise program or must one buy an instrument of some kind to help?


Hi Peggy

There are no instruments other than your hands. Yes, they will help to reverse a gaunt look. But you must be realistic. If you are naturally thin with a bony face, the exercises will help to fill things in a bit giving you a much more healthy look; however, don't expect to have the same look that someone who has an oval shape and carries more fat in their face. As far as sag goes. THIS PROGRAM delivers. It takes time and dedication, but the benefits are well worth it!



Cheekbone exercises  Jan 30, 2001    


I have a few questions about developing the cheeks. I want to get apple cheeks, and I've been flexing for about 2 months-how much longer (if i start flexing 2 times a day) will it take for results noticable by others?Also, I've been trying to find a way to build the area between the upper ears and the the end of the eyes (the far upper cheekbone area) but even with my own adapations of wink, It
doesn't seem to be building much. Has anyone made any adaptations of exercises that would help build that area to its potential?


Hi Shannon

No exercise program can guarantee you apple cheeks or 18" biceps. Because everyone is genetically different, how you respond to the exercises is individualized. Will the exercises help reverse sag, yes. Build the cheek muscle? Yes. To what degree will depend on the amount of time you invest and what your genetic disposition is for apple cheeks. Two months, however, is barely getting started. Hang in there and at 6 months you may begin to see what you can develop.



Filling Out Jan 23, 2001    

I have very large cheekbones. If my cheeks under that are in need of a build what would be the best exercise for that. If I continue the cheek raiser will it continue to make my cheek bones more prominent even when working harder on the area below it. Help (love the exercises!)


Hi Carolyn

Yes, Cheek Raiser may make your cheekbones more prominent looking. You still need to do this exercises occasionally because that muscle, too, needs worked in order to prevent atrophy; however, you shouldn't need to do Cheek Raiser daily. You may want to drop down to 2-3 times a week. If you continue to see building in the area, stop for a while then go back to once or twice a week.

An exercise that I do, since I have the same problem that you have, is one I created to target this area. Place your thumbs in your mouth to either side way up under the cheek bone/zygomatic
process. Then while pushing out with your thumbs, contract the muscles of the mid face. You should feel the muscles pulling in against your thumbs. This exercise is just like Cheek Press Adv only the positioning of the thumbs are different. Minimally hold for 6 counts and repeat 10 times.

Good luck!



Cheeks  Jan 19, 2001  


I need to know which exercises to back off for the "apple" of  the cheek. Would I need to back off of both cheek raiser and wink adv.?  I still want more build to the cheekbone area but not the apple of the cheek. This area has really bloomed! Seems like it happened over night although I know it didn't.  Not after 8 1/2 mths!   Never dreamed this would ever happen.  I had the flattest, droopiest cheeks.   So anyone getting discouraged with their cheeks not responding (I was)...believe me
THEY WILL!  If I can develop cheeks to the point of over building anyone can have cheeks!  Just keep at it!    



I'm not quite sure where the apple of your cheeks are! :-) Wink works the proximal zygomaticus minor/major muscle around the upper, outer aspect of the cheek. Continuing to work this muscle
should not effect the lower cheek (the apple?). Cheek raiser will work the whole cheek area so I would advise backing off it temporarily and then restarting later with no more than three times a week.



The apple part on me is the lower inner part towards nose. Hard to explain what I mean. So I will continue the wink adv.  Thanks alot for your help.


A few questions Jan 15, 2001    

Deb, Jason,

My inner cheeks have really taken off and getting a little TOO cheeky so am backing off cheek raiser for a while.  I would like to concentrate more on building the outer upper cheek area.  Which exercises target this area?  Wink Adv.?Also once you have reached the build you want in a certain area how many,how often should you do the exercises for that area to maintain without creating further build?  Or is this an individual thing? One last question.  I have the video only which does not have the massage.  I did copy the massage for the eyelids way back when I first began when it was posted but never did it.  Thought I would start and was wondering what the massage does for the
skin on the lids...my big problem area! Thanks alot.



I usually do my exercises three times a week to maintain, but it is an individualized thing. When I do my workouts, however, I really work the muscles...go all out.  Wink and Cheek Raiser will help to build the upper, outer cheeks.  The massage helps with increased blood flow to the tissue increasing the oxygen and nutrients to the skin. The stimulation is thought to help with the turnover in cells as well.


OK!  Thanks Jason


Cheeks/wrinkles   Jan 5, 2001

i have alot of wrinkles in my cheeks which is wierd because when i look at very elderly people they do not have this.  what would help???


Hi dar...

Do you smoke?  biggest way to get wrinkles in cheeks.  I know about this one.  If you do smoke, quit. (easier said than done..lol)...also ALL of the exercises to fill out the cheeks will g r e a t l y   help you with this problem...plus some topical preparations...like Vit C....glycolic acid. (microdermabrasion has helped mine..but I had 'advanced stage'...lol.)   Many preparations will assist in smoothing and toning while flexing gives the ultimate benefit of healthy skin and circulation. Renova, AHA's....and don't overlook essential oils...they have many and varied restorative qualities.



oh god, yes i do smoke, terribly addicted. i have tried everything , its like these wrinkled cheeks came overnite. the rest of my skin ok for my age (48). i have tried every product out  there.  maybe i need to look into laser resurfacing.   did the wrinkles get much better after you quit?? i do flex but i
may be too far gone. i had a few micros but did not see much difference.

Hi Dar: 

After I quit...no...did not see great improvement in any wrinkles...but better skin tone and just overall 'better glow' for lack of a definition. (also, I can smell better!!)..and probably DO smell better too! lol. Only way to quit (I found) is just quit, cold turkey.  Keep visualizing yourself as a non-smoker and keep in forefront of your mind the benefits you are reaping..skin wise, as well as health wise. {honestly for a time there it was like: who cares???!!!! give me a cigarette...but I got over it.) actually, the lines Ihad do not seem to appear so deep..(could be the flexing and all the other things contributing too),...all of it together, is a plus at any rate...however you look at it.  I had chemical peels; while they helped greatly in skin tone and texture etc..no dramatic effects on wrinkles.   Renova is uncomparable to me in aiding with this.  Does help reduce them, visibly. (only thing I have found that actually does)...other products aid and assist..but Renova DOES IT.  I recently had microdermabrasion and really like the effects of this.  Maybe my time and my skin were just at a highly acceptable place for these to be so beneficial (as I have heard to the contrary)..but for me, I find it does exceptionally well for me. If you have a dermatologist, check with them/him/her....there are wonderful RX strength products that definitely will benefit you.  And if you have a few lines and wrinkles, I figure is a small enough price to pay for maturity, self-sufficiency,...all the things you only gain with age.  I can live with a few lines with all of the other positive effects going on daily.  And if I
decide I prefer not to live with them...with today's technology, there are a multitude of 'solutions'.  Laser is one. face lift...many avenues.  I would not hesitate to go down any one of them if I ever decided to go that route...meanwhile...I will stay with present routine! lol.  I am sure you know women who are so dynamic and alive that you don't even notice their wrinkles...it really does come from the inside out..not the other way around..however I will do whatever I can muster up to do to
enhance what Mother Nature and Father Time have left me to work with on the outside too!   lol.  Do not get discouraged.  You can look great at any age; just need to do a lot more participation
in it! (smile)....


Hi dar

Okay, I'm going to be totally honest here. If you have SEVERE wrinkling, and even more than what might be expected in a person of your age, you need to start thinking skin care. Facial exercise will help tone and help to plump up the skin somewhat to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles, but you're going to need something more cosmetic to alleviate them. Whether that is laser resurfacing, skin peels, AHA skin care regimen, topical medications is up to you and the Dermatologist/PS that you choose. Facial exercise will help with fine lines and wrinkles but if you're to an advance stage, exercise alone will not effect the changes that YOU are going to expect. Facial exercise works
wonderfully well in prevention and reversal of early/mid age-related sag, but when you get too far advanced, the time it may require for you to see significant reversal may be too great and not worth it. Under these conditions you might want to think about cosmetic procedures, particularly if you're wanting a quick fix. If that person does have cosmetic surgery whether for skin rejuvenation or sag, steps can be taken afterwards to protect the skin and keep a tight face. Sunblock and facial exercises used and performed regularly will help to maintain the look that person has achieved.



Lower face, Cheeks, Jowls Dec 28, 2000     

Hi Deb

I have been doing the exercises from the video for about 9 months now and I have seen some improvement;especially in the fullness of my cheeks. My lower face,however, does not seem to
be responding. I always had a very defined jaw line and I cannot seem to tighten that area. I have three questions. My first question is what is the best exercise for sculpting the jawline and tightening the lower face. My second question is about technique. On many of the exercise's we are placing our hands on the face and holding down a muscle while we make a contraction. Can we do the same thing with the lower facial exercise, rather then putting our hands in our mouth and holding the elongated muscles? Can we place the heels of our hands on the outside of the face where we would normally lock-on and then contract against the resistance? My third question is regarding the book
vs the video. I only have the video and have been doing those exercise. Are there advanced exercises in the book that will speed -up my progress? Thanks for your input, this web site is very helpful and informative.


Hi Rhonda,

Yes, now is the time to get the book. Cheek press is the exercise you actually just described and it is in the book but not the video. The video shows Cheek Press Adv. only. The book has about twice as many exercises and there some in there that you'll definitely want to be doing. I started out with the video first and then later got the book and incorporated several of the exercises in it into my workout.


Hi Jason

Thanks for your response. I will definitely order the book. I have another question. I have been doing all the exercises in the video and the only line I seem to have created is one that runs across the bridge of my nose at the very top, just below my eyebrows. I don't remember it being so prominent before. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing an exercise that would pull that area up. My forehead looks good and the frown lines I had are not as obvious but this line across my nose is new.


Hi Rhonda

I noticed a line developing there too. It seems that correcting one area causes another area to get out of whack.  I guess the exercises need to be done on the whole face at the same time to get even results.



Upper Cheeks     Dec 5 ,2000    

Are there any techniques for building up the upper cheeks besides cheek raiser and wink? Everybody says that their cheeks build quickly but mine aren't.  The bottom half of my face is building faster than the top.  I've tried doubling up on cheek raiser and wink but still my muscles aren't getting much bigger.  Is there a maximum size for the muscle?  I hope not because I really want to have those little "apple cheeks".  Please help.The end of the month I will have been flexing 9 months.


IP: 63.67....

Hi Connie

The two exercises you mentioned are by far and away the best. However, cheek raiser is one of the more difficult exercises for people to master. I know. It took me quite a number of months before I really learned how to do it correctly. If you'll read through the posted board, you'll find where I have talked about different techniques and good finger placements for cheek raiser. They were rather lengthy, so I hesitate to pound them all out again. LOL. Also you may want to check under the Workshop page, as Deb may have them posted there by now.  If you problems finding them and need more advice, just yell! ;-)


Hi Connie:

I agree with Jason (what else is new).  LOL.  Just to add in on what Jason said - might I suggest that rather than doubling up on the cheek exercises as a whole - slow your count down, increase your resistance (are you holding back?  you'll know if you can press or pull a bit harder) and count out to 12 - but a very slow count of 12, and really max out. 

You've been doing this for 9 months - so I feel confident in telling you that can alter your approach a bit now.  Further "shock" your muscles into developing even more - they won't know what hit 'em.  This is where we get creative and see what works for us as individuals because we all react differently to different forms of stimuli.  You may do better with this approach - won't know until you try.  If your cheeks are twitching and your not getting that lactic acid burn from fatigue at the end of a session......and believe me they will if you go for broke. Best of luck - and let us know what's working for ya!

All my best,


Upper Cheek lines Dec 12, 2000  

Deb, Jason, Olympia:

First of all I would like to say I'm so excited about the new site and am glad things are getting back to normal.  Olympia, I'm so happy you're back.   I've missed reading your enthusiastic posts.

I'm going into my 10th month of flexing.  My question is when I smile I still have upper cheek lines.  Numerous times I have laid off of the cheek exercises but the lines are still there whether my cheeks are built or not. I remember reading somewhere that Deb said it would take time for the skin to catch up. Will these lines ever go away?

Becky   IP: 24.4....


Are you talking about a line or wrinkle or about the distinction of the cheek muscle where it articulates with the lower lid? A permanent line or wrinkle may be reduced by facial exercise (like
my naso-labial fold) but if you have deep set lines/wrinkles you may need some help. And this is where skin care comes in. After the sun, environmental factors, etc. have damaged the dermis, the
skin itself may need some special care. While building the muscle may certainly help, when the damage to the skin is too much, you've got to do more. There are many products out there that can
help. Of course there are also a lot of products that claim they help and don't. My advice is stay with the ones that have some science backing them up. AHAs, Retin-A, copper peptides, Kinerase are products that have some research behind them. Additionally, skin peels of varying depths done at a dermatologists or PS office can help greatly. These are usually fairly economical and over time produce great results.

To really see what facial exercising does on lines and wrinkles, look at Tori's pictures. You'll see where the lines and wrinkles have been reduced....but aren't gone. If she wants her skin to be as line free as possible, more is going to be called for in the way of skin care. Tori had a lifetime of sun exposure and the damage to the dermis had been extensive. If you've had sun exposure extensively into your twenties, you may have to break out the chemicals to get a line free face.



Sorry for not making myself clear. Yes, it is the cheek muscle where it articulates with the lower lid. These lines only appear when I smile.  When I don't smile, they're not there.  I've used Retin-A for 10 years (couldn't go without it) which has helped my overall appearance, but I was hoping with the exercises that sometime down the road it would go away.

Becky IP: 24.18...

Hi Becky:

Thanks darlin, glad to be back!  Contrats on the 10 months of flexing girl!   Fabu!  Listen, I have the same lines - been there before I started flexing and still there now after 2 years of flexing and just when I smile. I will say they are most definitely not as pronounced from my building up the cheek area , but I don't believe they will ever completely go away. Only reason being, that when we smile, it makes sense that the skin, being attached to the muscles, (alough we've increase muscle mass and density to compensate for the subcutaneous fat loss from aging), that skin stills goes with the flow of the muscles so to speak.  It's normal - don't sweat it.  The more you build, the less they'll show - but don't expect them to completely disappear - I think that would be an unrealistic expectation.  On me, there not there when I'm not smiling, so that's good.  How about you?  I believe had I started 10 years earlier, perhaps this wouldn't be the case - but, who cares, better late than never.  Well, a 28 year old male friend of mine, when I told him of my Flexing, and then upon viewing the site and Miss Deb, asked if I wouldn't mind teaching him since at first sight he believed me to be no oler that 30.  He wants to look as good as we do - ain't that a trip!  Hurrah - I can never get enough of those kind
of compliments - and it's all because of this our Deb and this AMAZING program.   OOOOPs - gone off on my tangent again. 

Yes, absolutely, it does take some time before the skin catches up to he muscles building and lifting - so hang in there.  The cool thing about FlexEffect is that it's cummulative in terms of your results.  I'm still improving - praise GOD - I can say this at 40!  Keep up the fantastic work Beck -

All my best,


Cheek and  Brow  Oct 17, 2000

Hi Deborah!

I have sent you a message regarding my concern about my face always looking severe, straight.  My friends told me that before they become to know me, they thought I was a very scary or a bad person just by looking at my face and was surprised how nice I was after.

Deborah please help me is it something from the inside because I somehow always feel kind of sad without realizing it. What kind of exercise can help me have good developed cheeks because I don't, Which exercise can help with my frown brow. Please give me your advice and the appropriate exercises and I will be grateful. Thank you for your time and understanding; God bless



Here are two exercises for you to try. Please remember that facial exercises take time and depending upon the severity of the problem may take several months to see positive results especially if draping, sag or heavy lines/wrinkles are present.

Tagets the area between brows

Part A: Place the middle fingertip of each hand in the center of each eyebrow. Pull the brows apart and hold. At the same time frown. Hold for a count of 6. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise B: Place the middle fingertip of each and in the center of each brow; push brows together and hold. At the same time, raise brows. Hold for a count of 6. Repeat 10 times.

You may want to reverse A and B depending on the lines you have between your eyebrows. My personal experience shows that reversing them helps to smooth out the temporary lines that occur
as fluid is pushed out of the area.

Wink: lifts the upper cheek below the corner of the eye.

Working one side at a time, place the middle and ring finger just below the outer corner of the eye.  Firmly press downward and hold. Contract the muscle by drawing the corner of the mouth up to meet the outer corner of the eye. Hold for a count of 6. Repeat 10 times.

Let us know how it goes.



Cheek Raiser   Oct 9, 2000

Hello everyone
Can someone please tell me how long it takes before I'll see some lift in my cheeks. They don't seem to be any better, and I've been doing this flexing every day for a month. It's a bit disheartening when I hear that so many of you seem to be getting results quite soon. Thanks.


Hi Anne

I did not see much of anything happening with my cheek area either for quite awhile. I just kept at it though and finally at 5 months of flexing could finally see some lift and build. I have always had flat cheeks so for me it did take time and I still have a ways to go. So don't get discouraged, it will happen if you keep at it. We all have different facial structures so I think the timing of results is not going to be the same for everyone. Just give it more time and don't give up!


Hi Bonnie

Thanks a lot for your words of encouragement. It really helps. I think many of us would give up without the help and encouragement we get from this board. It was such a good idea, and is much



Fine Lines  Oct 13, 2000


Can I hope that in time the exercises will get rid of the fine lines across my cheeks. I sure hope so! I've noticed too that the lines and creases under my eyes appear to be getting worse. I've been flexing for about a month or so. Will these disappear in time too, as I wouldn't like to see this getting any worse.



Facial building can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles but please understand, once a line or wrinkle has set in, you've got some serious work ahead of you. For myself, I have naso-labial lines that were (in my opinion of course) prominent with a very noticeable fold. With FlexEffect I have reduced the line (made it fainter) and filled out the fold. It has taken a lot of work. I have had crepieness under my eyes as well and FlexEffect has helped to fill out the cheek to reduce that look as well.



To Jason Re: Cheek Raiser    Sep 29, 2000

THANKS JASON!!!!  I have been doing the cheek raiser all wrong for all this time too....thanks for clarifying.  I was not applying equal pressure either.  thx a bunch!  Seems after you have been flexing for awhile, you begin to really realize which muscle is working...is hard to do that in the beginning.  Most of mine were so atrophied I could not even get the sense there was a muscle THERE...AT ALL.  Now, all the exercises, I can feel the muscle and know when it is being worked...except cheek raiser; never did quite 'catch on'...till now.  Same with reverse chew; took me 3 mos to get that going right!  I figure, allowing for at least 3 mos worth of doing them wrong, or not totally effectively, will take me longer to see realize the optimal response!  LOL....but.whatever; I was STILL working something; so has got to be good...sort of a 'training ground practice run' to get it right!  This is so much fun!  I even enjoy all the arguing and intensive opinions we have gathered recently!  Has only served to strengthen my determination!!



Cheeks     Sep 24, 2000

Hi Everyone:

Well, I've incorporated these modified Cheek exercises when I'm either too lazy to do Wide Laugh, Corner Mouth Pull or Wink one side at a time, or if I want to double up on my Cheek exercises, and just add some new dimension. 

It's essentially done like you would Top Furrow with Wide Laugh Combined....but just moving your thumbs horizontally under the upper lip and cheek, so you can isolate the muscles your trying to get at..... them I know sounds strange but it works.  Most of us at this point have a really excellent grasp of our own facial anatomy, so you'll know when you've hit (targeted) the muscle you want. 

I liken it to: working the biceps, doing two handed dumbbell curls working left and right arms at the same time, and then doing one arm concentration curls, hammers etc....just different levels of concentration and you can try and hit the muscle differently but the net effect will be a building of the

Exercise:  Place both thumbs under top lip, (thumbs should be at the inside corners where the bottom and top lips meet and once inside, go up into the cheek area, just outside the furrows). Grasp hold of the tissues and pull tissue straight down and hold. (you can also pull straight out as you so in Tight Upper Lip) Once your there, smile as hard as you can and hold the contraction for a minimum count of 6 and repeat 10 times. (I think this is what Jason was talking about in his version of Top Furrow Advanced II....)

Depending where you grasp under the top lip and cheek area, you can isolate and work the Caput Zygomaticum (Wink), Risorius (Corner Mouth Pull) and Zygomaticus (Wide Laugh).  See how is works for you! 

PS   Just wanted to add, you can also WINK as hard as you can to work the Caput Zygomaticum - whatever it takes to get those muscles to build and lift!

All my best,


Corner Mouth Pull / Wide Laugh   Sep 19, 2000

I have the video but am confused as to the placement of the fingers in corner mouth pull and wide laugh. Also, should the pull be felt beginning at the corner of the mouth or more in the cheek area. When I do the exercises, I feel that the only thing that's happening is that the inside corner of my mouth is scrunching up.  Also how can I tone my cheeks without enlarging them. I have fat cheeks ( even though I'm not overweight) and high cheek bones and I don't want them any fatter.  When I smile, my cheeks look really fat and the area below them (by the side of my mouth) has loose folds of skin (not much fat at all). Any suggestions on making a more pleasing smile? 

Thanks, Susan


On corner mouth pull you should feel the muscle pulling just in front of the ear as well as what you described; however, the intensity I feel when doing the exercise is at the ear not the corner of the mouth. If you have the video, Deb demonstrates quite nicely the position of the fingers and "locking on" technique for the exercise.

As for the cheek exercises, you may want to consider a more isometric type of exercise for tone rather than a resistant exercise. Deb has taught isometric exercises as well and may be able to offer you an exercises without resistance.

As for a more pleasing smile, you may want to concentrate on Mouth Flex and Mouth Flex Adv. If you have the book, the exercises are on page 70 and 100. If you don't have the book, e-mail Deb or
me, and we can send the exercise to you.



Cheek Hollows   Sep 18, 2000

I'm not sure if I'm doing the cheek-press adv. correctly.  I seem to be building my outer mouth muscles,  as opposed to the area in the "hollow" of my cheeks.   It doesn't seem as if there are any muscles in the cheek hollows.  What if I moved my thumb way back,  towards the jaw.  Would that help target this area?



Generally the muscles of the cheek, buccinators, build fairly quickly and this is where I noticed an increase in strength first. The muscles of your cheeks, however, may be at this point pretty weak. In addition to doing Cheek Press Adv, do the regular Cheek Press but make sure you pucker your mouth at the same time that you're contracting your cheeks inward against your teeth. I hold the count MUCH longer than 6 to 50 or 60. I hold the count for about 20-30 seconds after the burn feeling you get. Instead of doing 10 reps I do three. Good luck and if you have any further questions just ask! :-)



Cheeks  Jul 30, 2000

Hi Olympia:

I've been doing the flexeffect for about 5 weeks.  I notice that my cheeks have built up quite fast--but, my face seems a little too round/built up in the cheek area now.     Should I stop doing
some of the cheek exercises?

Thanks for reply


Hi Katy:

Exactly!  If you feel you've overbuilt a muscle(s), and that does happen from time to time, all you have to do is just back off for a couple of weeks on training those particular areas of your
face.  Let the muscles atrophy a bit to where you like the look, then jump right back in again on the cheek exercises.

Keep us posted!

My best,


Wrinkles caused by smoking    Jul 28, 2000

Hi Deb,

I have been flexing for a couple of days now and have already noticed an increase in the cheek muscle. I have been a one-pack smoker for almost 25 years (I am 40 now) and have a multitude of small wrinkles, especially in the lower cheek area. My question is whether muscle building will
alleviate or even solve the problem. Is smoke-related wrinkling comparable to sun damage, i.e. destruction of collagen?Many thanks in advance for your reply.
Best regards,


P.S.:  I will definitely give up smoking soon.

Hi Petra:

In Greek - your name means "rock" - great name!  Okay, in regards to your question is smoke related wrinkling comparable to sun damage?  A resounding yes on that one.  Smoke, an external factor (which ultimately translates to the body as both an internal toxin as well as an external toxin)  like Sunlight and other chemical exposure causes physical changes to the skin.  Such exposure is caused by the body's being exposed to a constant barrage of toxins (smoke) which result in injury to the skin.   The body's response is  an inflammatory response and the canalization of free radicals.   Free radicals "are culprits of premature cell death and are contributors to premature aging.  The effects of this exposure and free radical damage are textural changes, pigmentary changes, and vascular changes.  There is resulting damage to skin collagen (the supportive structure of the skin and tissues) and elastin ( a protein that is capable of being stretched, compressed or distorted and then able to return to original shape.  The skin thins, looses its tautness and smoothness, and develops fine and course wrinkles, actinic keratosis, brown macules (age spots) and possibly skin cancers."

In re: to will building up the muscle alleviate and even solve the problem:  Building up the muscle will definitely help in smoothing out the area.  It could possibly solve the problem.  HOWEVER - if you keep exposing yourself to the same toxin internally and externally every day, with no cessation and
remediation to the problem - then your results will probably not be as dramatic as they would should you cease said toxic exposure.  If you can quit (and it takes a lot of tries before you can do it), exercise your face and neck daily, consider applying a topical anti-oxidant like Cellex-C or Skinceuticals topical C products in AM and Retin A (need a prescription for this and please please please learn the in and outs of how to use this first) in the evening followed by Vit. E over it  - you
should start looking pretty darn great.  You're young - so you've got that going for you to boot!

I know - Easy for me to say - I know, my sister used to smoke 3-4 packs of Marlboro's a day - it's the toughest thing you'll ever give up.

Best of luck to you Petra - I know you can do it.....as your name indicates you're a rock.......so you're strong enough to kick the habit and succeed in all you do!

Olympia :-D  


A better face   Jul 27, 2000


This is such a great site, great forum too!! Well done to the ppl who keeps this place up!! Anyway, I am from Malaysia, male Chinese. As you all know, Chinese ppl have a more flat face. The bones in the face are not as 'out' as the westerner. I have some questions here and need some help bout my face's problem area. Hope to get some advice here.

1) How can I have higher cheek bones? Or is there any exercise that can make my cheek bones look more 'visible' on my face?

2) I have a typical Chinese nose. Any exercise that can make my nose looks sharper and not so flat? Have a nose with quite some flesh at the end of the nose. How can I make my nose looks more
sharp and firm?

3) How can I get rid of those fat on my chin? I have double chin and it seems so hard to get rid of them!

I really hope to get some help here. Thanx in advance!!


Hi Daniel,

I lived in Malaysia for a year in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Saya boleh cekap bahasa Malaysia, pon. Anyway, you didn't mention how old you were. This is important to get an idea of the amount
of muscle atrophy you may be experiencing. The reason for this is that much of what you mention in your post seems to be a question of genetics. If genetically you have a flatter face and "typical"
Chinese nose, facial exercise is NOT going to change that, no matter HOW much you exercise. In the same way, lifting weights is not going to make you taller or change your basic bone structure or even change the lengths of your basic muscle fiber. These things are genetic and will NOT change.

Also, regrettably, exercising will not spot reduce areas of fat, such as under your chin. Dieting and exercise will help to reduce that and depending upon your age will determine how well the skin
rebounds. You can build your cheek muscles which may give you a more defined look in this area.

I might also add, having lived in Malaysia, that Western ideas of beauty have somewhat contaminated South-East Asia. Keep in mind that each race has it's own unique qualities of beauty and need to be appreciated for their own sakes. Hope I've helped.







Hi John,

There is a an exercise for the mentalis, the muscle over the chin; however, if you have a severely recessive chin as you indicated in your posts, you may actually need more than just exercise. You may not be able to increase the size of the muscle to such an extent to actually replace the needed bone mass for correction. You may need to consider a chin augmentation procedure to get the desired look. I have found that the exercises will help to add mass and will definitely reverse sag. But in cases of severe deficiency or in changing the actual appearance of the face, exercises will not help. In other words,
if for example you've never had cat eyes, you are not going to develop this look through exercises. The exercises cannot change your genetics. Each Flexer must come to terms with the fact that Flex Effect is not cosmetic surgery but a way of life that will help each of us reverse the look associated with aging.

I know that does not sound particularly encouraging; however, I would rather tell you up front what you may be dealing with rather than you becoming discouraged believing the exercises didn't work. Another option would be for you to send your picture in profile to Deb, Olympia, or myself (preferably Deb) to get a more accurate assessment of what might be possible for you.

Hope I have in some way helped.
Jason jaskins@advant.com


Another question   Jul 12, 2000

I lost my post (don't recall what date) and now I cannot find...did not read answ.   It was asking about sags and bags and slack skin that had got that way over long period of time and if there is still hope of improvement in this area?  jowls,.   Since loss of tone etc., enables skin to fold and crease, does pulling
on already lost toned skin maximize the problem.  If the skin has already lost all of its oomph?  Just curious.  I truly don't expect 'overnight' success, but keep looking at this area....in eternal hope!!  All else is 'firming up and filling out' so great, that I really notice these areas more.  I don't think they are any worse; I just notice them more in lieu of other progress!  I have visions of myself 20 yrs from now (maybe sooner) sitting in the nursing home, fighting over the remote so I can FLEX!  Thx for response.  (going into 5th week).


Hi Jean:

Pulling on already lost toned skin absolutely does not maximize the problem.  Here's why:  in creating the resistance (by pulling on the tissue), contracting the muscle - you are increasing 10 times more blood to that area.   What that means is obviously increased circulation, increased cell turnover, increased oxygen
to the cells of both muscle and dermal tissues, thereby increasing collagen and elastin production in the dermal tissues, increasing muscle density thereby creating lift.....and the list goes on..... In fact, if you or I or any one of us were handling our faces long ago -  before all this atrophy happened, we wouldn't have the atrophy of muscle or dermal tissue we have today.  BUT - the great news is - with FlexEffect, we have complete control over the aging process now - we have control over how we age and how we look - so you just keep on flexing. Remember "this is not wishful thinking, this is a physical fact" -
Queen Deb.

Here's a thought:  If pulling on tissue (muscle and skin) which was damaged created more of a problem - then plastic surgeons would be out of business!  Think about it - we don't do an eighth of what those guys do in terms of pulling on facial and neck tissues during a face lift.  Have you ever seen a face lift?  The amount of pulling plastic surgeons do to a patient's skin and muscle undergoing a face lift, is intense and radical compared to the pulling we do to create resistance.  In addition, you will never hear a plastic surgeon tell any patient that pulling on the skin would cause damage - because that would be hypocritical of them - as it is necessary part of their surgical procedure to create the lift! 

Enough said - but you know what I'm getting at here.   Don't worry about making things worse because that will not happen. 

You just keep at it - the improvements you have seen in just 5 short weeks are "far from the finished product"  - wait until you hit your 3 month mark, your 6 month mark.......you'll be the only one in that nursing home who looks too young to be a patient there...that's the only trouble I foresee....they may kick you out due to the fact that you're going to look so darn fabulous! 

Olympia :-)


Cheek bones    Jul 11, 2000

hi! i am 22yrs old and i want my cheek bones to be more defined. what face excersie must i do to have
high cheekbones.?


Hi Jack:

If you were not born with high cheek bones - then structurally you will never completely have the look you want sans cheek implants. 

HOWEVER - you can build up the muscles of the cheeks, for instance the Caput Zygomaticum muscle we isolate in WINK and WINK - Advanced, to create the look of higher cheek bones.   Scroll down to post number #750 for WINK - Advanced. Try this one as well:

BS00847A.gif (3051 bytes) sorry...time's up on exercise

My best,
Olympia :-)


Cheeks   Jul 10,2000

I would like to know if there is a specific exercise or a modification of an exercise that would build up a particular area of my face right below my cheekbone but above and to the right of the buccinator.  I seem to have an indentation there.  What would anyone suggest.  It only seems to be happening on the
right side of my face.  My left side as another whole set of problems. The biggest is a very visible furrow.  I was thinking that it may be caused by sleeping on my face the wrong way.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Connie:

Hope I understand your question.  Try these: they hit the 3 muscles below the cheek bone (WINK hits the top of the cheek bone area).  But once you build them up, they lift the cheeks and fill them out:

BS00847A.gif (3051 bytes) sorry...time's up on exercise

If you do all three of these, they should help both sides of your face.  I'm not sure if your furrow is in the nasal labial area or on the cheek (nose to mouth) or if it's on the cheek itself. Let us know.


Olympia :-)


I have Cheeks!!!  Jun 30, 2000

Hi everyone!  I am going into 3rd wk....Hey...I have cheeks!!! I actually can discern them from the rest of my face!!!  And guess what else?  I HAVE EYE LIDS....I DO!!!!  When I look directly in the mirror, I have eyelids.  I have not seen my eyelids in 8 yrs......is life great or what???  Is it too soon to start doing
the exercises twice a day instead of once?  Or can I just concentrate on problem areas twice a day?  I don't want to get carried away with myself and dislodge something vital....And just about every area demonstrated in your video is a 'problem area' for me.  Oh, the flexer who wrote in about increasing
upper lip.  Until she builds it up, N.V. Perricone Cosmeceuticals has a great lip plumper that actually works well. He has a website (also at Clinical Creations)...most of his products contain Lipoic acid in lieu of glycolic acid.  He is a dermatologist.   Might be worth checking into.  I have been using the products a few weeks...does give softness and feels good.  For the person with 'leathery' skin (I, too use glycolic acid, but have not noticed any leathering...yet)...the best thing I have ever used to soften skin is plain old powdered milk..make a paste with it and your fav moisturizer and water.(I use Neutrogena Moisturizer) put on face till dry, rinse off.         Thx again for this site of yours.  Is great!!!



Thought you'd like to know      July 29, 1999

Hi Deb

I want to let you know something. Yesterday, I went to get microdermabrasion at a local's doctor's office where I have been purchasing some facial products for over a year. The nurse, who does the procedure, was telling me that my upper lip sure looked good - i.e., no wrinkles, etc.. I told her I was doing your exercises and had her feel the muscles on the sides of my face, etc.. She wanted me to show her the "tight upper lip" exercise, which I did. She was absolutely fascinated and called in the doctor, who is a head and neck surgeon. He too was fascinated and had me show him a couple of the exercises. The one that he was really impressed with was the "frowner" -  I think that's the one. Anyway, when the nurse    was getting ready to do the procedure she was looking at my face first. I still have a line, not  exactly between my brows, but more on the side of that area, right next to my left eyebrow. What they were so impressed with was the fact that when I frown the line is very deep, but yet when I don't frown, the line is hardly noticeable and they both felt that the line should be very deep all the time, given the depth of it. The doctor asked me if I did an exercise for this area and of course I told him I did. They asked me a lot of questions about your program and I answered them to the best of my ability. I just thought you would like to know.



UPDATE               July 8, 1999





Hi Linda

Both my mother and sister have dimples which was something I always envied while growing up.  As a little girl I was very thin and  believed that was why I didn't have them.  Well, now I too have them (on occasion).    As it turned out, all I had to do was build my face and TA DA!  Ironically, the only way my dimples show is when I lose weight.   In bodybuilding this is know as definition or cuts. Thanks for the great post.



Lost a lot of weight      July 3, 1999

I have recently lost  a lot of weight and the skin on my cheeks look 'crepey'...   What can be done about that?  Also, there are a lot of "crinkles" around my eyes.  I am 67 years old but look much younger except for this problem. Thanks.


Hi Honey

Anytime a considerable amount of weight is lost, there will be loose skin.   How fast/far this skin retracts depends greatly on ones age.   But never, and I mean never, fall for the thinking; "it's too late". Anytime you go after your body (fitness) you are sure to make improvements. Before any consideration of cosmetic surgery comes into play, first find out just how much lean mass/firm skin you can recover on your own.  I mention cosmetic surgery (even though you didn't)  because in the  minds of most people, it seems to be the magic bullet.  Believe me when I say, you have so much control over the condition of your face, if you'll just take it!  Thanks for the post

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