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Neck Questions Jul 8, 2001

I've been working my neck a lot and have seen improvement in the tigtness of "chins," however I have a new concern. When looking in the mirror and "flexing" my neck,  I noticed that my neck is
much more developed on the right side. Puffier, more "tendon" appearance etc. Should I lay off, try to get left side to catch up (how?) Also, if one doesn't continue the neck exercises will the area just get saggier, now that the muscle has been built up?

One more thing:  It seems like the neck is being worked by most of the exercises. You're always tensing w/most of the different moves.


Hi Lisa

Don't lay off. Utilize different exercises that work the neck. There are quite of number of them that have been previously posted many times.   Look under Workshop at the top of any of the FlexEffect web pages. Then click neck.   Read down through the posts and you'll find many different wt training exercises to work the neck.


Hi Jason

I don't quite understand why my neck is looking like this. I do a lot of the "chin thrusting" type of exercises as well as the one where you press your under chin into your thumbs. I like doing them, but as I said, I am concerned about the difference between one side of my neck and the other.Any


Hi Lisa

There are quite a number of neck exercises that you can do to even out both sides of the neck. Under Training Workshop you should be able to find many neck and shoulder exercises that will
help.  I know I posted several and Olympia posted a few as well. Head lift is only one of several variations you can do for the neck. You can even add resistance there as well. So don't give up and don't dispair. Explore your options and keep at it.



Double Chin Jul 8, 2001 16:58:46 GMT    

i'm 18, 5'5 and weigh about 175, so i am over weight. i do exercises to tone the flab since it seems i can never loose weight. the worst areas are my upper thighs and my double looking chin. i'm not into the surgery, so if there is any thing i could do?



You can't spot reduce areas of fat; it takes an overall wt loss program in order to reduce a double chin or fat around the thighs. Unless you have a medical condition, you CAN lose weight. It can be hard, no doubt, but you can do it with help. Check out Don Lemmon's web site. The more I read in the general media the more I see that Don was on tract all along. Great diet. You get to eat and eat and eat LOL (comparatively) and can still lose weight. Good luck!


Hi Jason

i'll check it out........ then let you know how it goes.



Chin and Jawline  Jun 19, 2001  

I am beginning to form a double chin at the tender age of almost 24. I am 127 pounds and I have a very firm body - thus causing me confusion as to why this almost double chin should be occurring - are there any specific exercises I can do to help this? Also, what are some possible exercises I can do in trying to attain that distinct 'model' jawline and those 'model'cheek bones ?


Hi Shema

Since you're only 24, the double chin may be a result of genetics, possibly due to a recessive chin, but probably NOT muscle atrophy. You may have some success with the neck and chin exercises in helping to reduce it.

Cheek bones and jaw line have everything to do with bone structure and facial exercise will not change this, especially if we are not dealing with musculature at this point. And at your age we should not be having to consider atrophy. To substantially change bone structure you ARE going to have to look at cosmetic surgery, such as malar or mandibular implants.

Also, before rushing out and having your chin lipo'd, do check your body fat content. Even though you sound weight appropriate, you still can have a higher body fat content than what is recommended.  Often times a simple reduction in body fat can bring the entire body into a more youthful appearance. For questions concerning diet and exercise, I would recommend Don Lemmon as one of many means of a achieving your goal.




Caffeine and Chin fat Jun 3, 2001   

Hi All!

Last night at the drug store, I saw a new product for "facial sculpting", that claims to firm up the jawline and under chin fat. The main ingredient is caffeine. Well, I've heard of using caffeine for cellulite, supposedly it works. Soooo...although flexing has helped the appearance of my under-chin, of course it hasn't gotten rid of the fat (hereditary). For the next few months I'm going to massage coffee grounds under my chin while showering at night. I'll let ya'll know how the experiment

Coffee-chin Sadie :-)

Wa hoo!

I just knew if I waited long enough...someone would come up with a good reason for me NOT to give up my caffeine.

Who luvs ya?.

Hi Sadie

I caught something on the news the other nite that there's a new way to get rid of cellulite.  Simply it was dry brushing your skin with a natural bristle brush--but I didn't hear all the details concerning the time or brush motions.  "They" claimed it really works.  So maybe it would work on chin fat as well?! 



Hey I hope it works for you!!  I'll do anything to get rid of the fat under my chin.  Can't wait to hear if it works!



Bottom Furrow May 11, 2001

Hi Everybody:

I was wondering if anyone here has been working on their bottom furrow with results, and how long did it take.  I've been flexing since February and still don't see a difference.  It's not all that bad but noticeable to me from the sides mostly. 


Hi Rita: 

I have been flexing since last summer and though I see vast improvement most areas, I see less in this area, but I do see improvement is the main thing.  Area has 'filled out' and I no longer have the 'dark shadows' effect there for one thing so it is progressing.  Some areas take longer (much longer) and if there is a great deal of facial sag, will take even longer still...or possibly more aggressive measures.  Facial sag is the most difficult thing to 'correct' or eliminate, it is just there, period...but the overall effect you are going to realize, plus lift and other pluses you will see (skin tone) etc., will
certainly minimize the areas you are not as happy with at this stage of progress.   Just keep focused, keep end result in mind and try doubling up on that area...and see what happens!


Thanks, Jean.  

You are as inspiring as ever.   I will try doubling up as you suggested.  :)     


Hi, Jean,

one of the big problems I have with bottom furrow (which is an area I need to work a lot) is that I can't seem to get handle on the area. Most of the exercises, I can feel when I am finished that the muscle is fatigued and I know that it is working, even if I don't see results yet. With bottom furrow, I'm just not getting it apparently, because the muscle doesn't feel as though it is tired or even working. I guess I'll just keep practicing and working it slightly different ways until I figure out the right combination of location of my fingers and facial movements. Like any endeavor, some aspects are easier to grasp (no pun intended) than others.



Chin Apr 19, 2001 

I have recently noticed chin area just below my bottom lip creasing exponentially every day getting more creased.  What is up with this?  Am I lacking vitamins...why would this become worse by the day?


Hi Laura

Okay....ya gotta give me something more to go on! LOL :-) What's been your routine lately, your age, your skin care history, your general health status, etc. Give me something here and we can
start tracing it back and start theorizing. We have to have some data before we can do that. If you don't feel comfortable letting all that personal info hang out here on the board, you can e-mail
me privately.



Chin and Nose Apr 17, 2001

I purchased FlexEffect in an attempt to rid myself of a 'lazy' eye and crooked smile that are the aftereffects of a bout of Bell's Palsy nearly 12 years ago.  I haven't been too consistent (I am not the most organized person in the world), but have 'recommitted' myself to it this week.  Looking through this message board, I had a couple of questions:  1. Can Flex Effect slim down a nose that's a little wide at the tip?   and 2. Can Flex Effect minimize the fleshy ball on the end of my chin (makes me have a rather long, pointy chin)?  Just wondering.  Thanks for your time.



No Laura,

I'm sorry. But FlexEffect cannot change genetic features of your face. It will help to prevent and improve muscle atrophy and, in your case with Bell's Palsy, may help to retrain muscle that has
been subjected to nerve damage although mixed results have been reported from what I read in the literature. Exercise, however, remains as a rehabilitative alternative for Bell's Palsy when it does not resolve on its own. 



Chin   Mar 8, 2001


I have been doing the exercises on and off for almost two years.I have a problem that I just developed under my chin: creepy skin. In the video there is one exercise for the area under the
chin but I would like to know if you have any additional exercises for that area; it seems like it is a very hard area to build. Thanks,



I have a GREAT ONE.  stick your chin out making an exaggerated grimace, sticking bottem jaw out; hold until you feel neck muscles pulling...do l0 times, or however many is comfortable..helps under chin and neck area.  another is make an exaggerated grin until you feel muscles tightening, hold your head back far as you can, then forward far as you can, relax and repeat.  always relax the muscles between exercises....is like a 'relaxation response' type thing....I am not sure about the reason for creppiness, but I think the tissue gets lax and takes longer to catch up with the rest of the ingredients in there..but that is a guess.



Double Chin and working out Dec11, 2000     

My name is Kim and I am 20 years old. I would like some help on getting rid of my double chin and working on my upper and lower abs. I am around 5'8 and weight around 138-140lbs. Is this the normal weight range for my height? Also, can you give me some pointers on working my arms, abs , and my double chin. I have to be in a wedding next September and I want to terribly loss a few inches off of my waist and arms. Can you also give me a few pointers of diets. Do the really work and how do I make them work for me!!! I usually do around 200 sit-ups, pushups (off of the door) and I have the "Suzanne Summers Thigh Master" I do 200 or those, I try to do this every night, but there are some days when I am too tired, you see, I work on my feet all day, but I do try most every day!!! Although, I do all these exercises I don't think anything is working. Please help!!!, And do you have any fast remedies for my double chin?     

Thank You,


Hi Kim,

If I were you, I would check out Don Lemmon's board and site. For total weight loss and health & fitness, he's our resident expert. Alas! The double chin, at your age, might be more a question of wt. loss than anything pertaining to sag or atrophy. Facial building does not spot reduce areas of fat. Don would be able to answer questions pertaining to wt and ht and what is appropriate. Wish we could help!



Chin Lift  Oct 10, 2000

What would happen if I placed six fingers on the chin area when doing the chin lift. In other words, my fingers would include or overlap the Triangularis. Would I be working the chin area as well as helping to improve the Bottom Furrow,or would I be doing damage? PS I have taken a before picture and after several months of consistent flexing I will mail them off. Also I e-mailed the last post by mistake I had wanted it to go on the board. Thank you for your time.

Anna Marie

Hi Anna Maria:

Re: :What would happen if I placed six fingers on the chin area when   doing the chin lift. In other words, my fingers would include or overlap the Triangularis?

I think it would be overlapping the Quadratus Libii Inferioris - Lower Lip Curl.  Basically, if you find this method (6 fingers) helps you gain greater resistance in executing Chin Lift, go for it.  Anyway you can build is the way to go.  Remember, there really are no boundaries in facial resistance training, and as Deb say "this is where we have to be creative".  You're not doing any harm at all. You'd be working the Chin area, but if you want to isolate Triangularis, you need to concentrate on Bottom Furrow and Bottom Furrow Advanced if that's a problem area. We isolate each muscle group because each muscle group does different things. You'll find when working one muscle, a bunch of others, which look they are being worked at the same time are "basically going along for the ride".  In some instances, the peripheral muscles do receive benefit . For instance, when executing Bottom Furrow - you target triangularis, but the plataysma get some benefits. 

All the chin exercises target and isolate a singular muscle for per exercise and are used for the total rehabilitation of the chin.  If you continue to work them on a daily basis, the aggregate muscles, which compile the "Chin Area",  will contribute to it's overall rehabilitation.

Can't wait to see your before and after pictures! I'm sure they will be inspiring to all.

Keep up the great work!

All my best,


Double Chin  Oct 5, 2000

Help! Although I could stand to shed a pound or two, I've got a double chin as if I were 100 pounds over weight. I am a 30 yr old male, I exercise, I eat pretty well. Sometimes I go on diet kicks and do notice weight loss, but never in my chin!

How the heck can I get rid of this ugly double chin???



Hi Marc

Unfortunately, liposuction is probably the only answer.  Everyone deposits fat in different places, and if at you ideal weight and body fat you still have this problem, it's not going to go away by exercise.   Exercise will only build muscle under the fat, thereby probabaly making your double chin look even bigger.



Tongue Press   Oct 3, 2000

I forgot the name of the person who posted the question about the tongue exercise. You're not alone. I have a very hard time pushing up to the roof of my mouth with the whole tongue flat. I can do it maybe once or twice and then I lose the position and start gagging. Does anyone have any recommendationns?


Hi Cathy

Are you able to make a snapping noise with your tongue on the roof of your mouth?  If so, that is the same position when doing tongue press except you are pushing upward instead of pulling away. Does this make any sense?


Hi Cathy:

First, just sit there and feel how your tongue sits in your mouth. According to my TMJ specialist, it should naturally be hitting the roof or your mouth. Now, just take your hand, either one, and place it under your chin area (right behind it) so you can feel the action of the tongue.  Next, try and press up with your tongue, flat to the roof of your mouth. Can you feel how the mylohyoideous muscle flexes when you press up?  Look in the mirror when you do this.  You can see how the muscle (you're not creating resistance yet with your thumbs) flexes, it almost bulges out behind the chin.

Now try the exercise.  Does this make a difference?  Don't place your thumbs so far back so that it causes you to gag.  When you place them right behind the chin area, (you should be able to feel the jaw/chin bone area directly in front of them if you moved them slightly forward.)  Don't go that far forward, I just want you to get your bearings on wear to place your thumbs. 

Now, same action, your going to place your thumbs together, place them just behind the chin area on that muscle you saw bulging when you pressed your tongue up to the roof of your mouth. Press
up and at the same time press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and hold for a count of 6. 

I hope this works for you.  Best of luck!



Tongue Press   Oct 2, 2000


The question I want to ask is probably one which no one would think of but me.  How do you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth? 

There are a least 2 different ways I can do this.  One is to put the tip of my tongue and touch the roof of my mouth, moving it forward, so more of my tongue touches.

The other one is much harder for me to do.  The tongue lays as flat in my mouth as possible and it raise it up as a whole to touch the roof of my mouth.  This one is 100 times harder for me to do.  Which one is the correct one to make my remaining "turkey neck" go away faster?  (It runs in my family, and I have it bad.)         



I flatten my tongue out then push it against the roof of my mouth. It seems to me that when you use only the tip you're not getting the full muscle involved.  Anyone else have a take on



Loose skin under chin and jaw bone   Sep 21, 2000

Hello everyone,

Please Help! I need exercises for the area beneath the chin, and jaw bone. This is the only way I know to describe this area, so I hope you know what I'm talking about. Especially from a side view, this area looks terrible. When I was younger, this loose skin did not exist.

Your face exercises look great, but I haven't found any exercises to tone the area I am referring to. Perhaps I have simply missed it.

Perhaps this is just part of aging, as I notice many women my age with the same problem. I am 51, and although usually assumed 10 years younger than I am, I fear my age is catching up to me.

I intend to start a daily exercise program immediately. I'm really very impressed with your facial exercises. I truly didn't know there were so many! Thanks for helping everyone.

Tonya L.

Hi Tonya:

Sounds like your right at the point where you can  stop what has just started to go and fix it, and work those areas that haven't yet gone, you'll be golden.   A great place to start would be for you to purchase the video.  It's how I started out, and it's just like having Deb right there as your personal trainer.  You'll understand more clearly the meaning of term like "lock-on" for example.  Deb does a beautiful job explaining what the program is all about, what it's not, and gets you right into the exercises; what each one does, demonstrating each one for you etc.  Once you master those 20 - you can move onto the book which has 20 more exercises - a total of 40 for the 26 voluntary muscles of the face and neck.

Here are a few for you to start you on the road to rehabilitating those areas:


Target Area:  Directly under chin
Purpose:  Firms under chin area

Exercise:  Close mouth.  Keep your tongue flat inside your mouth.  Put your thumbs together and place thumbs under chin (back toward throat).   Push thumbs up and hold.  Contract the muscle by pressing the back of you tongue to the roof of your mouth.  You should feel the muscle push against your thumbs.

Hold for a count of 6.  Repeat 10 times.

Muscles Used:   Mylohyoideus
Function: Raises the back of the tongue


There are two parts to this.  This is a great overall neck builder, it'll tighten up the entire neck....

Target Area:  Sides of Neck
Purpose:  Firms and Elongates the Neck

Exercise A:  Lie face up on a bed.  Hang your head over the edge.  Slowly raise head in line with your gody and then lower your head back down again.

Start out with 3 sets of 10 and build from there

Exercise B: Lie Face down on the bed.  Hand your head over the edge.    Slowly raise head in line with your body then lower your head back down again.

3 sets of 10

Muscles Used:  Sternocleidomastoideus
Funtion:  Holds head upright, moves it from side to side, forward and backward

All my best,

Olympia ;-)


Chin question   Sep 2, 2000

Just quick question please.  Will protruding jaw ex make your chin more prominent?   I already have a very strong, prominent chin...wish it would recede a little.   Just questioning if this exercise will make it even more prominent?  Don't wish to make it more prominent than it already is. I realize these ex cannot re-contour your face..so I am assuming I am safe in continuing the protr. jaw ex.  My lower jaw is already prominent.  thx in advance for response.


Hi Jean

As we age our jaw  tends to recede slightly. Building the pterygoids should bring it forward again.  I've yet to see anyone over-build this area... (beyond their natural structure).  Even if you did manage to over-build the area... simply back off and let it go back to normal.  Keep at it girl!



Egads I'm old!   Aug 11, 2000

I'm fifty and fit, except for this "thing" hanging down under my chin. Is this stored fat? I don't have the book or the tape yet, I just found this web site...looking for other women that have that "Jabba the Hut" thing going on. This sounds too good to be true. I was considering the knife, but maybe I'll try this. Do you have any before and after pictures? Hey...I'll send you a BEFORE one!! Thanks!


Hi Ruth:

One thing that happens to us as we age is that fat distribution has a tendency to get "misplaced". In other words, the fat seems to go south. Proper diet and exercise can help prevent that occurrence. The key word is prevent. Once the condition has occurred, you've got some work ahead of you. The chin exercises will definitely help you by increasing the muscle size and tone. It will help to pull that sagging chin up. Look at Tori's before and after pictures (The link is at the top of the discussion
board page.) If, however, you have fat collected under your chin, the exercises will not spot reduce it. Diet and exercise together should produce good results. Give yourself plenty of time, about one year of FlexEffect coupled with diet and body resistance training. Remember, our total physical condition is reflected in our faces. Staying healthy overall makes us younger. Any bad eating or personal habits? Get rid of 'em. Not exercising regularly? Check with your Dr. then grab a good program of regular aerobic exercise. Remember to take pictures before you start then one year after. You will be shocked at the results and how good you look.

Good luck,


Neck/Chin  Aug 11, 2000

Just caught a glimpse of my profile in a department store 3-way mirror this morning and I am in shock. How come no one has told me that I have all all that excess skin around my neck/chin? I'm 43, kinda thin w/bony features. I am noticing a general "sagging" around mouth, thinning of lips etc. But the neck thing is horrible. I don't quite see how the exercises can really take up that slack. My mother has a quite a double chin, but she is also quite a bit heavier. I'd appreciate any advice, suggestion.



The exercises can really help! You're young enough that if you get started right away, you should see some dramatic results within 6-8 months. The neck muscles build fairly easily, especially if you combine resistance training in the gym as well as FlexEffect. Read through the board (there's a lot!) and you can hear from so many people about their results from FlexEffect. Remember that building muscle also helps the skin, increasing it's tone, color and elasticity. If you haven't ordered anything
from Deb yet, I would recommend that you get the video first then graduate to the book. You'll be glad you did.

Good luck,


Help with neck   Aug 11, 2000

I am using the tape and seeing results in the facial area, but not a lot in my neck and jowl area which is loose and has that turkey neck look .  Anything extra that I can do?



Yes!   You can double up on neck lift and you can perform one of my favorite exercises. You won't find it in the book or video since I developed it separately, but I have had good success with it. If you have TMJ, please proceed cautiously.

In a standing position, tilt your head back with your chin thrust out. Place your hands around the base of your neck in a kind of choke hold position (but don't choke yourself! LOL).

Anchor the skin/muscle of the neck with your hands.

Then use exaggerated chewing motions, opening and closing your mouth fairly rapidly with your chin thrust out.

Do 25 to 50 chews. Then repeat. You will definitely feel the work out in the muscles of your lower jaw and the area around your temple as well as in your neck.

Also, if you work out in a gym, shoulder shrugs are great for building the neck!

Good luck!


Double Chin  Aug 8, 2000

hi my name is amy i'm 23 and i'm sort of depressed i weight 130 my body is fine the way it is but my problem is my face under my chin how can i get rid of it is there any exercise that would help me reduce double chin. also my i would like to have smaller chicks and build my cheek bones. any one have any suggestions.

Hi Amy,

Since you are only 23 and weight does not seem to be a problem, I would hazard a guess that your double chin and full cheeks are a genetic disposition and not muscle atrophy. Facial building cannot reduce this. The exercises for under the chin may help to tighten this area up somewhat but honestly I doubt that you would see the kind of reduction you're looking for. You will probably notice as you get older, mid to late 30s and beyond that, provided your weight remains stable, that these areas will
automatically begin to thin out somewhat as part of the aging process. You may want to tolerate them at this point with that thought in mind. If you find you cannot tolerate them, a slight weight loss could lessen their appearance. I might recommend that you check with a dietician to find out what your optimal weight should be and if you embark on weight reduction that you and the dietician determine a safe weight to be at.

Good luck,



Chin   Jul 25, 2000

I've been flexing since February and have definitely noticed improvement everywhere on my face except under my chin. I have saggy skin between the neck and the under-chin area.   And so far, it's not "shrink-wrapping".  I'm 38,  my skin is in very good condition--but the sag that I have in that area isn't going away.   If I pull gently on my jaw skin,  the sag disappears,  so I guess the problem is due to jaw muscle atrophy?    Will this area ever improve??  What more can I do?? 


Hi Ann

The neck can be a lot of work at times but at age 38 as far as facialbuilding goes...you're still a baby...just keep at it.  You might want to give Retin-A a shot if you're not already using it and I can tell you this; regular bodybuilding can also make a big difference when it comes to the neck.  If you are working out at a gym, go after shoulders, traps, pecs they all tie into the neck and can make a tremendous difference.   Keep us up to speed!



Chin   Jul 21, 2000

Hey everybody!

If you've read the board recently, you may have noticed a recent response I had to John who had a question about a recessive chin and whether the exercises would help. In my response I indicated that the exercises would not alter one's genetics to create something that was not there originally. Since I share John's problem of a recessive chin and have done the exercises for a year and a half, I felt that I could with some authority speak to his problem concerning his chin.

Definitely the exercises will help maintain or restore lift and may add some mass, but not nearly enough to replace necessary bone structure. With this understanding then, I decided some time ago to have a cosmetic procedure done called mentoplasty or chin augmentation.

In fact, the procedure was done just this morning, so I'm in some discomfort; however, the surgery itself was quick and painless having been done under a local anesthetic.

Does this mean I feel any differently about FlexEffect? Most certainly not. In fact I performed my exercises last night lamenting the fact that it would be about six weeks before I would be able to do them again.

Naturally, I'm curious as to whether there will be any changes that I'll have to make to the exercises to compensate for the implant. I suppose I'll be finding out soon, huh? If there are any Flexers out there who have been exercising with implants, I would certainly love to hear from you. Just leave a post or e-
mail me at jaskins@advant.com


Hi Jason

This is very exciting...Please keep us up to date with your progress. As you said, FlexEffect can not change bone structure. With a year and a half of facialbuilding and knowing you to be as disciplined as they come...you  added as much size as possible.  If that amount was not enough... you did exactly what I would have done (YOU FIXED IT!)



Weak Chin Defined Jawline  Jul 12, 2000


i've been researching facial exercises on the net for sometime now and i am sure that they have effect, but i have yet to find exercises that i need. i have a very weak chin, which when viewed from my profile, looks like as if i have no chin. i would love to know if there are exercises which will help my chin and
define and tone my jawline and cheekbones.


Hi John:

Scroll down to the answer to Post 755.  Deb, Jason or I will be more than happy E-mail you some of the exercises for the chin and jawline area - just shoot one of us an E-mail and we'll get right back to you.

My best,
Olympia :-)


Weak Chin   Jul 7, 2000


First of all I'd like to say hi to everyone as I am new at this forum. My problem is not of wrinkles as i am only 20 yrs old but I do have a round face and I think it is due to having a weak chin and Jawline and to make problems worst my cheeks r kind of chubby looking and the skin on my face is thick which accents
the roundness!! It isn't because I am overweight or because i don't exercise ( I read it somewhere that when u exercise and lose weight, it begins with the face) but i have not seen any good results concerning my face even though I even went down a size in clothes by exercising  (I fit size 6-8 clothes). It is really getting me down, to see that I can't do anything to slim down my face or even to build muscles of my chin (if that's possible) and have already thought about getting plastic surgery done to my face but as a last resort I wanted to see if anyone here can help me out with my problem. Please help. Any comments will be appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Yvette

If you will e-mail your address I will send you a few exercises that involve the chin and jawline. Your age has nothing to do with your jawline and judging from what you've said, weight doesn't seem to be a problem either. So I would say you are dealing with heredity.  Regardless of heredity, you should still be able to make some changes through building... just how much I don't know.

I was born with one side of my face lower (cheek flatter) than the other.... not any more! One drooping eyelid...(same side of face) not any more! and a very crooked jawline... not nearly as noticeable.    Before you even think of surgery...YOU CAN DO A LOT YOURSELF



Double Chin        June 15, 1999


hi, i've recently noticed that my jawline, once straight, is now drooping. i haven't gained weight but there appears to be fat in there and so it gives the impression of a double chin.  i spoke to a plastic surgeon who says all will be well with a bit of liposuction -- only $2,800! is there any way i can improve my chinline through exercise?
your advice would be most appreciated.


Hi Richard

You can not spot reduce but  you can spot build.  Any amount of facialbuilding is extremely beneficial to the jawline/chin/neck.  Sometimes it is the posture of the neck (settling down) that causes the look of an extra full chin. In facialbuilding you elongate the neck by building the sterno muscles which picks up much of the slack.   Building the area over the jawline also picks up slack.  So the answer to your question is yes, you can most definitely make an improvement. Thanks for asking




Flabby Chin     April 27, 1999

Over the past 8 months I've lost quite a bit of weight through strength training and good nutrition.  However, the skin under my chin looks horrible.  I'm not into cosmetic surgery  Are there
exercises that will remedy this?  This is really bugging me!


Hi Judy

Unfortunately whenever you lose a substantial amount of weight this can happen, but given time, the skin usually catches up. If I drop a lot of weight, regardless of the amount of facialbuilding … same thing. While you are waiting, you need to GO AFTER IT!

You say you are into weightlifting so I don’t need to tell you just how easy it is to build the neck. In fact there are some people I feel need to take the day off! (no neck)



You also need to massage your neck, and don’t be afraid to be aggressive.

Thanks for asking and keep me posted.


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