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Facial Exercises For Puffy Eyes, Eye Bags, Wrinkled Eyelids, Eye Hollows,
Hooded Eyelids, Dark Circles Under Eyes and Drooping Eyebrows. 


Deb Crowley Age 65 FlexEffect Facialbuilding Deb Crowley Age 65 FlexEffect Facialbuilding

Above Deb Age 65
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Each and every eye problem calls for a different training strategy

EYE BAGS:   Emphasis on FlexEffect Facial Resistance Training™  backed-up with Cross Stretching™ (Skin Remodeling).

If bags are not caused by allergies, they are more than likely fat deposits under age related thinned skin. It was once thought the only way to remove eye bags was surgery. Studies now show continues pressure applied over any fat deposit will cause it to dissipate. Lower eyelids are no exception.

hoodandbagB HoodandBagA

ABOVE Andrea

HOODED LIDS:   Emphasis on FlexEffect Facial Resistance Training™ and possibly Pressure Reps™ (Bone Remodeling).

Hooded lids are caused by eyebrow-drape, thinning of skin, lax upper eyelid muscle and bone loss.

jagB1-300x78 jaqA-300x78

ABOVE Jacqui

WRINKLED LIDS:   Emphasis on Cross Stretching backed-up with FlexEffect Facial Resistance Training™

 Wrinkles of any kind are generally caused by sun damage and thinning of the skin.

Tori Before FlexEffect Facialbulding Tori After FlexEffect Facialbuilding


EYE HOLLOWS:   Emphasis on Pressure Reps™ (Bone Remodeling) backed-up with Cross Stretching™ (Skin Remodeling).

Generally Eye Hollows are caused as one begins to lose bone mass. This can be due to age or poor diet.


HolloweyeB-300x99 HolloweyeA


DARK CIRCLES:   Emphasis on FlexEffect Facial Resistance Training™ with Cross Stretching™ and Pressure Reps™.

Dark Circles are generally inherited. The increased darkening of the under eye area is due to thinning of the tissue as we age.  Extra attention is needed from all FlexEffect training techniques to bring back as much fullness to the tissue as possible.

KayeyesBC-300x206 kayeyesAC-300x201


To better understand the training techniques used in FlexEffect Facialbuilding, please visit our web pages on FacialbuildingBone Remodeling and Skin Remodeling. To view more B/A photos of eyes, please visit out Before & After page.


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