FIA Certification





FIA Certification Information Contact:

Claudia Crowley
Certification Coordinator
Email: FIA Certification – Place the word Certification in subject line.





It is our Mission at FlexEffect® International to provide the individual the means to slow the evidence of real-time aging.  In a world where extreme measures are often risked to achieve perfection, we offer a result proven program that is safe and extremely effective. After reading the following, you decide certification is something you would like to pursue, please contact me to obtain an application.


Why Become Certified?

FlexEffect’s FIA Certification offers you the opportunity of a lucrative home based business, or in such facilities as Fitness Centers and Spas.

FIA Certification demonstrates you are thoroughly educated in the FlexEffect Facialbuilding® program and have a formal commitment to yourself and to the clients you serve to continually expand your knowledge base in the dynamic field of Facialbuilding®

FIA Certification Conveys:

You have studied and have a thorough understanding of the facial structure, inclusive of all tissues (muscles and skin).

You have passed exams that prove your comprehension of the program and how each exercise affects the face.

You will have demonstrated correct technique and you will have been observed in your explanation of said technique.

All the above is paramount in conveying to your clients you have hands-on personal knowledge of the ups and downs, plateaus and awkward stages that can accompany the first few months of training as well as the knowhow to assist  your client in getting the absolute best results they can achieve through Facialbuilding®.

You do not need a degree, or have any specific background. You must, however, have the drive and passion to run your own business and wholeheartedly believe in what you are doing as well as make a Certification Requirement.

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