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Loose skin  Aug 14, 2001    

A few weeks ago, I posted a message requesting excercises for the loose skin along my jaw line - reverse chew was recommended.  If this is done, how long will it take for the skin to tighten?  Seems to me that the slack is worse.  Is it possible?   Could this be the awkward stage that people sometimes talk about?  I've been doing the 40 excercises regularily for almost 2 months.  Is it time to see improvement?  I need the encouragement to continue.  Thanks


Hi Laura:

It took me nearly a year to see really good improvements in this area, but I had quite a degree of slack and sag and am an older flexor; may not take you that amt. of time to see results.  Just truly keep with it.  I am very pleased that I have, and improvement continues.  I do not expect to have
the 'firmness' I had in my youth...even with flexing, albeit a huge bonus effect I am getting from the exercises...extremely pleased...also skin care is a factor...there are products I have found success with for 'firming' qualities...but do not expect a 100% reversal from products alone...read and understand Ingrid. and realize most possess a teensy gulf between marketing hype and reality....lol.  flexing is the best and most effective thing I have found for this area...give it a year before you make any judgements. 


Thanks Jean,
This is the encouragement I need.


Jowls  Aug 9, 2001
When I feel along my jaw line (jowls?) the skin is very loose and when I put my neck down it really spreads out.  What extra excercises can you recommend for this area?   Thanks


P.S.  I really appeciate this website as it encourages me to continue the excercise program.

Hi Laura

Reverse chew is great for this area!  Check in the Workshop; there is a lot there for this targeted area as well.  If you have a lot of slack, it will probably not reverse it 100%.. however, I am very very pleased with the progress I have been able to realize in this particular area..and still in progress. If you are in the 'early or preventative' stages, it will be so totally beneficial to you!



Jason/Jean squared jaw Jul 14, 2001 

Despite not having any jaw defection, I've always wanted my jawline to look a little more squared. I started doing the Teeth Clincher a week ago and the back of my jaw is, indeed, stregthening. I believe it's also helping to square it off. However, I'd like to do some variations for the back of the jaw. Could you give me some hints? Thanks for your help and attention.


Hi Jay:  

many, many for this area:  ones in Deb's book and video are best:  top furrow, lower lip curl, chin lift, bottem furrow, open mouth, teeth clencher, rev chew, protruding jaw, top furrow adv, lower lip curl adv, bottem furrow adv.  I love Jason's variation where you stand, pull skin down on neck (as in chest pull, I believe it is, jut lower jaw out and make exaggerated chewing motion)...another excellent ex: begin with exaggerated smile, open-mouthed and showing most of your teeth..stretch the smile until you feel a pulling in the neck muscles..hold this enormous smile, tilt head back, then forward as far as you can. next: lift head and look straight ahead then go from exag. smile to a frown.  with eyes closed and lips puckered, hold this position tightly until you feel the pull from muscles in your neck...holding this expression, slowly tilt head back as far as you can, then forward as far as you can.  do both moves ten x. (from Take Charge Beauty Book-Aubrey Organics)...try them...you will soon feel the benfits.  hope is helpful



Lower Face Sag   Jul 13, 2001     

Hi Everyone,

I'm in need of some more encouragement. My upper cheeks--well, one in particular--are starting to build, but it is not affecting the lower area at all. And the problem is that I really don't know how much more I want to build my upper cheeks--particularly on the one side that is more robust right now. To achieve the look that I'm really going for along my jawline and the lower front part of my face, I need to pull some of the skin back up. So, my question is: Will the lower part actually be
pulled up by building the upper part?? I haven't seen any evidence of this yet. Someone please tell me that it worked for you! I'm not giving up, of course, but I'm feeling quite discouraged about this. I'm constantly moving the skin up where I want it and waiting and waiting for the day when it will
actually BE there! I pray I'm not waiting in vain.

PS> Still working on those sassa-frassin folds too! I think I see minute improvement at the top of one fold.


Hi Lynne! 

I do not want to discourage you and don't be discouraged, but for me, this took almost a year of flexing to see marked improvement in lower face sag...but IT IS EVIDENT and continuing to improve.  (I will never have the firmness I had at 30..or even 40...but the improvement is extremely noticeable from what it was one year ago).  I hope that gives you incentive to really go after that area.   I held off building upper cheeks here and there along my travels...than continued back...then held off again and so on....you can tell when you are at the build you desire.   Just hold off them for awhile, or do less counts...or every 3rd night or something...you will hit a 'balance' that is workable for you.The things I notice most now are the absence of the little pockets sides of mouth....and a more 'defined' jaw line..lessening of jowls and just firmer, better tone and appearance in lower face area. BUT I STILL HAVE SOME SAG....which I did not expect to eliminate without surgery totally.   I don't plan to HAVE any surgery...so I will keep on flexin'!  but bottem line, yes! it is very much improved!  when you build up your neck muscles (and I say when here, not if..as you can) it will define your 'look' moreso even --making the overall appearance that much more satisfactory to you.  I am not saying you cannot eliminate sag altogether because since I am not altogether finished...and never will be...I don't know that yet. Just keep at it..


Hi Lynne
...The things I notice most now are the absence of the littlepockets sides of mouth....and a more 'defined' jaw line..lessening of jowls and just firmer, better tone and appearance in lower face area

...Hi, Jean, I don't know if this is exactly related to Lynne's original post, but Jason said a few days ago that the neck exercises seem to pull everything together, and I've noticed that, too. For some reason, spending a little extra effort on the neck exercises seems to make all the others work better for me. So even if I break up my regimen into two or even three sessions in a day, I've started doing the neck exercises at every session. Since I'm still new at this, I may decide to back off of them
after a while, but right now they seem to be a sort of jump-start for all the other movements.



Jason/Jean squared jaw Jul 14, 2001 

Despite not having any jaw defection, I've always wanted my jawline to look a little more squared. I started doing the Teeth Clincher a week ago and the back of my jaw is, indeed, stregthening. I believe it's also helping to square it off. However, I'd like to do some variations for the back of the jaw. Could you give me some hints? Thanks for your help and attention.


Hi Jay:  

many, many for this area:  ones in Deb's book and video are best:  top furrow, lower lip curl, chin lift, bottem furrow, open mouth, teeth clencher, rev chew, protruding jaw, top furrow adv, lower lip curl adv, bottem furrow adv.  I love Jason's variation where you stand, pull skin down on neck (as in chest pull, I believe it is, jut lower jaw out and make exaggerated chewing motion)...another excellent ex: begin with exaggerated smile, open-mouthed and showing most of your teeth..stretch the smile until you feel a pulling in the neck muscles..hold this enormous smile, tilt head back, then forward as far as you can. next: lift head and look straight ahead then go from exag. smile to a frown.  with eyes closed and lips puckered, hold this position tightly until you feel the pull from muscles in your neck...holding this expression, slowly tilt head back as far as you can, then forward as far as you can.  do both moves ten x. (from Take Charge Beauty Book-Aubrey Organics)...try them...you will soon feel the benfits.  hope is helpful



Modified Top Furrow   Jul 20, 2001     

Hey All,

I started doing a new top furrow exercise lately and it seems to really make it burn. I think this may be what Jason and Jean have been talking about, but I'm not sure. Basically, I put my thumbs inside my mouth, alongside the gum line on each side. (The rest of my hands are basically in the prayer position in front of my face.) Then I push up a bit with my thumbs to get underneath the muscle and contract the muscle back down over the thumbs, pulling the lip back toward the mouth. Is THIS what Jason has been talking about?? I've started sliding thumbs down along the muscle as I flex so that I'm getting the whole muscle, not just the top end of it where it connects near the nose. Just
wanted to pass this along as a tip... I really feel the muscle more this way than any other way I've tried to get at it. (I feel nothing when I do Adv. Top Furrow. I just can't get a good enough grip on my lip!)

I also have a new exercise for all of the lower cheek area and mouth area combined.(I do this after I do some of the individual ones for the area.) I basically put three fingers inside each side of my mouth, as far back as I can get them, then contract all of the muscles that I feel, pulling my cheeks and mouth back in toward my teeth. This really creates quite a burn for me. I can barely move my mouth for a while afterward. I hope this is doing something! It seems to me that anything that makes the muscles burn is a good thing...(P.S. My roommate laughs uproariously when he catches me doing this one! I think it scares him!)


Hi Lynne,

Yep. That's the one. I feel it not only helps the furrow area but the cheek area as well.

Your other tip with the three fingers in the mouth for each each cheek, I use two and keep my mouth wide open. It helps to isolate the muscle much better. In fact, doing the exercise this way, you should be able to actually feel the risorius muscle and the buccinator both. The risorius will be the thin band of muscle stretching from the corner of the mouth straight back. It was really weird to actually "feel" this muscle.  I also make sure when I do cheek press to get the entire area, which includes the
pocket area below the bottom gums. I feel this should help those people having trouble with loose, hanging jowls.



Neck and Jowl area   Jun 23, 2001     

I started flexing at the very beginning of May '01, and noticed very favorable results after a couple of weeks; however, my problem areas are my neck and the hanging flesh under my chin, jowls, etc., especially after losing 20+ pounds.  I am amazed how improved my neck has become and under my chin as well, both becoming definitely firmer. I am continuing to flex (try to daily), but the jowls seem not to budge much.  The Sad Face (where you push up against the jawline) doesn't seem to be doing much. Is there something else I could do to see improvement quicker, or should I continue doing what I'm doing and just hang in there? Anyone else have jowl problems and did you see
improvement in that area? Also, I'm still a bit saggy under my chin.  Should I just continue doing the same exercises and reps? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm very excited about
this program.  I only wish there was a similar program for sagging breasts!


Hi Tess

Hi!  Yes keep doing what you're doing!   will get better and better.  I have noticed improvement in jowls..neck and under chin area still amazes me! jowls take long time (for me)...still in evidence, but I can live with the improvements so much!!! lol. reverse chew seemed to work the best for me for jowls...my most favorite for jowls is make an exaggerated smile, open mouthed showing most of your teeth.  stretch the smile until you feel a pulling in neck muscles..hold this big smile, tilt head back, then forward as far as you can  ...then lift head and look straight ahead...go from big smile to a frown.  with eyes closed and lips puckered hold this position tightly until you feel the pull from muscles in your neck.   hold the expression slowly tilt head back as far as you can, then forward as far as you can.  Do the two moves 10 times.  Muscle in jaw receives a good workout in this one exercise...when strengthened, this muscle prevents droopy jowls and sagging skin.   If you already have droopy jowls and sagging skin...will take you more work and longer of course..and all things are NOT going to be l00% totally reversed to complete and utter firmness...but the firmness you can realize doing these ex targeting this area is pretty dramatic, even for those of us who are far beyond the 'preventative stages', but well into the 'damage control' aspect!  Is preferable to start these exercises BEFORE jowls and sagging skin set in; however.....results can be obtained even at this stage!   good luck!


Hi Tess

Yes....just keep going. You're still in the initial stages. The best is yet to come. There are additional neck exercises that have been previously posted. Some of them may appear under Workshop. I would definitely check them out if you're wanting to do more for your neck. Also give your body time to adjust to the wt loss. 20lbs is a lot of wt! So congrats there! But it may take your body awhile to absorb some of the extra skin. Depending upon your age, this will happen to varying degrees. The exercises will help facilitate the tightening effect.

Congrats again!



Chin and Jawline  Jun 19, 2001  

I am beginning to form a double chin at the tender age of almost 24. I am 127 pounds and I have a very firm body - thus causing me confusion as to why this almost double chin should be occurring - are there any specific exercises I can do to help this? Also, what are some possible exercises I can do in trying to attain that distinct 'model' jawline and those 'model'cheek bones ?


Hi Shema

Since you're only 24, the double chin may be a result of genetics, possibly due to a recessive chin, but probably NOT muscle atrophy. You may have some success with the neck and chin exercises in helping to reduce it.

Cheek bones and jaw line have everything to do with bone structure and facial exercise will not change this, especially if we are not dealing with musculature at this point. And at your age we should not be having to consider atrophy. To substantially change bone structure you ARE going to have to look at cosmetic surgery, such as malar or mandibular implants.

Also, before rushing out and having your chin lipo'd, do check your body fat content. Even though you sound weight appropriate, you still can have a higher body fat content than what is recommended.  Often times a simple reduction in body fat can bring the entire body into a more youthful appearance. For questions concerning diet and exercise, I would recommend Don Lemmon as one of many means of a achieving your goal.




Jowls Jun 8, 2001     

Until about a year ago, I was rather youthful-looking for someone in his late 30s. Lately, though, I've become very jowly (I never did have a strong chin) and it's making me feel unattractive and
depressed (and in danger of remaining single forever). What should I do? I loathe the idea of surgery.Can you help?


Hi Danny: 

Being in your 30's you should see great results from the exercises!  I am much older, and though my jowls are not eliminated, of course...improvement in that area is so much better and so noticeable.  I have READ that you cannot do anything about jowls other than surgical procedure once they are
at a certain point in time; however that is not totally correct in lots of cases..depending on degree of 'slack'.  You can greatly improve this area with exercise.  If you want total perfection, then surgery is optional. you should do great at your point in time!



Jaw line May 23, 2001


I was wondering how would I go about toning my jaw down, I need to square it off and I was wondering how to do so.  Thank you for your help.

Hi Shawn

I don't know about 'squaring it off', unless you inherited square jaw initially...but the exercises for lower face, neck and jaw area (especially for jowls) really defines and enhances the jawline;..to me, building up the cheek area seems to make the jawline appear more 'chisled' and defined...all sort of
melds together.  Improvement one area seems to create an improved appearance in another area and so on.  I think you will love the effects that you will be getting.



Lower Cheeks Apr 4, 2001    

Hi everyone,
I'm new at this and would appreciate some advice from anyone out there. I'm 41, just started Flexing, and would like to know which exercise(s) should I do to target the "bulldog" effect I
have going on here? My lower cheeks droop and on either side of my mouth I have these little pouches. What particular exercise can I double up on to get rid of these fallen lower cheeks and
pouches? Thanks so much for your help.


Hi Sarah

Cheek press adv. is a necessity, but really all the exercises that target the lower face and neck are important. Don't skip any of these. And DON'T get discouraged. Be consistent and patient.
You'll get there in time.



jowel area  Mar 6, 2001 17:18:45 GMT   

Has anyone had improvement in the jowel area from the exercise where you bite down on the back of your teeth and with the palms push down on the back jaw area


Hi Ann

not sure it is attributed to this particular exercise, but they all work together for optimal response....I found with this one it gave me a definite, very pleasing, little indentation..cheeks are full and a little concave spot that is very pleasing beneath.   I believe this particular ex helped create that factor...and I am delighted with it!


Jaw Mar 4, 2001   

Hello there.  My question is concerning the shape of my face it has an oval appearance and is quite longish but I have noticed if the jaw area was slightly larger the area just below the earlobes and coming up to the center of the cheeks it would look wider.  Is there an exercise to help build up this area?  I'm more concerned with the area just below the ear than anything.Thank you for your time



There are several exercises for the back jaw, but my personal favorite is the one where you:

1)Tilt your head back.

2)Place your hands at the base of your neck and anchor.
3)With your lower jaw thrust forward, open and close your mouth in succession 25 times. Repeat 3 times.

You'll quickly feel the fatigue in this muscle. In fact you may only be able to do 1 or 2 sets initially.  It's important to thrust your jaw forward because it helps to reduce friction on the temporal-mandibular joint.

Hope you like this one!



Cheek and Jawline   25-Feb-2001    

Do these exercises help both the gaunt look (by building up muscles in cheeks?  and the sagging muscles at the jaw line (the sagging look there?)  Is this strictly an exercise program or must one buy an instrument of some kind to help?


Hi Peggy

There are no instruments other than your hands. Yes, they will help to reverse a gaunt look. But you must be realistic. If you are naturally thin with a bony face, the exercises will help to fill things in a bit giving you a much more healthy look; however, don't expect to have the same look that someone who has an oval shape and carries more fat in their face. As far as sag goes. THIS PROGRAM delivers. It takes time and dedication, but the benefits are well worth it!



Lower face, Cheeks, Jowls Dec 28, 2000     

Hi Deb

I have been doing the exercises from the video for about 9 months now and I have seen some improvement;especially in the fullness of my cheeks. My lower face,however, does not seem to
be responding. I always had a very defined jaw line and I cannot seem to tighten that area. I have three questions. My first question is what is the best exercise for sculpting the jawline and tightening the lower face. My second question is about technique. On many of the exercise's we are placing our hands on the face and holding down a muscle while we make a contraction. Can we do the same thing with the lower facial exercise, rather then putting our hands in our mouth and holding the elongated muscles? Can we place the heels of our hands on the outside of the face where we would normally lock-on and then contract against the resistance? My third question is regarding the book
vs the video. I only have the video and have been doing those exercise. Are there advanced exercises in the book that will speed -up my progress? Thanks for your input, this web site is very helpful and informative.


Hi Rhonda,

Yes, now is the time to get the book. Cheek press is the exercise you actually just described and it is in the book but not the video. The video shows Cheek Press Adv. only. The book has about twice as many exercises and there some in there that you'll definitely want to be doing. I started out with the video first and then later got the book and incorporated several of the exercises in it into my workout.


Hi Jason

Thanks for your response. I will definitely order the book. I have another question. I have been doing all the exercises in the video and the only line I seem to have created is one that runs across the bridge of my nose at the very top, just below my eyebrows. I don't remember it being so prominent before. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing an exercise that would pull that area up. My forehead looks good and the frown lines I had are not as obvious but this line across my nose is new.


Hi Rhonda

I noticed a line developing there too. It seems that correcting one area causes another area to get out of whack.  I guess the exercises need to be done on the whole face at the same time to get even results.



Jowls Dec 18, 2000     

How do I get rid of my jowls?  I miss my jawline!  What exercises can I do to fix these problems?



There are quite a number of exercises that will work the jaw line. But here is one that will firm the cheeks and begin to pull loose skin and muscle back up.

Cheek Press Adv.

Place your left thumb into your mouth against the center of your right cheek. Pull the cheek away from teeth and hold. Contract the muscle by trying to draw cheek back to teeth. Repeat on other
side. Hold for a count of 6. Repeat 10 times.

There are about 11 exercises that will work the cheek and chin area in the book. If you haven't gotten the book or video yet, I would recommend that you start with the video, which has the
basic exercises, then buy the book, which has more exercises. 

Good luck and Merry Christmas,



Building jaw muscles Dec 2, 2000  

Dear Debbie
I would realy appreciate it if you could e-mail me any info regarding buliding jaw musles to look like Brad Pitts jaw musles.


Tyler Turter  IP: 212.1...

Hi Tyler:

Well, if you don't have Brad's skeletal structure, your not going to get the same look.  BUT - you can definitely build and define your jaw muscles for a more chiseled look.  Actually, Brad has some pretty over developed masseter muscles.   I'll send you an E-mail with the exercises so you can get yourself started.




Sagging jowls   Oct 8, 2000

I have lost a lot of weight and my body is looking great, however, I look so much older.  I have sagging jowls.  Help!  Can anything be done to lift them again????


Hi Kate!

Congratulations on your weight loss!! If you've lost the weight recently, there is going to be a period of time, depending on how much wt loss you've had, where your body will reabsorb loose skin. The excess fat will have stretched the skin. Depending on your age, you may have atrophied facial muscles as well. Since you're having problems with jowling after wt loss, I'm going to assume you're in the second half of your 40s or older.

FlexEffect has quite a number of exercises for this area. I would recommend that you purchase Deb's video first to get the basic exercises and be able to actually see her perform them. After you
have mastered the 22 or so exercises on the video, you may want to advance to the book for the complete 40.

Good luck!


Loose skin under chin and jaw bone   Sep 21, 2000

Hello everyone,

Please Help! I need exercises for the area beneath the chin, and jaw bone. This is the only way I know to describe this area, so I hope you know what I'm talking about. Especially from a side view, this area looks terrible. When I was younger, this loose skin did not exist.

Your face exercises look great, but I haven't found any exercises to tone the area I am referring to. Perhaps I have simply missed it.

Perhaps this is just part of aging, as I notice many women my age with the same problem. I am 51, and although usually assumed 10 years younger than I am, I fear my age is catching up to me.

I intend to start a daily exercise program immediately. I'm really very impressed with your facial exercises. I truly didn't know there were so many! Thanks for helping everyone.

Tonya L.

Hi Tonya:

Sounds like your right at the point where you can  stop what has just started to go and fix it, and work those areas that haven't yet gone, you'll be golden.   A great place to start would be for you to purchase the video.  It's how I started out, and it's just like having Deb right there as your personal trainer.  You'll understand more clearly the meaning of term like "lock-on" for example.  Deb does a beautiful job explaining what the program is all about, what it's not, and gets you right into the exercises; what each one does, demonstrating each one for you etc.  Once you master those 20 - you can move onto the book which has 20 more exercises - a total of 40 for the 26 voluntary muscles of the face and neck.

Here are a few for you to start you on the road to rehabilitating those areas:


Target Area:  Directly under chin
Purpose:  Firms under chin area

Exercise:  Close mouth.  Keep your tongue flat inside your mouth.  Put your thumbs together and place thumbs under chin (back toward throat).   Push thumbs up and hold.  Contract the muscle by pressing the back of you tongue to the roof of your mouth.  You should feel the muscle push against your thumbs.

Hold for a count of 6.  Repeat 10 times.

Muscles Used:   Mylohyoideus
Function: Raises the back of the tongue


There are two parts to this.  This is a great overall neck builder, it'll tighten up the entire neck....

Target Area:  Sides of Neck
Purpose:  Firms and Elongates the Neck

Exercise A:  Lie face up on a bed.  Hang your head over the edge.  Slowly raise head in line with your gody and then lower your head back down again.

Start out with 3 sets of 10 and build from there

Exercise B: Lie Face down on the bed.  Hand your head over the edge.    Slowly raise head in line with your body then lower your head back down again.

3 sets of 10

Muscles Used:  Sternocleidomastoideus
Funtion:  Holds head upright, moves it from side to side, forward and backward

All my best,

Olympia ;-)


Chiseled jawline   Sep 14, 2000


First of all, I must say that your face is simply incredible.  When viewing the photographs of you, I figured you for early twenties (maybe even younger).  You are strikingly attractive (coming from an early twenty-something).  My jaw dropped when I read that these were taken at nearly fifty.  Wow!

I am mostly happy with my facial features--from the front.  From the side profile, I am most displeased.  Years of sedentary studying have given me the no-chin look.   I desperately want to
know what exercises I need to get a chiseled jawline and enhance the prominence of my chin. 

I remain skeptical, but if you can help me with this by recommending some exercises that work, I'll eagerly order your program.

Take care


Hi Ray,

Olympia and I regularly answer questions for Deb; however, if you would like a personal response from her, feel free to e-mail her as well.

A very important question to ask you is, did you have a defined jaw line and chin in your early twenties? The reason that I ask this is that the exercises are not going to give you something you never had. They will, however, help to restore what you did.

You mention that years of sedentary studying has contributed to a no-chin look. Since you didn't mention your age, I'm going to assume that you're an older gentlemen with the beginnings of
muscle atrophy and sag. Also if weight is a problem from a sedentary lifestyle, the exercises in conjunction with a weight loss program would be an added benefit.

There are several exercises for the chin and jawline, but here is one of my favorites:

Tilt your head back, looking up at the ceiling. Place your hands at the base of your neck and
comfortably pull down.

With your jaw thrust foreword, open and close your mouth in an exaggerated chewing motion at least twenty-five times. Repeat the set for a total of three times.

For the chin itself:

Place three fingers on center of chin. Pull straight down and HOLD. Contract the muscle by drawing chin up, curling bottom lip over bottom of teeth. Hold for a count of 6. Repeat 10 times.

And for under the chin:

Close mouth. Keep your tongue flat inside your mouth. Put your thumbs together and place thumbs under the chin (back towards throat). Push thumbs up and hold. Contract the muscle by pressing the back of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. You should feel the muscle push against your thumbs. Hold for a count of 6. Repeat 10 times.

There are several other exercises for this area that I have not mentioned. But these should get you started. Remember it takes time to see results. Read through Deb's web site for great tips
and motivation. Good luck!



Jaw Muscles    Aug 24, 2000

I want to develop a defined jaw line like many male models have. What kind of exercises do you recommend for achieving a good jaw line?


Hi JP,

Just a word of caution. I get a little concerned when I hear that someone wants a facial feature like someone else when it comes to facial exercise. I have had several e-mails asking if the exercises would change the shape of their nose, make it look more Caucasian; or change the shape of their eyes to make them cat-eyed; or change the shape of the chin to make up for a severely recessive one. The exercises are NOT going to remake your face into something it never was to begin with. Your cheeks may be fuller, your jawline tighter, your eyes brighter (i.e. reversal of droop), but I think we would be getting out on a limb to tell you that you can have a jaw line like all the male models you see in magazines without first looking at you and determining that you had that propensity to begin with.

I don't mean to be discouraging, but I think if I'm not careful your discouragement would be much greater 6 months down the road when you discover perhaps that, while your jawline is tighter, it
still does not resemble, say, Brad Pitt's. So, do the exercises to PREVENT having a jawline that resembles LESS a male model's than, say, a Richard Nixon's. ;-) k?


Hi JP:

There are actually 11 exercises in the manual which address the Chin -&- Jaw Line: for example Teeth Clincher, Protruding Jaw, Open Mouth, Reverse Chew to name a few.  I'll shoot you over a few of them so you can try them out. 

Also, as Deb and Jason have mentioned before, you'll notice that most bodybuilders or those involved in weight training, tend to have a more sculpted look to there jawline.   Working the neck and traps also will tie it all in as well.




Sagging Jowls   Aug 15, 2000


I am doing flex ex. for two weeks.  I want to know which exercises work for the area between my mouth corners and ears (jowl)?



Hi qq,

Since there are several exercises for the jaw and mouth area and it sounds as if you may have the either the video or the book, I will just name the exercises. Then, if you have a specific question about one, you can either ask on the board or e-mail me and I'll give you the specific exercise in question.

I believe that the bottom furrow exercise would be one that you would want to incorporate into your training. If I'm correct, Deb demonstrates that exercise in her video. It works the bottom corners of the mouth nicely. Corner mouth pull, Cheek press, and Cheek press advance, plus my favorite exercise for the jaw which is on the most recent page of the board in post 862. All these will help.  I would include neck lift as well. Doing this exercise, I've found, seems to tie everything in together as far as the jawline is concerned. Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask.



Help with neck   Aug 11, 2000

I am using the tape and seeing results in the facial area, but not a lot in my neck and jowl area which is loose and has that turkey neck look .  Anything extra that I can do?



Yes!   You can double up on neck lift and you can perform one of my favorite exercises. You won't find it in the book or video since I developed it separately, but I have had good success with it. If you have TMJ, please proceed cautiously.

In a standing position, tilt your head back with your chin thrust out. Place your hands around the base of your neck in a kind of choke hold position (but don't choke yourself! LOL).

Anchor the skin/muscle of the neck with your hands.

Then use exaggerated chewing motions, opening and closing your mouth fairly rapidly with your chin thrust out.

Do 25 to 50 chews. Then repeat. You will definitely feel the work out in the muscles of your lower jaw and the area around your temple as well as in your neck.

Also, if you work out in a gym, shoulder shrugs are great for building the neck!

Good luck!


Another question   Jul 12, 2000

I lost my post (don't recall what date) and now I cannot find...did not read answ.   It was asking about sags and bags and slack skin that had got that way over long period of time and if there is still hope of improvement in this area?  jowls,.   Since loss of tone etc., enables skin to fold and crease, does pulling
on already lost toned skin maximize the problem.  If the skin has already lost all of its oomph?  Just curious.  I truly don't expect 'overnight' success, but keep looking at this area....in eternal hope!!  All else is 'firming up and filling out' so great, that I really notice these areas more.  I don't think they are any worse; I just notice them more in lieu of other progress!  I have visions of myself 20 yrs from now (maybe sooner) sitting in the nursing home, fighting over the remote so I can FLEX!  Thx for response.  (going into 5th week).


Hi Jean:

Pulling on already lost toned skin absolutely does not maximize the problem.  Here's why:  in creating the resistance (by pulling on the tissue), contracting the muscle - you are increasing 10 times more blood to that area.   What that means is obviously increased circulation, increased cell turnover, increased oxygen
to the cells of both muscle and dermal tissues, thereby increasing collagen and elastin production in the dermal tissues, increasing muscle density thereby creating lift.....and the list goes on..... In fact, if you or I or any one of us were handling our faces long ago -  before all this atrophy happened, we wouldn't have the atrophy of muscle or dermal tissue we have today.  BUT - the great news is - with FlexEffect, we have complete control over the aging process now - we have control over how we age and how we look - so you just keep on flexing. Remember "this is not wishful thinking, this is a physical fact" -
Queen Deb.

Here's a thought:  If pulling on tissue (muscle and skin) which was damaged created more of a problem - then plastic surgeons would be out of business!  Think about it - we don't do an eighth of what those guys do in terms of pulling on facial and neck tissues during a face lift.  Have you ever seen a face lift?  The amount of pulling plastic surgeons do to a patient's skin and muscle undergoing a face lift, is intense and radical compared to the pulling we do to create resistance.  In addition, you will never hear a plastic surgeon tell any patient that pulling on the skin would cause damage - because that would be hypocritical of them - as it is necessary part of their surgical procedure to create the lift! 

Enough said - but you know what I'm getting at here.   Don't worry about making things worse because that will not happen. 

You just keep at it - the improvements you have seen in just 5 short weeks are "far from the finished product"  - wait until you hit your 3 month mark, your 6 month mark.......you'll be the only one in that nursing home who looks too young to be a patient there...that's the only trouble I foresee....they may kick you out due to the fact that you're going to look so darn fabulous! 

Olympia :-)


Jowls  June 10, 1999

Hi, I'm a 52 year old male and I have recently lost weight. Now my face has jowls.  Is there an exercise which will at the very least reduce the affect and tighten up the jaw line. Thanks I'll be looking forward to your reply.

Bob H

Hi Bob

So, what did you do to loose weight?   There are a couple of exercises  already posted on the board scroll down to TMJ Alternative exercise and Flabby Chin and here is one more...


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Do this one every time you think of it!

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