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Deborah Crowley, the expert in facial exercise, Facialbuilding®, has just released the 3rd Edition of FlexEffect Facialbuilding®. In her new book, Deborah has added two new facial training disciplines: Jolting and Pressure Reps for the remodeling of bone and Cross Stretching for strengthening and increasing collagen and elastin.  Read MS Fitness Article.


Deborah Crowley

Deborah Crowley Photo Journal


“For years, I believed resistance training was all I needed to keep a youthful face, and for years it was. It took closing in on 60  to realize I was wrong.  The lift and firmness of my face were still there, but I was not preventing the loss of facial bone! And my neck was telling me that I literally needed to go after the tissue itself, not via muscle as I had been doing for years, so I developed Jolting and Pressure Reps for the remodeling of bone and Cross Stretching which targets just the tissue.”    See Bone Remodeling and Skin Remodeling

Brief Company History


Deborah Crowley in conjunction with Eureka Physical Therapy in Eureka, CA conducted an independent study on the effects of FlexEffect Facialbuilding®. The outcome of this study proved that facial muscle is the same as any other skeletal muscle of the body proving it just as capable of increasing in strength, mass, and integrity. This information combined with 30 plus years of research and development has lead to the highly refined FlexEffect Facialbuilding® Program. Through a close inspection by many once nay-saying professionals, FlexEffect Facialbuilding® has found its way into Hospitals, offices of Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, Physical Therapy Clinics, Fitness Centers, Spas and multiple magazines.  View History of FlexEffect Facialbuilding


Who’s Deb?


  • Author & Speaker
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Former Competitive Bodybuilder
  • The Originator of Facial Resistance Training™ and  Facialbuilding® established in 1979
  • Best Seller: FlexEffect Facialbuilding 3rd Edition
  • Featured in magazines, talk radio and TV talk show


FlexEffect Facialbuilding:


  • Has several online personal trainers around the globe
  • Thousands visit the FlexEffect website per month
  • Highly active forum with hundreds of members
  • Online Personal Training Workshop Forum
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