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Nasal folds Aug 6, 2001    


I went this morning for a consultation with a plastic surgeon.  I asked him about exercising the area.  He said that the folds are from loss of elasticity and that wrinkles could get worse from exercise.  Is it true that this area can become worse from exercise.


Hi Ann

Basically what he is saying is ... due to the loss of elasticity, you now have wrinkles and folds and if you exercise this area you will cause even MORE LOSS of elasticity.

HE IS DEAD WRONG! In fact, If  you DON'T exercise this area you will lose more elasticity.

"If you don’t use it...you don’t need it...If you don’t need it..."

BTW there is a report on this very subject on the research page... http://www.flexeffect.com/research.htm Go to the top of the page and click on Research then scroll down to "facial skin elasticity" and read the last paragraph.

Deb :0)


I have not found this to be true. I've been doing the exercises for over two years and have increased firmness from doing the exercises. Wrinkles are not caused by movement alone. There must be destruction of the elastin and collagen fibers of the skin before this occurs. Sun damage is the primarily culprit. Once the skin has begun to degrade from the damage, then partial muscle use, as in the case of normal expression, causes lines and wrinkles to form. By fully contracting and exercising the muscle, you begin to restore to the muscle strength and growth, which will result in tightening the skin as well. To what degree depends upon the extent of skin damage present. Skin and muscle
are connected to some degree, but not entirely. Working the muscle will be able to alleviate some of the effects sun damage and other environmental toxins have had on the skin but may not eliminate those effects altogether.

Where individuals receive the greatest benefit from facial exercising is in the prevention and reversal of sag. If you start early enough you should be able to prevent muscle atrophy that sets in usually in your mid 40s. To prevent more skin damage, you should be wearing a sun block of SPF 30 or greater.


Thanks Jason and Deb



Lines around mouth/forehead Jul 17, 2001  

Are there any effective exercises to reduce the appearance of lines around the sides of the mouth (i.e., laugh lines)and those on the forehead?


Hi Tammi 

Yes!!! many, many, many.  Do you have the video and/or book? Please get if you do not already have.  So many excellent ones in there.   Also check workshop under the area of your concern..you
will find a lot of things of help posted there.  top furrow is excellent for lines at side of mouth, as is corner mouth pull...building up cheek area and lift you will create all work in conjunction to ease out these lines.  The longer the time frame you do the exercises..being consistent with; like 5 days a
wk. to start...the better results you are going to realize.  mouth flex is good one, tight lower lip, lip press, tight upper lip adv ....mouth flex adv...see what I mean?   Your choices are very vast and work ALL the muscles.....all adds up to success.   You really need to do all of the exercises for the entire face and not target specific areas....all works together.  You will see when you once really get into it. Have you just begun?  You are in for an adventure! 


Hi Jean

Thanks! No I don't have the video or book yet.   I have just begun looking--what is the name of the book/video? 



Small lips  Jul 26, 2001  

well this is kind of weird i guess, but i hope you can help. Do you guys have a way to stretch lips. this is kind of hard to explain, but my lips are small in sense that they don't stretch out from left to right far enough so it looks like i have a small mouth. and i noticed when i strecth my lips, i look a lot
better, do you have a product or way to strecth my lips out. thanks.


Hi Nick

FlexEffect will not change your basic genetic shape. It could make your lips appear thicker due to building the obicularis oris but I don't think it will make your mouth wider.



Lower Lip Jul 10, 2001     

To Jason (and anyone else who can help): Could you give me some pointers on working the lower lip? It doesn't seem to be responding as well as my upper lip,  and I feel as though I may not be isolating these muscles properly. 



Hi Ann

Some troubleshooting questions: Are you doing all the exercises from the book and video that
target this area? Are you applying enough pressure/resistance? (Moderate, firm resistance). Have you tried increasing your counts to that area and/or reps? Do you feel muscle fatigue after exercising the area?  Are you including the neck exercises? (I've found that doing the neck exercises really seems to pull everything together due probably to how the platysma attaches.) These are some things to look at. If none of these seem to be on target, write me back with more info.




Mouth area  Jul 7, 2001   

Any suggestions as to what excercises or extra ones I can do to firm up below the mouth and along the jaw line (when I pull the skin up to my ears it looks better).  What do you recommend? I have both the video and book.  Looking forward to seeing positive changes in this area.



Hi Laura

I found that doing all of the ex targeting these areas worked well. A good alternate one for lips is place the ends of your index fingers in the corners of your mouth, entering the mouth just a fraction of an inch. press down, then pull with enough pressure to force the lips to expand in a closed mouth smile.   Next, pucker the lips so that the fingers are brought inward, then press so that your lips are fixed in an exaggerated pucker.  do this in and out movement l0 x.   Back in workshop or on
previous posts, there are some excellent ones for chin and jaw line.  you will see much improvement keeping at it..takes time.



Upper lip Jun 28, 2001   

Please don't laugh, but I've always been envious of women who, when they speak, show some of their upper teeth.  My lower teeth show when I speak. I spent 6 years in braces and devices for my
top teeth, and I believe (in my attempt to hide the appliances), I stretched my upper lip.   My lower teeth have moved over the years and are not attractive to look at. (At one point, I wore braces again to try to correct the problem, but the bottom teeth were always stubborn, and now they look even longer than before, showing more lower teeth!)Will any of the exercises help to reduce the length of the upper lip, or is cosmetic surgery the only way?  Thanks.


Hi Chay

I don't think the exercises will shorten the upper lip unless there is some degree of muscle atrophy involved. I don't know of any cosmetic surgery that actually shortens the lip either. If there is, it must be a very specially performed procedure and not one many people request.  I'm not sure that having braces alone and attempting to hide them with the upper lip is the cause of the current malady. I myself had braces for three years and tried hiding them in the same manner. LOL. This would certainly be a good question for your orthodontist.

Wish I could be more helpful! :-(


Hi Chay

Just read about a procedure where a PS can excise a piece of skin under the nose to help accentuate the upper lip by pulling it up revealing more of the lip and mucosa. I don't know how effective it would be for your condition, but it might be something to look at.


Hi Jason

Thanks for the suggestions. But to be sure, I was actually referring to the area between the upper lip and the nose (the orbicularis-oris??).  Given this, would your suggestions remain the same?  Sorry about not being more clear earlier.



Top Furrow folds disappearing act   Jun 23, 2001    

Hi All,

Just a question to those of you who have had success in getting rid of those horrendous folds. I FINALLY feel the muscle (after about 6 weeks now) and have been working it pretty hard. I'm watching it closely for signs of improvement and I'm wondering how it begins to disappear. Since the muscle is at the top of the fold, does it generally begin to disappear from the top down as the muscle flattens it out?? That's what it seems as though it's going to do for me. Or does it get shorter from the
bottom first from doing the cheek raisers and mouth exercises?? What should I be on the lookout for?? I'm dying to see some improvement in this area.


Hi Lynne

Hi Lynne! with mine, it sort of 'feathered out' then became fainter...did not disappear....but continues to be 'less evident'.....the lift you can create in your cheek areas and firmness you begin to get in adjoining areas has a big impact on the appearance of these folds...and the younger you are to start
with is a plus as well, not to say being older is a definite deterrent but it is going to take more work!  Best way to see improvement for your own satisfaction is TAKE PICTURES!!! just for yourself...and do Deb's 'test' in her book periodically.....sometimes we are so busy scrutinizing for
results, we don't see what all else is going on and how all will effect the final outcome.   The test and the pictures will convince you as nothing else will!


Hi Lynne

I also have been doing these for about 6 weeks, what I've noticed is that the top of the furrow, near my nose is smoothing, however the lower half is not, and may be worse, or that is an optical illusion due to the improvement of the top half.


Hi Peg,

Yes, that's what it looks as though it's about to do for me. In looking at my own face (and playing with it, of course!) it appears as though what I need to do to eliminate the bottom part of the furrow is to raise the upper, outer cheek area..which I'm counting on to pull the skin back a bit from the lower area of the fold near the mouth. That's the problem for me. In fact, that's really my only problem aside from the undereye area. If I could just pull up that loose/saggy skin about 1/4 inch just
around the outside of my mouth...I'd be "golden." Perhaps that's what you need to do too?? Work hard on the upper cheek area and probably the mouth area itself...


Hi Lynne

This was a real trouble spot for me. I just gradually saw a improvement of the area, but it took a LONG time, probably about 9 or 10 months. I could really tell a difference when I would use my fingers and rub across the surface like what you see some men habitually do who play with their mustache. Before I could FEEL the deep furrow. After it had built, the area smoothed out. I had
very noticeable lines. The lines have reduced greatly (but still slightly remain). It was really a tough area, but if you keep at it, you will get there.



Top Furrow   Jun 13, 2001    

Jason (and all):

Does it matter greatly when doing Top Furrow advanced WHERE you place your thumbs? I'm still trying to get this one down. And where exactly is this muscle that we're targeting?? Does it run
down from the nose to the lip? How does it work to alleviate the fold?? Does it plump it out from underneath? Also, I noticed some references to modifications on this exercise on the old boards, but the actually exercises are not there. I believe it was Jason who "invented" them. Would you please explain them? I really need to target this areas as best as possible. Thanks!



Hi Lynne:

I place my thumbs exactly under the furrow, pull down and snarl.  I did this one for months and months.  Now I do one of Jason or Olympia's version...I place thumbs under furrow and push out and smile, sneer, grimace...whichever expression lets you feel the muscle, or I place my thumbs higher, push out or pull down and make big smile.  I varied these because I can't sneer any more!  they work very well. I also do another I never read anywhere, just seems to work....I place thumbs either side of furrow inside mouth (where sometimes tiny lines are)..not lines inside mouth;.. along furrow!)lol...then I just pull out and contract lips, pulling the muscle inward (not very clear, but
don't know exactly how to describe it.)  Just try it, you'll feel the muscle and resistance and see what I mean.  Hope this helps some. as long as you are creating some form of resistance, it will be beneficial, however which way you come about doing it.


Hi Lynne

Jean is using the modification (along with her own) that I wrote about. If you need further clarification just shout!


Hi. All

Does Top Furrow and Top Furrow-Adv. do the same thing?  I can feel it doing the advanced but not with the other one.  If I leave out Top Furrow and just do advanced, am I missing anything?

Jo Anne

Hi Jo Anne

Yes they do. The difference is in the positioning of the fingers. You should do just fine doing one or the other.


Ok, thanks Jason.

Jo Anne


Top Furrow  Jun 9, 2001     

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem. Top furrow is one of my biggest areas of concern. I do both of Deb's top furrow exercises, along with some massage, acupressure exercises, nose and cheekbone things that I've picked up here and there. I am really seeing improvement, after only a short time, but I still don't really "get" how to do Deb's top furrow resistance exercises properly and I want to make sure I'm doing them right. My fingers slip badly and I don't get the feeling that I'm really providing much resistance. Does anyone else do this, too. As long as I keep seeing improvement, I'm fine with it, but I don't want to discover 6 months from now that I'm doing it wrong and have done some damage that will need to be reversed. Any ideas?


Hi David,

Your fingers will slip and really that's okay. One of the problems, however, that'll you'll want to avoid is gripping the lip/furrow so tightly that your crushing the tissue. Allow your fingers to slip during the exercise as long as you can complete your count. Many of us have tried different things to improve grip such as latex gloves (I've had mixed results with them), cotton gloves, cotton balls, etc. But I've found the best way is still simply using my fingers.

At first with this exercise you may feel very little resistance. Generally this muscle is so weak initially that you seem not to feel much. But keep at it and over the next several weeks you will notice a change.

The top furrow is probably one of the most stubborn areas. I've had great improvement with mine, but it did take a long while. Hang in there though 'cause it does get better and better.


Hi David

I would like to add that initially I literally scrinched the skin right off my face doing this...due to the muscle being so weak, as Jason says, that I was holding on for dear life.  It does improve a big bunch as you go on with it.  I cannot even muster up a snarl this area has increased so much in density.  This area building up, in time,you will actually feel the build with your fingers while doing the exercise. 



Thanks, I guess that's exactly the experience I've been having. My fingers slip because there's not much resistance, and I'm afraid that if I hold on tighter I will damage the tissue. It's amazing though, even with the little resistance I'm getting, there is already a clear improvement. Of course, what I see as improvement after only a month is, I'm sure, not noticeable to anyone else, but it sure lifts my spirits to feel that it's getting better instead of worse.



Which muscles? May 30,2001

Hi all,

Which muscles do I need to work in particular to flatten out the little pouches that have begun around the corners of my mouth?? I suspect that you'll say all of the muscles of the lower part of the face. Should I work them all equally in order to tighten the area?Also, I'm concerned that if the muscles around the mouth are built up that this will increase the pouchy look at the outside of my mouth?? Is this not so? Will it instead just tighten and firm the area?? (That's what I'm hoping. I don't want a bigger bulge there. I want smoothness...a flattening, tightening effect.) How can I best achieve this??



Hi Lynne

It will tighten and help smooth out the area. May take some time, but keep at it and it will happen. Read the post just prior to this one. Jean (I don't want to speak for her) has had some success with the same problem if I remember correctly.

Really, all the exercises directly involving the mouth and cheek are the ones you're going to want to target with extra diligence. But in a way you're right by saying all the exercises that target the lower face. Since muscle of the face are so interconnected, it's best to go after it all!

Good luck to ya!!!


Hi Lynne;

It will smooth and tighten!  My favorite for the pouches is corner mouth pull and bottem furrow.  Bottom furrow worked so well for me in fact, I had to discontinue it briefly for a time.  And like Jason said, do ALL the exercises targeting lower face.....all work in conjunction and gives very uniform results over time.



Okay...will do all. I'm noticing too that with the slight saggy, pouchy look there at the corners of my mouth, that the edges of my mouth have turned down a bit. Anything in particular for that problem, or does it all resolve gradually as you work the area (i.e. as the cheeks lift, the pouches flatten and the corners of the mouth turn back to a straight line...)



Lips Exfoliator May 19, 2001    

Hey All,
Went to The Body Shop yesterday and picked up their "Lipscuff," a lip exfoliator. I used it twice yesterday and it really does help slough off the dry skin. My lips look better already. I'm going to combine this with the lip press and I'm looking forward to gorgeous lips. They're already looking
more defined with only 3 weeks or so of doing the lip exercises. Just thought I'd pass along the product tip...


Hi Lynne

thx for product tip; here is another one.   Angel's Kiss is great for the lines around upper lip!  Sovage has a lip enhancer product that is MARVELOUS...but is also extremely pricey. Perfect Illusions is also very very good.  Also Benefit's Lip Plump.  I never went in much for lip products, other than
lipstick unitil I started HAVING lips from flexing!  lol.



Lip Press May 16, 2001     

Hey all,
I've read about many of you having wonderful results from the lip press. I've been doing it daily now for a few weeks. I think my lips might be a bit more full, but they are also incredibly dry. (They were already, but I think they're getting worse.) How long did it take you all do plump out your lips and begin to get rid of the deep lines in your lips. I would love to get rid of mine. My lips look like a desert! Yikes!! Also: Will this exercise help with the little lines ABOVe the upper lip too? I have tiny little ones just beginning at the top of my lip. I'd love to kick them out to space...


Hi Lynne:

don't mean to discourage you, but these upper lip lines are like imovable craters almost!...but not t.totally impossible to 'minimize'...depending on the depth and severety and degree of damage there.   Chemical peels do help with this, as does Renova. Your lips will 'soften' doing the exercises, at
least mine did...due to the build I imagine; also using good lip balm or other cream designated for that area.  Get one that is moisturizing and hydrating...works!!  I don't know if you can eliminate them completely just flexing (though is great boon to this quest!)...but mine have minimized noticeably...but I realize may never truly 'go away' without laser resurfacing or some deep peel. But if yours are just beginning, you have a much better chance at deterring further indentations!  I would like to send mine off in the ozone too, but I am really pleased with minimizing them, as did not think this was even a remote possibility..,.and discovered it is!   The lip ex are great.  Only took me apprx 3 mos time to see results in shape and contour of lips and surrounding area....longer time frame will produce even better results.



Top Furrow  Apr 25, 2001   

I have been doing flexeffect for about two weeks and can already tell a difference.  The biggest problem I see, however, is the top furrow.  I've been doing the top furrow exercise demonstrated on the video.  I was just wondering if there are any other exercises that might help.  I really feel this problem is what makes me look "old."  Thanks for the help!


Hi Cindy

This is a stubborn area, no doubt. You can also build up the area around the mouth by doing exercises such as mouth flex. That's the one that really helped mine as well as doing top furrow. It
does take time, patience and consistency, so hang in there!


Hi Jason

So what is Mouth Flex?  Thanks



Top Furrow / Lower Lid Lift  Apr 24, 2001 

Hi All,

I've been flexing for a few days now and I have some questions about some of the exercises. First, with Top Furrow: How does this exercise work? When I snear, it doesn't really seem to exercise the area under my fingers. (I feel it kind of high and then inside the lines. I'm actually afraid it's going to cause a brand new line for me inside the top furrow line.) What is the object of this exercise? How does it work to lift out the furrow? I can't see how it targets the area. To me, it seems that lifting my cheek somehow would actually work better as it is my cheek that is truly causing the line. Also, for lower lid lift: I can't really pull down the lash line and if I do manage to get it down a bit, I can't seem to isolate the movement to lift it. Is it like a squint??

Hi Lynne: 

Jason or Deb can better give you the whys and wherefores...but I can tell you the end result.  You will feel this muscle (top furrow) building as time goes on..actually feel it with your fingers when performing the ex.  It does help with the furrow...this is really hard area to get results, but you will as is a strong muscle action there.   I immediately noticed increas in thickness (or that is what it feels like)..is very noticeable..and you will find that the case too I am betting.   Do not worry about 'causing' lines....if anything develops that was not there before, it will even out as the rest of the area
builds...or at least has been my experience.  Lower lid is so hard to do because you really can't feel the muscle initially; I know I could not at all...did not know WHAT I was pulling; just assumed there was a muscle in there somewhere...it will come.  This one takes a lot of practice it seems..and seems to be a bugaboo for all of us initially.   Just work through it and don't get overly discouraged.  All of this takes time and repetition.



PS Jason Apr 19, 2001     

how would you say everything you've done to help youre wrinkles  has helped/? i know youve said non of thiss stuff ,wheather it be exercise or retin a etc will really do much for deep wrinkles, but there must have been some lesser wrinkles you had before you started all this skin care ., how
did it work for  the wrinkles around youre eyes that werent  that deep  but still kinda visable at certain angles in the light


Hi Kevin

I had deep naso-labial lines. Really, I feel the exercises helped reduce them more than anything else to date. I had some crepieness under my eyes when I began and while I have some still when I smile, it has been reduced as well.  This may be more a result from not only exercising the area but a series of peels and constant use of Retin A over the last year and a half. Also I regularly usa alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs to help exfoliate. I also religiously use a sun block 45 daily.

That's been my basic experience with skin repair care. I hope that answers your question. :-)


PS the exercises WILL help with deep wrinkles....it more than likely will NOT totally eliminate them.


Naso-labial folds Apr 15, 2001    

I just started flexing.  Today will be my fourth day and I can already tell a difference...not so much by looking in the mirror, but when I touch my face it feels firmer and I think I'll have a jaw line again in no time.  When I look in the mirror however, I can see the area that really needs a lot of work is the line between the nose and corner of the mouth.  I have lost a lot of weight and there is considerable draping which makes this fold very prominent.  I have the video and do the top furrow, but are there any other exercises I can do?


Hi Cindy

The top furrow is one of the most stubborn areas (along with the frown lines) to alleviate. I have greatly reduced mine but they still remain slightly. The important thing is be patient and consistent. I often will work the furrow by placing my thumbs up under them then contracting the muscle while pulling out with my thumbs. This has helped tremendously. Hold for a count of six and repeat 10 times.  I generally hold my counts much longer but start out with the above first.



Nose to mouth furrow and Cheek Press   Apr 7, 2001    


Due to a quick weight loss - i have been working on the lower cheeks - with the cheek press and wide laugh for past 3 weeks without much success. When I do the adv- cheek press - I seem to
irritate the inner lining of the mouth. also, i have been trying to lift out the nose to mouth furrow without much success using the the top furrow exercise( 2 weeks).Do you know any other exercise for the nose to mouth furrows that could speed up the process or is it just a question of patience with this problem.BY the way my age is 58 years old.

Many thanks as usual,

Hi Bob

Two to three weeks is not nearly enough time to begin to see changes particularly in the event of sudden wt loss. If you're irritating the inner lining of the cheek, then you are going at it too zealously. Back off a little, be patient. The changes will come in the months ahead.



Vertical lines gone   Mar 21, 2001     

Hello everyone,

I thought that when I got my first positive flexing result, I would share it with you. The major change I see is with my lip area. I understand that this is the easiest muscle to correct. I had fairly deep vertical lines on both my upper and lower lips. I do not smoke and have been flexing (not all 40 exercises, of course) for 6 months. I am 48 yrs. old.   I am constantly doing the 'bite the upper and lower lips' exercise. What ever it is called.  It works. What I have seen first is a larger lip, which

is in Vogue, you know, and then today, I noticed that the lines are GONE.  Vanished.  I will look tomorrow for them, but I don't think they are coming back. By the way, this is an easy exercise
to do. I do it in the car and at work (in my office when no one is around).  Just thought some of you might be interested in correcting this area as well.


Hi. Karen....

me too.  this was an area that really pleased me to pieces.  I, too have deep verticle lines.  I still have some of them but they are so much better than prior to flexing...it is really an encouragement to see these kind of results. I have been flexing since last summer..about 9 mos.  I do same ex you do for
this area and they are so very effective I do some of them several times a day also and yes, they are so easy!!!



Congratulations on your success.   May I ask if you do any of the other lip/mouth exercises?   I've been flexing for six weeks and haven't seen any results.   I don't really expect to yet but  was just wondering.    Congragulations again.  


Dear Rita:

I am not very good at doing all of the 40 exercises. I do only some of them. A couple for eyes, a couple for cheeks / jowls (that are nearly impossible to correct) a quick neck exercise, couple for the forehead, and the lips.   I ONLY do 'bite the lips' (don't know the name)for my lip exercise. I don't think it is in my set of flashcards.  This is such an easy exercise that I do it several times a day. You see, it doesn't take any hands, so I don't worry about contaminating my eyes or mouth or messing up what little makeup I wear.  You will first notice that the size of your upper lip will increase (a little).  It won't puff out like some of the lip stick models, so don't worry.  After a while, the lines disappear.  They are still gone. I checked today.  I still have one on my lower lip, so I will press on that section more. It appears to be deeper than the other lines.

P.S. Rita, I re-read your message and see that you said you were exercising for 6 WEEKS! Let me know in 3 MONTHS. It takes time. At least for me it does


Lips Mar 15, 2001

I have fine lines on my lips which make them look very thin and dry although I always apply lip balm is there an exercise that can fill out these lines to make it appear fuller?

Thanks Sally


there are a kazillion great exercises for the lip area that are so good and seem to work really fast and progressively.  Do you have the video and/or the book?  Deb has many in there..and I have mentioned a book that also has some nice variations available thru Aubrey Organics site..The Take Charge Beauty Book..exercises are quite similar to Debs with a little variation and some diff slants to them. I have had more fun building the lip area.  It is just amazing what these exercises can do for that locale!



Corner Mouth Pull   Feb 25, 2001   

Please give me a more detailed description as to how to do the corner mouth pull.  It seems that the video says to pull the muscle forward and then contract, but then later the video says to pull the muschle forward and then pull it back.  It seems that the circular pouching sagginess on sides of my mouth look a little more puckered.  What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

P.S.  I do love this program.  I am 40 yrs. old and I have only been doing the exercises for the lower part of my face (except for jaw exercises)though, since the top portion of my face seems to be intact. Hope I am not causing a problem further down the road by not doing all of the exercises.


Hmmm.....don't know if I can be any more descriptive than a live demonstration, but here goes:  You are grasping the muscle with your thumb and the sides of your index fingers then pulling the
muscle toward the mid line axis of your face. When you contract the muscle you ARE pulling it back, but with the muscle, not your hand. You can't contract the razorius muscle withOUT pulling your mouth into a smile.  The resistance occurs as you pull the muscle to the midline with your hand and when you contract the muscle causing a smile. Smile toward your ear though, not up.

I don't know if that is any more helpful or not. Sounds almost more confusing to me, but I hope it helps.



Pockets on side of mouth  Feb 25, 2001  

Hi Everybody:

Still new to this but excited!!!   I have little "pockets" on the sides of my mouth, not really  lines.  They can be pushed out with my tongue.   I think I'm supposed to do the Mouth Flex exercise for these but am not sure.  Could someone help out please? 

Thanks.  Rita

P.S.  I had my husband take poloroids of my face front and both sides.    Some of my "defects" show up but mostly the flash made me look almost flawless.   I really wanted some before and after photos without having to go to a professional.  Any ideas?

Hi Rita,

Yes, take pictures without a flash and make sure you have the appropriate film in the camera for the amount of lighting you're using. Take pictures outdoors without the need for a flash, too.

Mouth Flex is very good for the pockets at the side of the mouth; however, you need to be doing ALL the exercises that work the lower face. AND be sure to work your neck as well. That will help
to pull things all together.



Upper lip skin  Feb 25, 2001  

I used to abuse my skin a great deal by scrubbing the surface, overusing glycolic acid, using cream depilatory - all in an attempt to improve the texture of my skin which has large pores in T-zone, oily in T-zone, prone to breakouts easily and light peach fuzz over cheeks.  I also was a sunbather as a teen.  Considering how my low self esteem resulted in my abusing my skin, I don't look that badly because I have been using Retin-A and am now taking care of my skin and using sunscreen.

The worst thing though is the upper lip area.  It is puckery-has an uneven surface texture that is very visible.  It has a vertical line/fold on it, in addition to being a bumpy texture. I'm performing Flex effect about 3 times a week.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Leslie!

Do you smoke?  You mentioned overuse of glycolic acid, but chemical peels do assist greatly with this problem.  what you are doing sounds pretty much on target. I have very stubborn upper lip area for all the same reasons as yours.  Excercises help a lot...all of Deb's 'lip targeting' ones..plus
is easy to even make up some of your own for this area.  I had a Jessner peel, which seemed to do very well for upper lip area for me.



I agree with Jean. A chemical peel or laser might just be the thing to look at. Primarily, it sounds as if you're dealing with a skin condition resulting from years of abuse. If you're considering a peel or laser, do your research before you decide. There are very positive things about them, but negative ones as well. Be well informed. I think you're only going to have very limited success with Flexing changing the condition of the skin in this area. Something more sounds needed.


Hi Jean

Thanks for your input, Jean.  Used to smoke years ago but quit about 13 years ago.   What is a Jessner peel? 

Thanks again!:


Hi again. 

Yes...there are many degrees of chemical peels you can have done....but please go to a Dermatologist or medical facility that you feel comfortable with...and actually see some of the
patients that have undergone these proceedures...that is always a big plus.  You can have superficial glycolic peels..which are good, but I don't believe they will help the mouth lines a tremendous amount...they generally recommend a series of 6..or more if needed, along with a skin care regimen.  There is microdermabrasion, which does great job of 'polishing' the face and is relatively no down time...but it can cause scarring and changes in pigmentation....as can any of the peels...it is all in
controlling the depth of the peel.  Jessner peels and TCA peels are more aggressive and deeper peels...but be aware, the more 'effective outcome' of a peel, also the greater risks involved.  Ask
many, many questions and do not leave until you are satisfied you have all the information you need.  I have older skin and I benefited from the Jessner..but there is down time....your skin turns white, red, then a parchment paper brown and peels and flakes and is itchy...(pain was minimal,) but this
is not always the case.  Everything is a trade-off.  The new skin after Jessner is great!  It worked for me..but anyone needs to have a consultation and assessment of what the options are and what your expectations are from those options.  Laser is better able to control the depth...but there is down time...much redness..and even pain.   I only have first hand info with the glycolic peels and the Jessner.  Any of these, in my opinion, need to be performed by a Dr. in a medical setting.



Fold around mouth Feb 1, 2001     

I would love some advice and support. I have developed folds  (like reverse parentheses!) on either side of my mouth. I've been doing the exercises for about two months now but not seeing much
result in this area. Also a little pouch along either side of the chin along jaw line. I have a fairly thin face, loose skin, and have lost a few pounds recently. But if I could only just "pull" that skin back towards my ears I would be happier! Any advice as to the best exercise. Is there hope for this


Hi Lisa:

flexing will greatly assist in firming and building and many of the ex help 'define' the jaw line (those little folds)..I have them; hate them, but there they are!  The exercises do help create 'lift'; however, if you have a great deal of facial sag, causing these little jowls and pockets...often some form of
surgical procedure is necessary if you wish to eliminate them.  Give your exercising a whole entire year and see what improvements you can achieve.  (I double up on ex targeting this area).  wt. loss most always causes skin to slacken; but this can be built up again.  Depending on the degree of sag you have will determine how well, and how long it takes, for ex to give results you want.  Wouldn't it be GREAT if we could just 'pull back' the skin and viola!  smoothness!  sitting in front of a mirror and just even slightly holding the skin back below my ears and I have no wrinkles or sag!!   gravity...I hate gravity! lol.  Everything below your eyebrows heads South, everything above your eyebrows
falls out!  Isn't it great that we DO have options!!  lol.


Hi Jean     

Jean -Many thanks for your support and humor! Can you tell me what exercises you have found the most helpful for this area? I have book and video. I must admit that I am going through the stage of
exercise where it feels like more lines are developing, but I want to hang in there and get to the "other side, " so to speak.


Hi Lisa: 

I do all of the exercises that target and work the lower face...I love the cheek press..any ex that works the neck muscles seems to be beneficial very much. I do all of the ex, but these ones I double up on whenever possible.   I never have got adv. wink down...and I have been flexing 9 mos.  The more you exercise the muscles, the more you will realize what you need to do...and Deb always says:   'get inventive'.  opening your mouth as wide as you can than holding chin into your chest is a great one.  Pulls everything!  I still have my 'jowls'..but improvement is so evident that I cannot help hoping eventually there will be even more improvement.  That's the great thing about flexing...all of a sudden..you have something to look in the mirror and say AHA!! about..it is the most encouraging form of self-improvement I have ever encountered!  good luck!



Furrow Lines Jan 24, 2001    

The lines around my nose are getting deeper and the skin is looser.  What can I do to firm up in that area?


Hi Ann

Doing 'top furrow' exercise has worked the best for me for this area.  do you have video? book?  also the ex to build up the cheek will help overall appearance in this area.  good luck! 
It will work for you!


Hi Ann

This was a particularly bad trouble spot for me, and is what drove me to facial exercises to begin with. FlexEffect has been very effective in greatly decreasing the furrows and the nasolabial lines. In a post earlier on this board I described an exercise for the mid facial area that works very well on the lower cheeks and the naso labial fold. That would definitely be an exercise I would recommend; however, Deb has several exercises to target this area. Please read the prior post and if you still
desire additional exercises just holler!


Hi Jason

Thanks for your response Jason.  I just am not sure which is the ones for the furrow.  I only have the video are there more excercises I could do if I had the book.



Hi Ann,

Yes there are. If you've been doing the video exercises consistently and have them down pat, you might want to think about getting the book, which has a total of 40 exercises.



New One!  Jan 22, 2001   

Here's one I have never seen posted before, and I'd like to know if anyone else has had this experience? When I yawn, the skin around my nose/mouth feels very TIGHT! Is this from building up muscle?


Hi Sadie

Sounds possible to me.  I can still remember the first time I really noticed I was raising my brows.  I couldn't believe how thick my brow felt or when I blotted my lips and they felt twice their size and I had not trained that day.  That's one way to really know what's taking place... your own sense of touch ... no fooling yourself there!



Top Furrow Progress Dec 14, 2000    

Just wanted to share how great things are going with top furrow exercise!  I 'felt' an increase in thickness or muscle or whatever for some time there..apprx at 3 mo. mark...now into 7 mo. mark....I can barely snarl anymore!  I could do a great snarl before..now I really must work to conjure up a snarl...so things are definitely building!   Olympia, I believe you told of an exercise where you place thumbs outside of furrow, high up, pulled down .then did a wide grin.  Is this correct?  I can't seem to find where you mentioned this previously.  Do you do that one in lieu of top furrow, or do both?  thx or is alternating more effective?  Or doesn't it matter.  I love the effects I am getting here and really want to go after this area.



Wrinkles on upper lip Dec 3, 2000   

Hi,  I'm looking for help with my upper lip.  Several years ago it started folding in with wrinkles.  It's like I have old lady smoker's mouth!  I don't smoke etc. and have a healthy lifestyle.  I do have a TMJ problem, but that shouldn't have a relationship to my wrinkled mouth.?Any suggestions I would appreciate,  Thank you. 

Nancy  IP: 63.46...

Hi Nancy

No. The TMJ has nothing to do with the upper lip wrinkles.   This is a result of damage to the skin generally caused by previous years of sun exposure. Once the skin has been damage, repetitive
expression then causes the wrinkles to appear. Mouth Flex and Tight Upper Lip would be an excellent exercise to help smooth out the wrinkles.  A lot of our older flexers have reported fantastic
results to the upper lip from these two exercises. If you would like more info., just post back! Would love to help.



Olympia  Oct 13, 2000

Okay Olympia, why are you still having problems getting rid of nasal labial folds (as you stated to someone) if the flexeffect works? Surely after 2 years they would have gone now if the program works. Also please tell me why everyone is expected to wait a year before they see any significant results? Surely if muscle was going to respond at all, it would have done so way before that length of time. I wonder if it's because you hope that most people will have given up trying before the year is out, therefore they won't be able to come back and say that it didn't work, because they didn't see the year out.

Forgive me if I sound so disbelieving but I don't want to be misled yet again, and when you say that you still have a problem that you started out with, it doesn't sound very encouraging, does it?   Response appreciated.


Hi Bridget

Okay Bridget, forgive me if I sound disbelieving but whoever this guy is that has been misleading you and a few others over the last day or two, has some kind of talent!

You are right...facial muscle takes very little time to build... but for healthier skin and the time needed to clean up what can be cleaned up (sun-damage etc.) can take several months and maybe even more than a year .  Weight training itself can take at least a year to show the finished product that most are looking for (and I don't consider bulging biceps a finished product. Do you?)   trying to convence anyone that..."you too in just 6 to 8 weeks etc."   sets that person up for failure.  I wonder how many people have given up (thinking times-up) on something that just might have been extremely beneficial to them had they gone the distance.  All because the majority of those in marketing / media seem to think that's what it takes to sale volumes. 

When you say "still having problems with nasal folds after 2 years...." 

When someone steps into a gym and trains his butt off, and even after 2 years he still has 'that area that just won't budge' (sound familiar?)  that doesn't sound very encouraging either, does it?  but does that means weight training is a hoax?


Hi Olympia

This is really a related question.  I had always heard that because the muscles of the face are so small, they respond quickly to exercise.  If this is true, why should it take 5-12 months to see results?   Thanks.


Hi Sue

Please scroll up and read my response to this question ;-)


Hi Sue and Bridget:

Re: why are you still having problems getting rid of nasal labial folds (as you stated to someone)if the flexeffect works? Surely after 2 years they would have gone now if the program works.

Answer:  My nasal labial folds have markedly diminished since beginning FlexEffect 2 years ago.  Since my father has extremely prominent nasal labial folds, I would say that in large part, my
genetics play a role in there not completely diminishing. I've had these since I was in my teens, so I'll never truly and completely ever get rid of them. 

Let me clarify something here:  FlexEffect is not a vanishing act for for every facial and dermal problem you've either inherited or caused or been exposed to (example solar irradiation).   Just like
any exercise program, and the body's response to it, if you aren't genetically symmetrical for example, no amount of bodybuilding is going to change your inherent skeletal structure.  BUT,
bodybuilding on a consistent basis, executed properly, along with modifications in diet etc., will have and cause positive effects/changes to said body - body mass to fat ratio will change for the better.  The same principals apply to this program. You apply resistance to those facial muscles they have to react because they are being challenged.   The reaction is growth and the visible result is LIFT. 

Re:  Also please tell me why everyone is expected to wait a year before they see any significant results? Surely if muscle was going to respond at all, it would have done so way before that length of time.

Again, lets use this as an example to illustrate my points:  if you're completely out of shape and get serious on an exercise and diet program, you start to see results immediately, but lets be realistic here.  You're body will change progressively, given again consistency in workouts and diet.  Your not going to look the same on day 300 as you did on day 1 of your program are you? You keep at your workouts, you will continue to improve to day 360 and 560 and 1060.  Again, you aren't going to look like the same person on month 12 as you did on month 1,2,3 or 4 - the same applies here with FlexEffect.  In addition, muscle matures like fine wine - gets better with age.   Prima ballerinas  are teeny boppers, they're not into there 40's or older.   We know this from bodybuilding and sports medicine/kineasolgists preach this very thing.  That's why neophytes to the circuit never win the Olympia, it's always veteran bodybuilders who have not only a great deal of body mass, but quality muscle mass etc.

No one has to convince me this program works.  It just plain does, and this doesn't defy the laws of logic.  I know this because I see it every day I look in the mirror, and hear it day in and day out from people I encounter stating how young I look, how taut my skin it etc.  Truly I'm not bragging, it's just the way it is.

No way would I put my face on this website and promote this program if it didn't do what it said it does. I don't get paid to answer questions on this Board, Jason and I volunteer because we so believe in Deb and this program and we want all of you to receive the benefits of our experience and knowledge. Sharing good stuff is a good thing!

The only way you're going to know if this works, is if you try it. If you or anyone has such great apprehension about doing so, then perhaps this isn't the program for you.   I have no doubts in my
mind that it will work for you or anyone else for that matter just as it works for me, Jason, and countless others.

Here's how to look at it:  I know that if one was out of shape and sedentary and began on a walking program of 5 days a week, one hour of brisk walking alone, same diet,  and continued this for
entire year, they would catalyze positive changes in there body. This individuals body mass to fat ratio would change, they would increase circulation, increase energy levels, etc.  It's a physical fact, plain and simple.  Again, this program is not different.  If you have facial muscle atrophy and you want to counter it - this is the only way to go sans surgery. 

In addition, I've said, if I had started this program perhaps 10 years earlier, had I known it was in existence, I would have staved off the atrophy that manifested itself at age 37. But man have I still had amazing results and I will continue to have results given what I know about the human body and what has taken place on my face and neck from faithfully doing this program.

I hate to see people give up and not give this program a chance. Yes, facial muscles are small and respond quickly and you start to see results within the first few weeks. But again, muscle is
muscle and you have to keep at it.  In addition, depending on the degree of skin damage (solar induced irradiation of the skin), exposure to toxins, general health, age, etc....all these factors
come into play in terms of how you will respond to this program.  A 30 year old with minimal sun damage and atrophy will respond differently than a 60 year old with severe sun damage and
dermal/muscle atrophy.

BUT BOTTOM LINE:  everyone will have gains and positive responses to this program if you keep at it.  Like I've said many many times, what you get out of this program, in terms of the rate of
muscle growth - LIFT - etc...is all in your own hands.  That's where you're going to get your proof you guys. All your hard work is going to show up on those faces of yours and that's the only way your going to believe me, or Deb or Jason, or the veterans or newbees on this Board. 

Dedication,commitment, consistency....it's like any other exercise program. Put out the effort and you'll get it back 10 fold. Don't try a thing, and you'll have what you have, but you'll never know
until you try. 

Anyway, I got a little passionate here, went on my tangents, but I'm pretty darn passionate about things I know to be true and believe in.  This program is a part of my life and I love to share it with everyone.  If you want to know about the benefits, you're going to have to try it yourselves. I'm elated with my results, I know and believe you will be too.  I wish you all the best in your choices of what program is best for you.

By the way, great questions ladies!

All my best,


Most people will have some response to the program right away. You can read innumerable comments to this effect on the board. But to really begin to see what you can accomplish, Deb
advocates, and I concur, that you should perform the exercises for one year to really see just how far you can go.

If you were in a gym doing resistance training, a year would not be very long to see how far you could go with wt training. The same is true with FlexEffect. People who want to keep and maintain a fit body must continue with an exercise program. You're either going forward or backward. Facial Exercising is no different.

Also consider the fact that most people who start facial exercises have severe problems with muscle atrophy, drape, poor circulation, etc. and even a year (in my opinion) may not be long enough to reverse all of that. Certainly if you were wt training and you had those same conditions a year would not be long enough to bring your body into the kind of shape that most people expect their face to be in after a year of facial building. You have to be realistic. NO FACIAL BUILDING PROGRAM is going to make you look twenty when you're already 50 and have not taken excellent care of your face. This is about looking the best you can and avoiding and correcting age related problems of the face and neck.



Nasal labial folds    Oct 9, 2000

Hi all
I'm having real trouble with my nasal labial folds. I've been flexing for a couple of months and doubling up on the exercises that target this area, but they appear to be getting worse. I don't feel like the area has been worked after these exercises. Can anyone help?


To the fellow flexer concerned about this area appearing worse after one mo.  Mine did too...but I had deep folds there anyway, so figured I had nothing to lose.....I am sooooo glad I kept at it.....I am 58...been flexing into 5 mos...and this area is definitely improving!  I am so happy about that, as is a very difficult area...even if you don't have muscle tone loss and atrophy! I know it will get continually better.  The improvement is very gradual...but very constant.  After some time flexing,
you will be able to actually feel the thickening of these muscles with your thumbs inside your mouth. do not give it up....it takes t i m e....often the appearance of a 'new' or exaggerated wrinkle scares the fire out of us...but rest assured the wrinkle or fold did not 'grow'...it is just being worked...flexing will not aggravate it....will firm it up!   It took me a good 4 mos to see any results in this area...'visible
results'....if you can feel it, it is developing.  You may have extra strong muscles there and will take longer...or more atrophy....it is all individual. BUT DON'T GIVE UP!!!! you will be soooo glad that you didn't!!! (0:


Hi Pat:

If you're doubling up on exercises, make sure you work on the cheeks (wink, corner mouth pull, wide laugh etc.) as well as top furrow and tight upper lip.   I say this from experience:  I tried just building up the caninus with top furrow because I too had terrible nasal labial folds and neglected the cheek area and it looked terrible.  Once I started working the cheek muscles as well, it all balanced out.  Hope this helped!

All my best,


Thanks for your response Olympia. I have been doing the cheek exercises as well, in fact all of the exercises, but do you mean that I should double up on the cheek exercises as well, or can I do the cheek exercises once, and just double up on the nasal labial fold exercises. Thanks for your help.


Hi Pat:

Good, you're doing everything - so I know your going to maintain symmetry.  First let me preface by saying, this is not unusual and some muscles rise to the occasion faster that others. 

That being said, here's what I suggest if you want to go for it, double up on the cheeks if you haven't already.  They may just need that extra oomph to get them growing.  

Jason had stated earlier in a post to another flexor that this is one of those awkward stages in your individual progress.  I concur.  You just have to keep going, eye on the goal - LIFT, work through it, don't be afraid, adjust your program to fit your needs and it'll all come together - what ever you do don't stop!   We've all hit these awkward stages throughout our FlexEffect program, so trust us....we know from experience - we hear ya and we're here for you.

All your input, observations during the course of your program, these little awkward changes for example are a terrific help to others who are flexing out there;  To know that in their programs they may encounter similar changes,   albeit temporary and transient awkward changes, that they are not alone and that your muscles will absolutely all balance out and catch up to each other in terms of growth/symmetry given time.  It's all good.

Keep us posted on your progress,
All my best,


Nasolabial lines Oct 4, 2000


Its about 8 months since I got Deb's book and cassette. I have been doing Deb's exercises religiously for the last 8 months. I didn't really get the results to the extent I expected.Overall there appears a little increase in tone of the facial muscles. But I have the following problems persisting and I need a solution with any other exercises or help:   1)Hollow and concavity under the eyes remain the same  2) Could anyone suggest remedy with exercise or otherwise for lines (not skin folds) appearing from the nose to mouth corners. I feel this is a new appearance after starting the exercise and I am not really happy about it.

Thanks in advance

Hi Jag

I agree, tone is not enough for 8 months worth of training.  There are too many possibilities ... Send your phone # and a good time for a call back. Talk to you soon.



Reverse Chew    Sep 22, 2000

hi all,

i've got a question on exercise #29, the reverse chew.  I am doing the exercise by applying resistance as I open my mouth.  Then I tried applying resistance as I closed my mouth, too, and it seemed to be working the same muscle.  Is it effective to also apply this exercise in reverse?  or is it unnecessary?



Hi Alex

When applying resistance as you close the mouth you are in effect doing exercise #27 and yes it's very effective.



Cheek Hollows   Sep 18, 2000

I'm not sure if I'm doing the cheek-press adv. correctly.  I seem to be building my outer mouth muscles,  as opposed to the area in the "hollow" of my cheeks.   It doesn't seem as if there are any muscles in the cheek hollows.  What if I moved my thumb way back,  towards the jaw.  Would that help target this area?



Generally the muscles of the cheek, buccinators, build fairly quickly and this is where I noticed an increase in strength first. The muscles of your cheeks, however, may be at this point pretty weak. In addition to doing Cheek Press Adv, do the regular Cheek Press but make sure you pucker your mouth at the same time that you're contracting your cheeks inward against your teeth. I hold the count MUCH longer than 6 to 50 or 60. I hold the count for about 20-30 seconds after the burn feeling you get. Instead of doing 10 reps I do three. Good luck and if you have any further questions just ask! :-)



Exercises to lift mouth corners   Sep 15, 2000

I have the video and am trying the exercises.  I feel that I need extra help (additional exercises) on my mouth corners and the sides of my face. I really want to concentrate on these areas. The area around the mouth is beginning to feel tight but the corners still are drawn downward and the skin is loose outside the corners. I have temporarily stopped the 2 exercises that require pulling the mouth corner because the skin outside that area seems to be sagging more. Are there other exercises
that I could use that would not require stretching the skin that would help me with these areas. The muscles on my right side of my mouth are responding more quickly that the left, but I'm getting an uneven look instead of a smooth look on the right.I am considering ordering the book. I would appreciate any suggestions.


Hi Susan:

Glad you have the video, and it's a great idea to get the book as it contains a total of 40 exercises along with the heavy duty facial massage etc. 

Now, you didn't say how long you've been doing the program - that would be helpful to know.  It's not unusual for one side of the face to respond more quickly than the other side of the face.  An
analogy would be that, your right handed, so your right arm may be stronger than your left arm if you tried to lift a 10 pound dumbbell.  If you keep challenging the left as well as the right side, eventually, your left side will be as strong as your right side - same applies to the face.  Just keep working those weaker muscles.

I wouldn't stop doing the Cheek Exercises Deb demonstrates on the video, for instance Corner Mouth Pull which works the Risorius muscle, helps to fill in those lines around the mouth as well as
lift the cheek area.  Pulling on the tissues (muscle/skin) will not make the skin more loose or wrinkled.  Handling your face - in this case pulling on the isolated muscle to create the resistance and then voluntarily contracting that muscle will only help to build the muscle, create the lift as well as increase the dermal thickness of the skin.  I don't know how much sun damage or drape you have in your skin without seeing you - but I will tell you that these exercises will help with that.  Worse case
scenario - if you have acute drape of the skin, then it may warrant your considering plastic surgery to alleviate the drape and then once healed starting back on the program so that you keep those muscles and skin tight and lifted.  I may have gone off on a tangent here....

I'm going to E-mail you some Mouth Exercises that will require you to stretch the tissue - don't be afraid of doing it.  Again, we need to pull and stretch those tissues we're working, and making a strong contraction of the muscle being worked in order to get the build and lift we seek.  Bottom line - don't hold back or it's not going to work for you to achieve your goals.

So keep working your entire face, it's going to take time, but you will see an immense difference and do not skip any of the exercises Deb has illustrated for you on that video tape.  You'll only be selling yourself short.  Don't worry about the symmetry, like I said, your weaker side will eventually catch up to your stronger side and fill out and smooth out. 

In addition, if you can, let us know what your skin care regimen is currently. There are topicals you can use which will enhance your skin tone, reverse photoaging, etc.    Hang tight while I send over those mouth exercises!

All my best,

Oops - guess you didn't post your E-mail address.  Okay, here's a great overall one for you.

Mouth Flex Advanced:

Corners of Mouth
Purpose:  Firms entire mouth and surrounding area

  Place  your right thumb just inside the left corner of mouth. Place left thumb just inside right corner of mouth.  Pull corners away from center and hold.  Contract the muscle by drawing mouth back to center.

Hold for a count of 6, repeat 10 times

Muscles Used:  Orbicularis Oris
Function:  Closes Mouth

So remember, you need to keep doing Tight Upper Lip, Lower Lip Curl, Top Furrow, Corner Mouth Pull (work those cheeks) and as well as all the rest of the exercises - remember that everything ties in to get that wonderful build and lift we want so much. 




Rebuilding Cheeks nose to mouth   Sep 13, 2000


I am interested to know will this program rebuild the cheek area where elasticity and tone are no longer defined?

Does it really help removed nose to mouth lines?  I have the beginning of loss of tone and slight drape of skin and folds from nose to mouth which starts to make one look older.  I am curious to know what exercises and how soon one could expect to see some visible results.  I have checked out the website a few times and have considered ordering the tape, but I would really like to see some other photos other than the lady (before/after shots) on main website.

I would appreciate any and all information.



Hi Marla

That is exactly what facialbuilding is all about, lifting and firming.  Sorry for the lack of photos but FlexEffect is not a study nor did it start out that way. Facial therapy was already in existence and an accepted form of training when I began teaching in 79.   The beauty of


Eyes and bottom furrow    Sep 12, 2000

I read your response to my note (#949) and I agree that the muscles are much stronger under my eyes and I don't have to close my eyes like I used to.  I did not think much about it when I wrote, but you are right. 

I also have noticed that the muscles around my mouth are tighter.  I think I tried one exercise that you put your fingers in the corners of your mouth and stretch them out and let your mouth slowly return to normal.  I have been doing something like this and I noticed in a few days that the muscles for bottom furrow are finally working.   I can actually find the muscles now.  I have been doing the other exercise for a long time, and not much difference.  I am amazed to report that all of a sudden, muscles are responding and firming up and getting stronger!  This is great!

Deb, no book yet.  It will get here soon.  Any day now.  The mail carrier is tired of my asking "is my book here today?"!!

Carol (Modemfun)

Hi Carol

Once you feel the strength in  the muscles, it really takes off!   Check your e-mail! concerning your book



Wrinkle    Sep 11, 2000

Last night I was doing the 'Bottom Furrow' (first time I've watched myself) and noticed that while I'm doing this exercise, there are creases that show up underneath my lower lip on both sides from where I've pushed up with my hands while frowning, and they stay for quite a while after. Will the continuance of this exercise make a wrinkle or crease where one wasn't there before?


Hi Renee

If you went out of you way to create a wrinkle...so  far as to fold your skin over and tape it down for a month.  The line you would see after removing the tape would disappear in short-order.  It takes YEARS of repeated motion to create a wrinkle and even then, the skin has to have lost its resiliency to even allow it to happen...Don't worry.... Keep training!



Mouth Flex - Adv    Sep 6, 2000

Hi Jason,

please let me know how to do mouth flex - adv. correctly.  How far away I need to pull corners away from center and hold?  As far away as possible? 

thank you.



Only pull as far as your lips will allow comfortably before contracting.  Meaning you could pull a lot further but don't.   P S  I think Jason might still be out of town ;-)



Exercise 21 and 22   Sep 5, 2000


is it possible to place fingers on lips and pull down instead of placing them just below the lip for exercises 21 and 22 (lower lip curl and chin lift, respectively)?  will this achieve the desired result/ exercise the same muscle?  the reason i'm amending the exercise is that by placing them below the lip or on the chin and pulling down, as instructed, i can't get a good grip and the exercise doesn't feel like it's as effective as if i were to place them on the lip.  =)

thanks for the help again,


Hi Alex

No porblem,  you're still targeting the same muscles.  If you find you're getting better resistance placing your fingers on the lip then that's what you should do.



Crease from nose to mouth    Sep3, 2000


I have so many comments and questions, I have to deal with them one at a time.

Question:  It seems to me that the area I thought was creases from my nose to my mouth is actually gravity and sagging muscles.  Along and above the creases are puffy areas that look like slack muscle and the effects of gravity.

This area -- lines from nose to mouth -- is an area of special concern at this time. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for your program.  My face is benefiting so much!


Hi Pat

Concentrate on Cheek Raiser and  Nose Lift and naturally Top Furrow. Keep us posted!



Re: Folds alongside of mouth Post #915    Aug 30, 2000

Thanks for responses! I only have the tape, so I would be very interested in the other exercises mentioned for labial folds and the Wink.



Re: Folds alongside of mouth   Aug 30, 2000

I'm interested in the "modified exercise that works the muscle caninus and the Quads labii Superiorus of the cheek."  That's the one area that I just can't seem to get under control -- been flexing for about 6 months now! Everything else looks relatively good, though some days are better than others.

By the way, to help with "locking on" try tissue paper (or cotton gloves) to get a tighter grip (though be careful you don't get too aggressive and scrape your skin with the tissue -- did that!).  Also, make sure your face is well scrubbed (and without lotion) before flexing.  I have oily skin and sometimes have a problem of not getting traction because my fingers are sliding all over the place. Hope that helps.



Folds alongside mouth  Aug 28, 2000

I am having trouble with the "locking on" exercises and am wondering if you have any further tips for building up the cheeks and pulling back these folds that have "suddenly" developed.It just seems like asking the impossible.


Hi Lisa,

What problems are you having with the locking on exercises? You may want to look at Post #903 on the current page of the board.

As for building the cheeks, are you doing Cheek Raiser and Wink? Both of these exercises will help greatly. Deb demonstrates Cheek Raiser on the video and Wink is in the book. If you have one and
not the other of the book or video, let me know and I can send you the exercise for the one you don't have.

The naso-labial folds ARE stubborn. I've found the best exercises for them is tight upper lip, Mouth Flex, and then a modified exercise that works the muscle caninus and the Quads labii
Superiorus of the cheek. If you are interested in or need any of the exercises I've mention, again, just let me know.




Lip exercise   Aug 25, 2000

Dear Jason and Deb,

After drawing the bottom lip straight across lower teeth, I need to place middle fingers firmly at the corners of lower lip.  Do you mean I need to place middle fingers exactly at the corner?  or a little bit inside the mouth?  or a little bit outside the mouth?

Thank you.


Hi again qq!

I think you're referring to Mouth Flex, right? When I've done this exercise I've used the pads of my middle fingers on the outside right at the corners of the mouth. However, I abandoned this particular exercise for Mouth Flex Adv pretty early on.

If there are any Flexers out there doing Mouth Flex differently, give a hollar so we can compare.


Hi  Jason, QQ

Anther way to do Mouth Flex:  

Place the butt of your palms at the corners of your mouth (fingers pointing toward ears) With the butt of palms...pull the corners of the mouth back and hold. Try to pucker to the point you feel stress directly under the nose. 



Facial exercise special problems   Aug 17, 2000

I have tried several different facial exercise programs and felt that I needed to discontinue each one because of the unwanted results around the mouth area. The exercises make it look and feel too tight. I have a special problem with the muscle that makes a sad face.  The more I exercise, the more pronounced the indentation of the muscle, which makes my face older. My mouth corners have a tendency to droop. Even when I smile, the corners try to pull down. Is there anything I can do correct and prevent this problem? What am I doing wrong? 


Hi Sandra

The muscle that pulls the corners of the mouth down is called Traingularis.  Go to the top of the page and click on Neck & Face Muscles to get an idea of where everything's at.  When you build a facial muscle... it does not pull the face into any particular expression (sad face) unless flexed. But, you might be flexing (tension) without realizing it. Once built, you would definitely feel the pull more than before.  When you flex the Triangularis it pulls the corners of the mouth down and  also activates the Platysma... (neck) Which makes me think tension even more so.  I would say to concentrate on the antagonistic muscles (muscles that do the exact opposite) Mouth Flex, Lower Lip Curl etc.  Let me know how it goes.



Re: Folds around mouth Post# 860 Aug 10, 2000

Hi everyone.  I was just reading Helen's concerns about increasing the intensity of folds around mouth.  I am going into 3rd mo. of flexing...and the folds around my mouth are decreasing noticeably - was not the case in the beginning...but is not the flexing...is the other muscles building up, making
problem sites 'appear' more problematic!  Is true. I notice such a difference in cheek, eye area....I wish my jaw line would firm up as readily and rapidly as the response elsewhere has!  And the folds, from posts I have read, seem to be the hardest area to get results...and they won't be immediate.  But will come.  My upper lip is soooo much improved in just this time-frame.  It also does not hurt to provide yourself with an excellent skin care regimen either...that is a bonus!  Keep flexing...have great week!



Folds around mouth   Aug 10, 2000

Hi Deb,

This is my third week into FlexEffect.  My greatest concern is about the pulling of the jaw in the exercises that involve putting your thumb in your mouth.  It might be my imagination but it seems the folds around my mouth are more pronounced than before I began with Flexeffect.  I have also been dieting and have lost a few pounds and guess I have lost some in my face also.   Do you suppose the effects of the exercise will kick in.  Should I increase those exercises? 

Hi Helen,

In the beginning of your training, you may notice that the nasolabial folds appear worse. Hang in there it does get much better. I have the same problem and noticed that it took 6-8 months for the nasolabial fold to fill out. I had lost 40 lbs before I started FlexEffect and any weight loss will emphasize those folds. Hang in there; you won't be disappointed. DO take before and after pictures, so that you'll be able to clearly see the difference.  Good luck.



Nasolabial folds   Aug 9,2000

For the last five years I have begun to develop deep nasolabial folds; my cheeks look like they are beginning to droop over my these lines. Would FlexEffect be effective in reversing these folds? I'm 36 years old with great skin tone and this one problem being my only visible sign of aging of my face.
Approximately how long would it take to see improvement?

Would the exercises somehow improve acne also? I'm wondering if there's a connection with improved blood circulation and skin health that it may have some impact on acne as well.

Linda Sue

Linda Sue,

I know exactly what you're going through. I've had the same problem myself and yes, FlexEffect will definitely help. It took me about 6-8 months to begin seeing improvement. If you haven't ordered anything from Deb yet, I would recommend that you begin with the video tape. Deb demonstrates some wonderful exercises for the nasolabial folds. As for acne, the exercises didn't seem to help mine very much. Acne is caused by clogged pores and while the increased blood flow may help to carry away some deposits, I found I still needed to include a regimen for my acne. I started on Retin A fairly early on in my training and found that it was pretty much all I needed to keep my acne under control.

Good luck!


Nose to mouth lines   Aug-2000

Dear Deb,

I do some facial exercises and they have helped, but I have terrible, terrible nose to mouth lines.  Is there any exercise which can decrease these lines?



I, too, have had this problem and yes! there are a couple of exercises that help tremendously:

Mouth Flex:  
Close lips. Draw the corners of your mouth straight back toward earlobes (keep lips perfectly straight) center of lips will touch and  corners will open slightly. Place middle fingers of each hand firmly in corners of mouth and hold the corners in place. Contract the muscle by trying to draw the corners of mouth back to center to form a pucker.

Move mouth to the count of 6. Repeat 10 times.
This will build the muscle around the lips which helps to fill out the furrow.

Top Furrow:

Place the middle fingers at the top of the furrows just below the wings of nose. Firmly press in and downward. Hold fingers in place. Contract the muscle by drawing the top lip up into a sneer.

Hold for a count of 6. Repeat 10 times.
The video shows this exercise really well. So if you have it, you should watch the video.

Good luck with it!



Sagging on the side of the face    Jul 30, 2000

Hi Deb,

I have been flexing since March and I can really tell the difference except in one area.   The furrows running down from my nose to the sides of my mouth are worse then ever.   The skin feels loose on the sides of my face.  I have only been training from the video and Jason helped me out with an extra exercise but I still am not seeing any results.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there something else that I can be doing to help lift the sides of my face?  Everything else looks great.  Help me please.   Thanks!

Kathie Jo

Hi Kathie Jo

I know this is going to sound like a stretch but I swear it's true.   The sides of your face have more than likely improved.  The reason I say this ... once you begin to notice improvement especially firmness (wherever it is on the face) everything else looks (in comparison) to you like it's not responding or worse yet becoming looser.  There really are several more exercises you should be doing by now.  You might want to scroll down to post# 810 and take him up on it!   Just keep this in mind ... There is no way you can improve only a portion of your face... That would be like saying  one side of your body is healthier than the other.  KEEP GOIN GIRL!



Upper Lip Jul 21, 2000

Hi...I am back. 

I have been off line several days due to modem malfunction.  Have really missed reading all the posts.  I just wanted to let you know something that I would not have believed in a kazillion yr.'s to be possible.  The upper lip.   specifically MY UPPER LIP...is definitely firmer and the lines there are really visibly diminished...even in direct sunlight!  It is amazing.  My left side of my face must have more muscle strength than the right side.  I am not lopsided! everything coming together just fine...but there are no lines on left side above upper lip...and just 3 left on rt. side.  Of course, maybe they were just deeper on rt. side to start with?  Had so many, was hard to tell.  This has made me ecstatic!!!I just wish I had a
truly close up pic of my upper lip before I began this. Seeing is believing.  {of course, maybe it is just swollen up from all the tugging and will deflate in a few days)....{ever the skeptic}  Lol.  Just wanted to share this.  Bottom lip firming up great as well.


Hi Jean

Don't worry... Oh ye of little faith... It won't deflate LOL.  You're right, whichever side of your face is the strongest  will be the first to show improvement. Keep us posted. 



Upper lip   Jul 10, 2000

Hi everyone.

It is me again.  This time I have an upper lip! Well of course I HAD one, but it is so improved within such a short period of time that it scares me it will just all 'go away'.  The lines above upper lip still evident of course..but the firmness there is definite.  I know because I wear dentures...took them out to 'inspect any changes'...and what a difference!  Now, I am not going to run about without my teeth to prove this point..but this is a test not to be questioned.  I am rapidly becoming a believer.  I am impressed,  I have about decided why I don't have lines and wrinkles on forehead and between eyebrows, they all dropped to my lower face and jowls!!   I have plenty of sagging there to really know a difference when there is one.   Note I said WHEN AND NOT IF..I realize 'appearance and good looks' is NOT what makes a woman
beautiful...it is her presence, confidence; whatever you want to call it.  Without it, all the smoothness in the world isn't going to make a hill of difference...HOWEVER I WANT ALL THE SMOOTHNESS AND FIRMNESS ANYWAY!!!!!  I will go check out my upper lip now, as I truly halfway expect it to disappear ..keep checking to make sure it hasn't!   I love reading all the posts...they are EXTREMELY HELPFUL AND ENCOURAGING.


Hey Jean:

Regarding your upper lip improvement and the fear of it going away - NO CHANCE - it's not going anywhere because your not going to stop your training - keep flexing girl!   Everytime you look in
the mirror, all you're going to see is improvement on the improvements.  Don't you love all this positive reinforcement, and it's all in your hands - you're the one whose doing it!  Sounds like your hooked for life just like so many of us.  Thanks for the update.

My best,
Olympia :-)


Bring upper lip down     Jul 9, 2000

I had braces for many years and my upper lip has a lot of atrophy. What exercise can I do to bring it down. I tried  many exercises and some do and don't work. Can you help me


Hi James:

BS00847A.gif (3051 bytes) sorry...time's up on exercise

See how this works for you. You will be stretching the muscle by pulling it forward to create the resistance and then contracting the muscle.  However, I don't believe, and we'll have to double check with Deb about this one, that this will "bring the upper lip down".


Olympia :-)


Corners of mouth  Jul 5, 2000

I have pouches on the corners of my lips. I notice they are gone if I slightly turn the mouth corners up can exercises turn them up?


Hi Tamara:

Absolutely, facialbuilding can do wonders:   Try this one:

BS00847A.gif (3051 bytes) sorry...time's up on exercise

Olympia :-)


Lower Lip   Jul 4, 2000

I was scrolling through the post and noticed  someone had trouble filling out there bottom lip.  this is the same trouble i have.  i also noticed that there was a time up next to the exercise lower lip curl adv.  i was wondering if this one would be more sufficient as i have practiced face exercises for a number of years now. thanking you

Judith M

Hi Judith

Here ya go:

BS00847A.gif (3051 bytes) sorry...time's up on exercise

Although this exercise   does wonders for the chin it too can improve the build of the lower lip.   Thanks for asking.



Thought you'd like to know      July 29, 1999

Hi Deb

I want to let you know something. Yesterday, I went to get microdermabrasion at a local's doctor's office where I have been purchasing some facial products for over a year. The nurse, who does the procedure, was telling me that my upper lip sure looked good - i.e., no wrinkles, etc.. I told her I was doing your exercises and had her feel the muscles on the sides of my face, etc.. She wanted me to show her the "tight upper lip" exercise, which I did. She was absolutely fascinated and called in the doctor, who is a head and neck surgeon. He too was fascinated and had me show him a couple of the exercises. The one that he was really impressed with was the "frowner" -  I think that's the one. Anyway, when the nurse    was getting ready to do the procedure she was looking at my face first. I still have a line, not  exactly between my brows, but more on the side of that area, right next to my left eyebrow. What they were so impressed with was the fact that when I frown the line is very deep, but yet when I don't frown, the line is hardly noticeable and they both felt that the line should be very deep all the time, given the depth of it. The doctor asked me if I did an exercise for this area and of course I told him I did. They asked me a lot of questions about your program and I answered them to the best of my ability. I just thought you would like to know.








THANKS MUCH,                                                                                                                          LINDA

Hi Linda

It is possible to make a big-time difference!  Think about it,   you're mouth is nothing but muscle. Regardless of the shape or size of your lips, the idea is to keep them full and without lines.   I can't think of a better way to achieve this than building them.  Let us know what you think in a couple of months!

I always apply sunscreen first.  I use Solbar 50 because I've been told it has the highest SPF on the market. I also use Retin-A and Solbar so far is the only high SPF I have found that works well with it (doesn't sting)  I too find sunscreens  greasy so after I apply the sunscreen I take a tissue and blot my face.  This makes a big difference by absorbing the excess oil.  Let me know if you find something you like better.  I would love to try it myself.

Thanks,                                                                                                                                        Deb


Lips       July 7, 1999

Is there an exercise that can make my lips fuller? Thanks!


Hi Jen

Actually there are several exercises.  The mouth is such an easy area to build.  It's really a shame that so many people will opt for collagen injection without first attempting to achieve the look they want on their own.



Thanks for asking


Thank you      June 9,1999

Hi Deb

How long have you  had this message board?  Is there something else you should be telling me?????  Sooooooooo Cool. I wanted to tell you I was complimented yesterday about my skin. I didn't say this but the real change is my mouth. It's been 3 months and must admit I've spent more time on my mouth than anything else. I'm going broke on lipsticks lip liners and gloss.  I love it, I love it, I love it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Hi Val

You're welcome! But remember 'PREVENTION'.  Even though you may be satisfied with the rest of your face, train as though you're not  and thank you!



Additional exercise    May 29. 1999

Hi Deb,   

I bought your video and really love it but was wondering if there is another exercise for the upper furrow (nose to mouth). When I do your exercise for this muscle I don’t feel any muscle fatigue or effect as I do with the others.


Hi Melissa

Are you sure you are doing TOP FURROW correct?  When you contract the muscle (drawing the lip up) the expression should be a snarl ( straight up) not a smile.   When you apply resistance (pulling the lip down) it should be straight down not forward and hold firm for count.  Let me know if this was part of the problem. If top furrow should be a major target of yours, you may want to double up on  NOSE LIFT. This exercise covers the thinning down between the nose and cheek which is  also responsible for the furrow.  Let me know how it goes. 


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