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Neck Questions Jul 8, 2001

I've been working my neck a lot and have seen improvement in the tigtness of "chins," however I have a new concern. When looking in the mirror and "flexing" my neck,  I noticed that my neck is
much more developed on the right side. Puffier, more "tendon" appearance etc. Should I lay off, try to get left side to catch up (how?) Also, if one doesn't continue the neck exercises will the area just get saggier, now that the muscle has been built up?

One more thing:  It seems like the neck is being worked by most of the exercises. You're always tensing w/most of the different moves.


Hi Lisa

Don't lay off. Utilize different exercises that work the neck. There are quite of number of them that have been previously posted many times.   Look under Workshop at the top of any of the FlexEffect web pages. Then click neck.   Read down through the posts and you'll find many different wt training exercises to work the neck.


Hi Jason

I don't quite understand why my neck is looking like this. I do a lot of the "chin thrusting" type of exercises as well as the one where you press your under chin into your thumbs. I like doing them, but as I said, I am concerned about the difference between one side of my neck and the other.Any


Hi Lisa

There are quite a number of neck exercises that you can do to even out both sides of the neck. Under Training Workshop you should be able to find many neck and shoulder exercises that will
help.  I know I posted several and Olympia posted a few as well. Head lift is only one of several variations you can do for the neck. You can even add resistance there as well. So don't give up and don't dispair. Explore your options and keep at it.



Neck and Jowl area   Jun 23, 2001     

I started flexing at the very beginning of May '01, and noticed very favorable results after a couple of weeks; however, my problem areas are my neck and the hanging flesh under my chin, jowls, etc., especially after losing 20+ pounds.  I am amazed how improved my neck has become and under my chin as well, both becoming definitely firmer. I am continuing to flex (try to daily), but the jowls seem not to budge much.  The Sad Face (where you push up against the jawline) doesn't seem to be doing much. Is there something else I could do to see improvement quicker, or should I continue doing what I'm doing and just hang in there? Anyone else have jowl problems and did you see
improvement in that area? Also, I'm still a bit saggy under my chin.  Should I just continue doing the same exercises and reps? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm very excited about
this program.  I only wish there was a similar program for sagging breasts!


Hi Tess

Hi!  Yes keep doing what you're doing!   will get better and better.  I have noticed improvement in jowls..neck and under chin area still amazes me! jowls take long time (for me)...still in evidence, but I can live with the improvements so much!!! lol. reverse chew seemed to work the best for me for jowls...my most favorite for jowls is make an exaggerated smile, open mouthed showing most of your teeth.  stretch the smile until you feel a pulling in neck muscles..hold this big smile, tilt head back, then forward as far as you can  ...then lift head and look straight ahead...go from big smile to a frown.  with eyes closed and lips puckered hold this position tightly until you feel the pull from muscles in your neck.   hold the expression slowly tilt head back as far as you can, then forward as far as you can.  Do the two moves 10 times.  Muscle in jaw receives a good workout in this one exercise...when strengthened, this muscle prevents droopy jowls and sagging skin.   If you already have droopy jowls and sagging skin...will take you more work and longer of course..and all things are NOT going to be l00% totally reversed to complete and utter firmness...but the firmness you can realize doing these ex targeting this area is pretty dramatic, even for those of us who are far beyond the 'preventative stages', but well into the 'damage control' aspect!  Is preferable to start these exercises BEFORE jowls and sagging skin set in; however.....results can be obtained even at this stage!   good luck!


Hi Tess

Yes....just keep going. You're still in the initial stages. The best is yet to come. There are additional neck exercises that have been previously posted. Some of them may appear under Workshop. I would definitely check them out if you're wanting to do more for your neck. Also give your body time to adjust to the wt loss. 20lbs is a lot of wt! So congrats there! But it may take your body awhile to absorb some of the extra skin. Depending upon your age, this will happen to varying degrees. The exercises will help facilitate the tightening effect.

Congrats again!



To Jean  re: the neck  Jun 22, 2001    

You wrote earlier about how much your neck area has improved over time (you said it took awhile).   I was just wondering--did it look worse before it looked better?   Or was it just a slow and steady improvement?  My neck area is definitely the SLOWEST area to respond, though part of it may be the products I've been using (Renova, Vit. C, copper peptides).  I think my neck skin hasn't fully adjusted to them.   (It took awhile for the skin under my eyes to get used to these products--now it doesn't get irritated anymore.)   Thanks for your input. 


Hi Ann

It looked so worse to start with, I don't really know if it GOT worse before it got better?; don't think so....was always just worse.....than better.  Was a steady ongoing thing; did not just 'perfect' itself immediately in any way shape or form...long time...and still in progress.  However, the improvement is so markedly GOOD.  Building muscle, or toning up there in that area seems to have a wonderful impact on overall appearance, muscle, strength, look of neck, skin etc etc.  I have used same skin
products as you are..I think they are all beneficial.  I personally liked Cetaphyl intense moisturizer for that area...just seemed to work good for my particular area.   My skin on neck severely sun-damaged...slack, etc etc...the usual gripes.  But it definitely has improved a great great deal.  Stay with it!  You will be glad I am betting! 


Hi Ann

I use Retin A and Vit C on my neck, too. And you DO have to be careful. The neck seems particularly sensitive to Retin A and will dry out easily. Look under workshop, though, for additional
exercises you can do for your neck.  It can be a tough area.



Head Lift  Jun 8, 2001     

How come when I do the head lift exercise I feel nauseated?  Is there another exercise that I can do that will give a similar effect?


Hi Laura

Head lift is the most effective exercise, I think, for the neck area. Nausea during the exercise is NOT normal. Something else may be going on like an inner ear infection. You might want to check with your Dr. to be sure, but you should be getting nauseated when performing it.


Hi Laura

I had the same problem the first time I did it, which was before breakfast. I found if I just slow down do each lift to a count of 5 my stomach doesn't bother me.


Good tip!  Thanks Janet.



Neck Exercise Jun 5, 2001

Just want to share my neck.  lol.  The area I thought initially was a total wash-out and no amount of anything would improve it. Deb's exercises have!  Plus the skin on my neck is looking better and better, but the build up under chin area is the most impressive to me.  Took long time and I still want to build further.....but I got one of those super short haircuts with wispys in front of ears and close to my head in back with little wisps at hairline.  I could have never carried off a haircut like this a year ago.  My hairstylist said: quote:  You have such a pretty neck and such tiny ears, why don't we try...... so there you have it!  thanks to flexing!! {NO ONE has ever told me I have a 'pretty neck').  I could have never worn a short, short haircut previously.  I know neck is hard area for most of us
older flexers....even though I have read it is 'easiest place to build'....was not easy for me!  So, if you are having difficulties with neck area or discouraged, take heart!!!


Hi Jean

That's great!  You and all of the "Flexers" have been so helpful, such an inspiration and have taught me so much.  This is such a wonderful web site - it's actually a lifestyle!


Hi Jean

what exercises do you think have helped your neck the most?  Are you using creams,too??  What a GREAT compliment that you got!


Hi Jae

I am not sure which worked the best above others.   I do them all..anywhere I can...anytime...any neck ex I can find or hear about, plus the ones Olympia advised (in Workshop pages now I
think)....yes...I do enzyme peels on neck, use Cetaphyl on neck, use products from Hope Aesthetics on neck, and CP's have greatly helped the 'discoloration' from sun-damage.   I have what appears to be almost like a rope burn on left side of neck, way back....been there for yrs.  Redness and blotchiness on neck and chest in general has faded considerably...but what I am most pleased with is the build front of neck, where I was beginning to develop 'turkey neck'.  I could get a bunch of this between thumb and finger in my pre-flex 'pinch test'....now this area is FIRM and sides of my neck look as if I work out..very firm and strong looking.  I LIKE this more than I can tell you!!  This area was such a maddening problem for me..and gets better monthly.   These ex help the jowls as well!  A big bunch.


Hi Jean

Your note about the improvements to your neck area was very inspiring.  I am also struggling with this area. (the beginnings of turkey-neck!) I was wondering if you do any weight-bearing exercises.  For example,  the head lift, with a weight held against your forehead?  If so,  do you do these weight-bearing exercises daily--or every other day?  I've been doing head-lift with a weight,  but alternating days because I'm assuming the neck muscles are more like "body" muscles than "facial"
muscles,  and (like body muscles) need rest periods in order to grow.    What's been your experience?


Hi Ann

Hi. no, I only use wts with the exercise Olympia posted (read post to Ellen).  However, I am a nursing assistant and do a very lot of lifting and 'flexing' on-the-job...(I fondly call this my muscle resistance training.) lol.  Maybe my line of work is an added assist.  lol. 


Hi Jean,

I too, am curious about which exercises you have been doing.  I checked the workshop and saw several listed but wasn't sure which ones Olympia had recommended.  I wonder if you would mind
describing them for us once again. 


Hi Ellen

I do all of the exercises in the video and book for the neck area..and the one Jason posted some time back where you stand, doing ex similar to chest pull, stick your chin out and do an exaggerated chewing motion.  Also head lift. One I particularly love is place your right hand against the right side of your head, press slightly to offer resistance, then, keeping your eyes looking straight ahead, try to turn your head to the right and look over your right shoulder.  Your hand should prevent you head
from turning.  then, as though you have lost the battle, allow your right hand to push your head to the left as far as you can.  repeat this w/left hand on left side of your head.  do both sides ten x. (From The Take Charge Beauty Book, Aubrey Organics)..also doing head roll.....all the chin and jawline ones assist as well...To firm up chin and neck area...Make an open-mouthed (turned down) grimace, pulling this muscle tightly so that you feel the muscles in the neck also pulling and tightening.  Hold this expression a few seconds, then relax your mouth into a normal position. repeat l0 x.   The one I do Olympia posted:  Stand in a relaxed, erect position, holding dumbbells at your side with a neutral grip.  Your shoulders should be rounded forward but sloping downward at the beginning of the movement.  Raise your shoulders as high as possible, then back as far as possible.  lower the wt and repeat the movement.   this is excellent!  hope is a help. 


Hi all,

after reading Jean's post and her success with her neck area I felt inspired and surfed  the net . Came up with a few sites mostly all the same. Here is one.www.teamresultz.com and go to neck area. Mostly stretching and isometric exercises but its working the neck. Good Luck.


Hi Jean

One ex. I like for the neck & jowls is on Facial Magic video I have.  Maybe Deb has it in her book, but I haven't ordered mine yet.  Have you tried this?  Looking straight in front of you tip your head back to make the neck area feel taut (like looking up at the ceiling); turn your head to one side (keeping the neck taut), look over your shoulder and push out your lower jaw. You can really feel the pull in your jaw and neck.  :)



Face and Neck Apr 30, 2001    

I would like to say that I'm 36yrs.old. I have a long neck and I have noticed that my neck look likes it belongs to a 60 yr. old woman!!! My forhead has large lines running across it and undermy eyes has sagging and fine lines.


Hi Tome

Sounds like you have some serious sun-damaged skin. At your age, sag should really be minimal, so it must be a result of environmentally challenged skin! Start exercising now and see a dermatologist for all the wonderful things you can do to improve your skin. Facial exercise is a vital part of staying young looking, but so is skin care.



Turkey Neck  Apr 30, 2001

What is the best exercise for that loose skin under the jaw and toward the neck after weight loss. I do have the book. i have been trying the tongue press for about 3 weeks but is seems to be a slow process. does the face up head lift help in this area because I do work out at a health club and i have just started this exercise.

Many Thanks as usual,
Bob K.

To Jason,

what is the best exercise for the loose skin under the jaw and toward the neck. This was because of weight loss and i do have the book. I have tried the tongue press for about 3 weeks and itseems a slow process. Does the head lift face up help this area.

Bob K.

Hi Bob

Yes, head lift will help as well, but also work the cheeks and masseter muscles as well.   Also, since you've had wt loss, allow your body to rid itself of the extra skin. It will do this to varying degrees depending upon age and skin damage.  Also keep in mind that anytime you go to build muscle, it takes time. That's why a good many guys in the gym try to cheat by taking steriods, hormones, etc., rather than doing it the right way. Hang in there though, 'cause you're just getting started.



Neck / I need everyones help Apr 5, 2001  

Hi Deb, Jason, and everyone who has input about the neck area,

I've been flexing for nearly 1 1/2 years! Although my face looks firm, my neck skin isn't tightening. I have slightly loose skin with horizontal lines on my neck. I've done all the neck exercises including headlifts, shoulder lifts, etc. I also work my chin hoping that a tighter chin will pull up my neck skin. But nothing works. My neck isn't so bad that surgery should be the only solution - - I mean there aren't loose jowly folds and turkey neck yet. But, my skin just looks kind of loose.

I would love to hear from flexers that have had both positive and not so positive results - I really don't want to go to a plastic surgeon because that means I'd have to have a face lift. It's difficult to tighten the neck without lifting the face. I was
also told I could lipsuction the bottom of my chin and that would tighten my neck. However, my chin isn't too bad - a little bit loose - but not bad. Another thing I was told is that I can have a chemical peel on my neck and that tightens the neck too. Is
anyone familiar with lipo for the chin or peels for the neck? Sorry for being so long winded. Thanks again for this forum!!

Hi Jamie: 

chemical peels and using products containing glycolic acid seem to really help the 'look' of skin on neck area...I have also found Cetaphyl for dry skin works especially well (for me)..you might want to give it a try.  I don't think chemical peels are aggressive enough in neck area for real tightening
effects, though a lot of people say it does help. (that, alone, did not help mine greatly).  I believe what has been the most beneficial for me is just doing the exercises and treating the neck area as diligently as the face with good products.



I'm not even a "Flexer" yet, but I've been considering starting the program. Just thought I'd add my 2 centavos to this post. I've never had a chemical peel, but I have done major research on them, and I if I were you, I would stay away from having a chemical peel on the neck area--particularly if you are not going to have a peel on your face at the same time. Your skin color won't match. Besides, I doubt that a chemical peel would tighten your neck much, and if it did, it probably wouldn't last
very long. I'd say that the risks are not worth the possible rewards in this case. I'd stick with exercises or look for another surgery option.



I too have had this problem.  I've been flexing for 14 months now and have increased all my neck exercises as well as my count.  This has helped some and my neck looked a little better than what
it did but my neck skin was still loose and had a little sag.  I found that that if I cut down on my fat intake, the sag decreases and it's not as noticeable. I read somewhere in one of Deb's old,
old posts something about it being fluid.  Try cutting down on fats and if you notice less skin sag, you will know it's diet


Hi Jamie

My first question would be, do you have a lot of sun damage to the skin of the neck. After 1 1/2 years of working out the neck to such a degree, the muscles of the area should be fairly tight.
However, if the skin has been damaged over the years by sun exposure, you may have to consider some of the options you spoke about. While the muscles and skin are connected to many degrees,
the skin can sustain damage from the environment that really cannot be reversed through exercise, creams, gels, lotions or potions. Even Retin A and AHAs can only go so far in reversing sun damaged skin. I don't mean to sound discouraging, but obviously you have been very dedicated in pursuing a better looking neck. It may be time to go to the next level. 

PS. From my research, I've read that chemical peels do very little to tighten the skin. Only laser and a neck/face lift will accomplish tightening and/or wrinkle removal.


Hi. Jamie

I want to just add to the neck questions that flexing has greatly improved my neck area...along with other exercises to build and firm this area.  But it truly does take a very long time to see benefits, but they are occuring.  Yes, really sun-damaged skin does have its major challenges and possibly is even
irreversible (l00%)...however; there are many creams that will help greatly in the appearance of the skin on the neck..sev I mentioned really did help mine...I have severely sun-damaged skin.And it is really hard to get any concrete immediate results in this area.   The key word here is 'immediate'.  It will not be immediate.  I am not sure how many others have seen results in this area, but I certainly have...and if I did, then there is real possibilities that others can also.  Being realistic IS important, I agree, but hang in there and see just how far you CAN go with this.  Bottem line is, for whatever reasons, along with flexing, I am more pleased with my neck area now than I have been in 15 years. It may be a fluke, but I have seen results by flexing, exercising this area (a whole lot)..and using derm. recommended skin care.  Don't get discouraged...you will (probably) never have the neck you started out with, obviously...unless you are young to begin with...but improvement is improvement, period...at whatever point, at whatever degree, at whatever age, at whatever time-frame it takes you.



Neck muscles; Body or facial?   Mar 14, 2001    

Hello Jason, Jean and whoever wishes to jump in!!

Do neck muscles build up like body muscles or facial muscles? If the neck exercises are similiar to body muscle resistance, then would it be better to work the neck every other day (like the rest of the body) - particularly the head lift?

Thanks, Sally


You can do head lift five days a week as recommended; however, if you find that each day you perform the exercise some weakness, then back off and perform every other day. The neck muscles
articulate with both facial and body muscle, but they can be built just the same as body muscle. I would speculate that this has to do with their size. The muscles of the face will grow under resistance training, but because they're so much smaller, you don't obtain the same kind of super hypertrophy that you would in a bicep or any other larger muscle. Add to the fact that with facial exercises you cannot incrementally increase the weight consistently to obtain the same kind of resistance that
you do in body wt training thus hypertrophy is regulated. Because of this newbies often have a hard time starting out because they have to learn their face, so to speak, and find the proper amount
of resistance to obtain results. It takes time for them to do this. Once mastered, the veteran flexer will find that certain areas of the face will need a "vacation" to allow over development to soften.


Hi Jason and Deb could you respond also?

Thanks for the thorough reply Jason. I can understand that taking time off so we don't overbuild certain muscles. But I still have a question regarding alternating days on the neck. If indeed the
neck functions like muscles in the body (and not like the face where daily exercise still builds) - meaning you get better muscle building by taking a day - then I'm a bit puzzled. It does not
seem that taking a day off will slow down muscle building in the neck (just the opposite). The reason for taking days off is to enhance muscle growth. When you exercise body muscles daily, the body does not have a chance to recover and build on the days off - thus daily exercise of the body muscles would actually decrease muscle growth. Thus, the alternate day theory may make muscles
bigger - not slow down muscle building (if as you said, the neck functions like body muscles). Does that make any sense to you?

Thanks again,

Hi Sally,

I think you will find that the biggest difference between working out the body and the face and neck is that you usually add weight to work-outs for the body (if you're looking to build strength and size). I actually have an interesting twist for you to consider that should help... I'm a classically trained ballet dancer. There were times that I would be dancing up to 20 hours a week (classes, rehearsals etc)... usally 6 days a week with one day of rest. If you look at female dancers, you will find that
they do have muscles but they are usually very streamlined not bulky. They are very strong, and the muscles worked are larger than the average person but not BIG/bulky. However, if you look at male dancers, you will find they have more visable/bulky muscle in the arms and legs... usually because of 3 things: men tend to build easier, they do more demanding leg work (jumps) and they are often lifting women over their heads etc. Because of the added weight of the woman they won't lift them for 20 hours a week... they will have breaks to help muscle repair from the added weight that their own body did not supply. Hence... they too will continue to get strong and will also build size. So,
what I'm saying is...yes the neck muscles can build-up considerably (size) if you want them to and if you have the genes for that... You would need to add weight... walk into a gym and ask those men with huge necks how they got that big, they don't do it with the weight of their own head... and after adding weight (I don't recommend doing this without a trainer) you would need to allow for a days rest in between to allow the muscle fiber to repair, get strong, get bigger, and get ready for another workout. However, if you work your neck with just the weight of your own head... a head you carry every day) you should be able to work it every day... gaining strength, some size but not bulk (like a dancer). Let your body/face be your guide. I hope this helps. Best wishes..


Hi Claudia,

Thank you for the excellent insight into muscle building. The ballet analogy was superb. My concern is that I want to fill in the slightly loose skin in my neck - not quite a turkey neck yet but could get there. I'm not sure how much size I'll need in order to fill in the loose neck skin - i.e., would it take the large muscle mass of a body builder to fill in loose neck skin? What do you think? And are you seeing results in yourself doing daily facial flexing?

And Jason, does loose skin on the neck shrink to the neck muscle after flexing the same way it does on the face?

Thanks again for the incredible info.

Hi Sally,

Claudia is exactly right. Also let me add, too, that if you really want to use wts with the neck you can do that BUT first start out doing head lifts without wts. Then go slowly adding 1lb etc incrementally. The neck muslces can be built this way but you must be very careful NOT to injure the neck or overstrain the muscles. Also, there are shoulder shrugs amoung several other wt training exercises that will help build the neck as well.

Now, with facial muscle exercise since you cannot incrementally increase the wt you often, especially when getting started, need to do the exercises 5 days a week. Does that mean you don't ever
skip a day. No. But especially with beginners, because they're so afraid to touch their face to begin with, need the daily exercise to 1) learn their face 2) find the proper amount of resistance (which will vary greatly, especially at first because you're just learning) 3)develop good technique.

You'll find once you really get the hang of it, that sometimes you need a day off in between sessions. When you go back on, you'll be surprised at the gain in strength you've had when the muscle has rested.

I usually do my exercise now three times a week. But after two years, I know my face, techniqe, and how much resistance I need to accomplish what I want. And in time, you will, too.


August 2000 Men's Fitness magazine on page 36.

Neck Flexion and Extension.

The delicate musculature of the neck responds to simple stretching. None of the following exercises requires a great range of motion or any weight at all to be effective. When your're ready to add resistance, start with a 2 1/2 lb plate and work up gradually. The neck moves in three different motions. Tilting the head forward is called neck flexion. Moving it side to side is called lateral neck flexion.  Leaning your head backward is called extension. For all three exercises, lie flat on a bench, allowing your head to dangle freely over the edge.

Flexion: Lie on your back (1) and slowly tuck your chin to your chest. (2) Return to the starting position and repeat.

Extension: Lie on your stomach (1) and slowly extend your head upward. (2) Return to the starting position and repeat. Do not hyperextend.

Lateral flexion: Lie on your side (1) and slowly flex your neck up toward your shoulder (2) Return to the starting position and repeat. Switch sides after completing the prescribed number of reps.  Tip: Always move your head slowly and smoothly to avoid possible injury.

And yes, building the neck will help to tighten the skin. Start without weights first. Then progress slowly to them. I would recommend that you start by adding 1 lbs rather than what the article recommends. Slowly continue to work up after that.

Hope this helps



Neck lines Mar 14, 2001  


I have 3 deep looking lines under my neck. Is there an exercise or cream can I use to remove these lines?Thank you

Fasha Strange


Exercising the neck may help to reduce them somewhat, but for deep lines you'll need to do something more. I also don't know of any cream, Retin A or otherwise that will remove deep lines. Deep lines are indicative of skin damage and you'll need to do something to repair it. You didn't say whether you had any drape or not but if you have deep lines, the chances exist you may have some sag. The exercises will definitely help to reverse that provided that the drape is not extreme. Check out Loren Pickart's web site for all kinds of information on skin care and procedures for just this sort of thing. http://www.skinbiology.com



Neck exercise Feb 25, 2001     

I have a thin, long neck and the midline structures (throat?) is prominent.    Will the neck exercises build around it and smooth this out?  Thanks.   



The neck exercises will help; however, if you have a thin neck, you're going to probably need to do more than just neck lift. There are several different exercises to work the neck and I would recommend that you explore them. The exercises can be found in any number of magazines that focus on resistance training. Doing just neck lift is going to mainly work the sternocleidomastoids. For an exceptionally thin neck you need to get all the muscles involved so that you avoid a corded look. Please look through the workshop page and/or the Discussion Board for the many previous posts I and Olympia have put up regarding this. 



Skin on neck Feb 16, 2001

Hello!  This is a skin care comment; hope nobody shoots me.   I have severely sun-damaged skin on neck.  Flexing has helped my neck area quite a very great deal...but my SKIN was still blotchy, sun-damaged...(many yrs of sun-damage)...I had used all things out there on my neck area, topically, from Renova, (which does assist)...to every throat and neck cream imagineale, including "industrial strength' essential oil blends...and all lotions and potions in between.   Well I have used my present
choice long enough now to make an honest statement about it.  I have been using Cetaphyl on my neck and this has made the most dramatic difference in my skin of anything I have tried.  Thought I would pass it on.  I have also previously had chemical peels on neck area.  I had never used Cetaphyl before; read about it, but never used it.  It has really helped this problem skin area for me. Hope it will help someone else too!

Hi Jean!

I am very interested in anything that helps sun damaged skin! I also have alot of sun damage as I used to live in Fla. Did alot of sunbathing and NEVER used sunscreen. Am paying for it now big
time!  I have been using CP serum from Skin Bio for the last five weeks and have noticed improvement in the blotchiness on my face.  The sun spots or pigmentation or whatever these blothes are seem to be fading.What Cetaphyl product are you using?  I would like to try it!


Hi Bonnie...

read post to Jae.  I lived in Fl as well..for 14 yrs...and also paying big time for my love of the sun and beaches and looking 'healthy and tan' in my misspent youth!!  lol. the products you are using are good also.   Whatever works!!!! that is the bottem line.  I don't know if you can ever totally undue
severe sun damage (like we get on neck and chest area especially)...but what I have done has helped so much that I am going to continue doing it. massage and neck exercises also are a huge bonus in this endeavor. The firmer my neck area becomes, the less noticeable the sun damage is...even though it may still be there...is nowhere near as evident.   that is a plus factor however you view it!


Hi Jean,

Are you using the Cetaphyl cleansing lotion or the face cream.  Sounds like you are getting great results.  Are you using it on your face, too?  How is that working out?

Hi Jae...

using Cetaphil moisturizing cream...dry sensitive skin treatment....on neck.  Cetaphil does have a facial lotion.  I like their cleanser as well.  Cetaphil cleanser is recommended by Dermatologists for post Jessner peel care. As Jason said, skin care products are a highly personalized choice...many things are effective; just not all of them for all skin types.

Re: Cetaphyl:

is a good cleanser despite some of the comments made by anti-cetaphyl advocates espousing essential oils. It is STILL most often recommended by doctors and dermatologists for those with dry skin. The comments that sodium lauryl sulfate, cetyl alcohol are cancer causing or damaging to the skin in any way has not been supported by the American Cancer Society (see their web page regarding sodium lauryl sulfate which I have in the past posted). Obviously, in the interests of advertising and getting the edge on other products, one company will use a foil against another. That's unfortunate. What works for one person may not work as well for another. Skin care can be very much a personal experiment for each one of us.



Skin Tightening  Feb 14, 2001     

Deb always says it takes longer for the skin to catch up with the built-up muscle.   Just how long should it take before the "shrink-wrap" effect starts to be noticeable? (am also using Retin-A)


Hi Juliana: 

takes time.  I had/have a lot of shrink to wrap! I will be totally honest and say there are some prob areas..like lower part of my face, jowls etc...that are taking a gruesomely long time.  HOWEVER, gravity has set in and it took a long time to get the sag...so stands to reason.....I am hopeful it will
continue to 'improve'...as for eliminating this problem, I am not so sure I, personally will achieve this within the year...and maybe not beyond.  You have to be realistic actually ..if you have a great deal of 'gravity syndrom' (what I call it)..got to do major gravity control...and this may have you opting for other options in conjunction with flexing.  If you have minimal loose skin....you are in luck as it will firm eloquently...it will.  The skin on my cheeks, forehead, around eyes...and even neck has
improved so dramatically...I have been flexing since last summer..early last summer...so I know that progress is achievable..especially in the neck, which seemed to me to be insurmountable initially...so keep at it...you don't know what you can achieve until you get there.


Hi Jean

Due to wonderful genes, I am 56 and only just this year beginning to see some sag.   So, I would say I'm in the minimal category.  So skin will really and truly shrink and have more elasticity?  It seems hard to believe. (Maybe in 3 or 4 months I should see some improvement would you say?



Loose skin on neck   Dec 17, 2000     

Hi Deb, Olympia, Jason and ALL FLEXERS

From what I've read on your site, your board says it takes time before skin catches up to the muscles. Do you mean that loose skin will eventually shrink to muscle? It doesn't seem to work
that way with the body - you know how you can build muscle and still have loose skin hanging over it.

So here's my question - even if you can explain to me how loose skin will tighten with muscle on face - which I'd love to hear - does this principle hold true with neck? In other words, do the muscles in neck area respond the same way muscles on the body respond? if that's the case, wouldn't skin remain loose over the developed neck muscle?

Here's the bottom line. I have been flexing almost a year - doing head lifts and chest pull - and I still have loose skin on neck. I'd like to hear from Deb, Olympia, Jason and other flexers. What are your experiences?


Hi Cherie

I have been flexing for 7 mos.  My neck is a whole bunch firmer where I had loose skin, under chin line.  I guess it too depends on the amount of atrophy already present there, how often you do the exercises and target that area..this is a really hard area to 'firm up'.  I don't know how the skin 'works' there either....Deb or Olympia or Jason will explain I'm sure....but these ex for this area have really assisted my particular 'slack' there.  Everyone has their own time frame...might take longer than a yr.  If is really bothersome to you, there are surgical procedures available to assist with this area also.  And Olympia has a great exercise for the neck that I do religiously.  It may be posted in
workshop...I haven't looked.  If you can't find...e mail me and I will post it for you!  It is great!


PS   Cherie...go to the Workshop and look up the posts under Neck and Chin....lots of helpful stuff.  I forgot to ask if you were massaging neck.  This really is very beneficial. read the posts.  Good luck!

Hi Cherie

The body does not actually tolerate loose skin. Your integumentary (skin) system will absorb any loose skin you might have. The exception to this is if your diet is lacking in essential fats, which help it to tighten or if your skin has sustained a lot of damage due to sun and/or environmental factors
(alas, many which are self-inflicted).

Over the past two weeks, I've learned an important lesson myself. Having been a low fat dieter for three years, I had loose skin on my abd. and EVEN on my face....without really realizing it. 
Having added fats (and more protein, too) back into my diet, I have noticed a BIG change in my skin.

Skin does follow muscle. If the muscle is atrophied and hanging....guess where the skin will be? If the muscle is tight and full and the skin is healthy? Is the skin going to be hanging? No. I wonder how many of us have really seen healthy, buffed 65 year olds? I've seen a few....very few. Did they have
saggy skins. Nope! Not even a little. Did they have lines and wrinkles on their face. Yes, due to a lifetime of sun exposure and NO facial exercise. Body looked good.....face didn't. But what were they exercising? Their bodies. Don't ever let anyone tell you, in the absence of disease, that skin doesn't follow muscle. If this wasn't true, why would PS be doing face, brow and neck lifts pulling the MUSCLES and SKIN tighter? Hmmmm..... Must make sense to someone. LOL.


Hi Cherie:

How your skin responds to the increase stimulus (increase circulation etc.) clearly depends on the extent of initial atrophy or degradation of your skin.  In other words, if you have acute draping of the skin, you will still experience great benefits from "handling" your skin - specifically facial/neck resistance training. However, in the case of acute draping of the skin, as we've stated in the past, that you may need to consider going the root of plastic surgery to tighten up the acute draping of the skin and once completely healed, start right in with the program and never stop - "never let it happen again". 

Facial muscles are different from other muscles of the body in that they are small and thus respond more quickly to resistance training, they are either attached to eachother, anchored on one end only and many terminate into the skin itself.   This is the blessing of facial muscles in that when you build them up, the skin eventually (if not immediately) follows suit. Again, depending on the degree or severity of dermal degradation. 

Okay - I need specifics: 

How much draping of the neck did you have before you began the program (mild, moderate, acute)?  Tell me exactly what you do for exercises:  how many headlifts (sets and reps)for example, how
many days per week are you exercising etc.  Lets see if we can't beef up your program. 

In addition, is the neck the only area, after one year's time that is not where you want it?  How's the rest of your face - good, bad, tell it like it is?  I'd like to hear some details as I can't see you and see how you execute the exercises.  I'm not sure if you're really maxing out (intensity of workouts), creating as much resistance and contraction as possible, if you have "proper form", and if you are consistent with the program (at least 5 days a week). 

After one year of consistent flexing, you should notice some major league positive changes, specifically lift, increase dermal thickness, increase vibrancy to the skin due to increase of
consistent blood flow/oxygen.....that includes the neck area. 

Once you provide us with this info - lets see what changes or modifications that need to be made to your current program, to catalyze further growth and improvement to that neck area and face as a whole. 

Look forward to your response,

All my best,


Neck, Chin  Dec 14, 2000    

What can I do for a double chin that is extending into a flabby neck?   AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!


Hi Cindy

If you have the book or video, the exercises Jean mentioned are the best. If you haven't ordered yet, just shoot me an e-mail and I will send you a couple of the exercises in their entirety.



Hi Cindy: 

The best one I have found for this is tongue press..any of the ex aiming at lower half of face are of great assistance also,  I have an extra one I do where I tilt head back, jut chin out,make a fist and press under chin..raising tongue to roof of mouth...chest pull is good too.  All of it aides in tightening and strengthening, which eliminates the sag and 'double chin'...takes awhile.  Keep at it and you will see for yourself!



Thanks Jason   Dec 11, 2000

Thanks so much for elaborating on two exercises - the "press" for upper furrow, which I've been doing for about a month - it makes a difference! Also for explaining not to curl our chin up during
head lifts - I was doing exactly that and strained muscles every time I tried to do head lifts. Now I can finally do head lifts with no strain!. Thanks!



Head Lift  Oct 25, 2000


thanks for you advice on the headlift.  but i didn't get the first part of my question answered.  maybe this is trivial, but does it make a difference how far up i bring my head for head lift A?  It feels like different muscles are exercised depending on how far i bring my head up.  ie. just level to my body, or higher (so i can see straight ahead/ like when doing a sit-up)

thanks for the help!



The important thing is NOT to tuck your chin in when lifting the head. You may not be getting any more of a workout with extending your head farther up. The reason for this is that you're not
lifting any more weight by further lifting your head and the number of reps will equal out, i.e, you may be able to do less with hyperextensions but more (which will even out) if you lift to shoulder level. The important thing here is number of reps. The muscles of the neck are a little tricky and you want to be careful that you don't  over extend the neck. Do what is comfortable in regards to how far up you lift. DO lift, at least to where your head is level with your supine shoulders.Hope that answers your questions.




Head Lift    Oct 24, 2000


On head lift A (face up), does it matter how far i raise my head?  Should I just raise it level to my body, or a little beyond that, so it's almost like a "sit-up" for the neck?  I feel like different muscles are being exercised depending upon how far I bring up my head.

What do you guys think?

Also, on head lift B (face down) I don't feel a thing.  I can do two hundred of these and still don't notice much.  Is there an alternate method for this one, and what muscles does this one exercise, the ones on the back of the neck?

Thanks for any advice/ info =)


Yes..me too.  On head lift, face down.  I don't feel anything either?  Are we doing it incorrectly or is there an alternative ex.?  (maybe my neck muscles are so atrophied, I don't have any.)


Alex, Jean

You may want to try these exercises for the neck. Naturally, you can work the front of the neck or back of the neck using resistance from your hands placed either on the forehead or the back of the head.

The muscles of the back are stronger than the front muscles. The trapezius, a V shaped muscle of the back, is a very large muscle that extends up the back of the neck. The muscles are stronger
because they have to support and protect the spine that's why it is easier for you to do extension exercises for the neck rather than flexion

Extensions - Back of Neck

Tuck in chin.

Push head back against your hands or the floor (if lying on your back).

Hold 3-5 counts.

Do 10-20 repetitions.

Lateral Flexion - Side of Neck

Place your hand on the side of your head.

Tuck your chin in and push your head to the side, against your hand.

Hold 3-5 counts.

Do 10-20 repetitions.

See if you feel more worked out from these exercises! :-)



More help with neck    Oct 15, 2000


Here's what I do for my neck:  Every other day I do the face-up head lift, with a weight on my forehead.  I only do one set, but I hold for a count of ten,  and I turn my head from side to side (also holding for a count of ten)- the way you suggested on an earlier post.  Then every day,  I do about ten tongue presses, holding for a count of about twenty. (I do count kind of fast though). Plus, about five of the protruding jaw, holding for forty counts.  I also do the chest-pull, with the chewing motion Jason described, holding for about a count of sixty.  I try to do two sets, unless my jaw is uncomfortable,  then I only do one. I also do the other jaw/chin exercises on a daily basis,  like the bottom furrow, the chin lift, the teeth clincher, the open mouth.....in each case trying to work to the
point of "feeling the fatigue".   I think I'm working pretty aggressively.   I was doing shoulder shrugs and pectoral exercises for about two months,  but have slacked off lately because I can't seem to fit everything in.    What do you think?   Should I be doing more?  My skin, overall, is in very good shape.  I tried renova/copper peptide/glycolic acid products on my neck for awhile,  but they aggravated my skin too much.  I don't think sun-damage is the problem, since my skin texture is good.  It's just that the skin between my neck and chin is loose and beginning to thin-out and sag.  Please advise!  

Thank you.    

Hi Ann

You are most definitely training aggressively enough! How many months you've been training?  When you do OPEN MOUTH ( Digastricus) are you tucking your chin in / under?  Check out the muscle diagram... http://www.flexeffect.com/muscles.htm   the Digastricus is a pretty substantial muscle.  I realize facialbuilding can't turn us into 20 year olds again, but from the sound of your training discipline...your neck should look great... if you've been at it long enough. You should at least  be able to pick up the rest of the slack in that area through weight lifting. (see below).   Again, please get back to me and let me know how long you've been training. 



Weight Training exercises FOR NECK   Oct 15, 2000

Would you please post those weight training exercises for the neck you mentioned on the board. I'm interested, and I'm sure many others would be too. Thanks


Hi Betty

Here ya go:  These exercises may be found at www.betterbodz.com


Shrugs work the trapezius muscles better than any other exercise.

How to do:

1. Stand in a relaxed, erect position holdingdumbbells at your side in a natural grip.

2. Your shoulders should be rounded forward butsloping downward at the begging of the      movement.

3. Raise your shoulders as high as possible, thenback as far as possible.

4. Lower the weight and repeat the movement..
Upright Rows   
These work the middle head of the deltoid muscle. You must be very careful to perform this exercise correctly. Improper form can lead to nagging, long term shoulder pain and injury. Beginners should avoid this exercise completely.

How to do:

1. Stand with your feet approximately shoulder width apart.

2. Using a overhand grip hold a barbell. Your hand should be about 8" apart. The barbell should be resting against your side

3. Inhale, hold your breath and lift the barbell straight up.Concentrate on pulling with your deltoid and upper back muscles so that the action is concentrated in your shoulders.

4. Keep your body erect, your hands as close to the body as possible and keep your elbow out and back.

5. After reaching the upper most position under your chin,relax your muscles slightly and lower the barbell slowly. Exhaling on the return.

6. Excessively heavy weights will limit your range of motion and destroy the effectiveness of this exercise.
Dumbbell Presses   
This exercise isolates and works the entire deltoid muscle as well as the triceps.

How to do:

1.Sit with your hands at shoulder height, palmsforward, arms in the same plane as the upper body.

2.Grasping a par of dumbbells, press up until your arms are straight above your head.

3. Lower the barbell back to the starting position.

Lateral Raises   

Lateral raises work the deltoids and the supraspinatus.

How to do:

1. Stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent.

2. Let your arms hang in front of your body with each hand holding a dumbbell, ends facing front to back.

3. Inhale and lift your arms out and away from your body, using your shoulders, until your hands are at shoulder height.

4. When you reach the top position the arms and body should resemble the letter "T".

5. Lower your arms, using the shoulders, back to the starting position.

6. For added variety, at the top of the movement turn the hand in a "tea pouring"motion. 


Neck   Oct 15, 2000

I too am worried about loose skin on my neck, and I don't think that this issue has been addressed adequately. Other flexers have mentioned this as a real problem, and I suppose we all want to hear from those who have actually managed to tighten up the neck area using flexeffect. I know that surgery is advised if there is a lot of loose skin especially if there has been a lot of weight loss, but I'm sure that there must be many such as myself who are not overweight, nor have ever been, around the 45 mark, and who have small amount of loose skin on the neck which we would like to tighten up. I like many others are afraid to increase the amount of loose skin by stretching it, but we do want to know if chest pull etc will actually tighten this area up. I notice that there has been little response from long time flexers to reassure us beginners that this actually works. I appeal therefore for you all to respond, and more specific advice from the online trainers too would be helpful.

Thank you


Please read Olympia's post prior to this one. Yes, the exercises for the neck, including chest pull, WILL tighten up the neck. If  you read through the entire board, you'll see where this has been
addressed specifically at various times. Olympia has also suggested working the trapezius and deltoid muscles in conjunction, and I would also add the pectorals in there as well.


OK Jason, thanks for the reassurance. It's just a shame that no-one else has come forward, as it's nice to hear how others have been helped by the program.



Turkey Neck  Oct 14, 2000

Hi everyone,

No one answered the turkey neck question. Can you get rid of loose skin (turkey neck)on neck? Does skin tighten to muscle in the same way as skin does on face? It seems that loose skin is
loose skin. You'd have to build an awful lot of muscle under the skin to get of loose skin on neck wouldn't you - unless you feel that the skin will some how adhere to muscle. Could you please
answer this. It wasn't answered the first time from what I could tell.

Thanks for the great board,

Hi Sue:

Yes this can alleviate a turkey neck problem.  However, it depends on how much loose skin we're talking about here.  If it's mild, then no problem, if you do the program aggressively, you can have some amazing results.  If there is significant drape, extensive damage to the skin from photo-aging, etc., then you still have to begin aggressively on the program, BUT you may need to have to opt for surgery to tighten up that loose skin.  Once fully healed, you jump back in "and never let it happen again." Here's the thing, the muscles will respond much much sooner and faster than the effects of this program on the skin.

Bottom Line:
no matter what you the condition of your neck (or face for that matter) - this program will catalyze
great gains in rehabilitating that area if you stick with it!  It's going to improve visibly - I have no doubts on that.  That's the honest'ta goodness truth of the matter.

Can you describe to me the extent of your neck atrophy?  It's difficult to know as we can't see you...but, if you like, send one of us your E-mail address and we'll get you some exercises
specifically for the neck area ASAP!

Best of luck


Chest Pull  Oct 11, 2000

Hi anyone
I need to know has anyone benefited from doing chest pull. I'm nervous about doing this exercise, because I have loose skin on my neck, and I definitely don't want to worsen this, as it depresses me already. Has anyone found that chest pull actually does tighten up this area. I find it hard to believe when pulling down on the skin like that, but I'd appreciate response from those who have found improvement.Thanks



Are you talking about the exercise where you make a sad face and put both hands under your neck and pull down.  I don't have my book with me at this time so I forgot what it's called.  But at any rate, I've been flexing for 8 months now and like you, I have had loose skin under my neck that started to sag.  (I'm 46 years old by the way) and since I've been doing these exercises I have seen improvement in this area. I not only do this (chest pull) exercise but I also do head raiser (50+ times a day) and tongue press which has really helped that area as well.  When doing the chest pull, I try to pull down as hard as possible without choking myself to death, lol.  There's no way you are going to damage this area, you're actually strengthening, tightening, and building the muscle, but it's going to take time. A positive thing I noticed in doing the chest pull is my upper chest skin that was loose has completely tightened up just like it was when I was in my 20's for which I'm very grateful.  So, Rachel what you need to do is get aggressive as I've had to, increase your reps to where you feel you've had a workout and increase your reps in head raiser and eventually you'll see improvement.  But like I said, it's going to take time because I haven't reached my goal yet.


Hi Becky

Thanks very much for your reply. It's encouraged me to go ahead. I do appreciate it. Let me know please if you continue to see improvement. Thanks.



Slight turkey neck  Oct 5, 2000


I have the beginning of vertical loose skin on my neck. It's subtle so I hope I can reverse it through exercises. Can loose skin in neck area be tightened to adhere to the muscle? You've mentioned somewhere on site that facial skin can move and/or adhere to muscle with facial exercise (unlike loose skin tightening to muscle in body - think about how older women have loose skin over tightened tricep muscles as an example). However, does the skin on neck tighten to muscle the same way you say facial skin does?

I have been doing neck exercises for almost a year and still have the slightly loose skin on neck. Is there any hope?



Head Lift with twist     Sep 10, 2000

Hi Deb, Jason and Everyone:

I've added this to my Head Lifts and it's really working and developing my neck muscles - just wanted to share it with everyone.

I do my regular Head Lifts - I do 3 sets of 25.  Then I go right into the Head Lifts with a Twist:  Do just as you would for Head Lifts, lying face up on the bed.   Hang head over the edge, and slowly raise head in line with your body.  Once your there, turn your head from left to right, almost like your trying to look at the floor when turning your head, so you really feel it in your neck muscles.  Do this slowly, fluidly and rhythmically.  I do about 15 - 20 then superset with another 10 -15 regular head lifts. I do the same for the B side (face down).  I'd love to hear from anyone who tries it out. 

Hey Jason:

2 Thumbs up on your responses re: UC Berkley Article.....I've added your Top Furrow III ala Jason - terrific - Thanks a bunch for sharing that one!

My Best To You All,
Olympia :-)

Hey Olympia,

I love it!



Neck Exercise     Aug 18, 2000


i've been researching the most effective way to exercise my neck/ chin and thereby reduce the slight double chin that i've got.  i've explored several techniques.  so far, i've used the
profile toner (www.profiletoner.com , a soft ball which you place beneath your chin and use for resistance (4-6 lb. pressure) with various motions of pressing chin against ball) for about 9 months, and have gotten some results.  lately i've been trying to discover something more effective.  I have a list of 6 isometric techniques, mostly consisting of tilting head back and stretching jaw and tongue in various ways. 
but i read on your website that resistance techniques are far more effective.

that brings me to my next question.  i've discovered a "chin muscles tonifier" for sale at www.chinmusclestonifier.com .  They advertise this:  "The Chin Muscles Tonifier is the only facial exercise device that allows the full contractions of muscles that hold up the face and are more susceptible to sagging: the muscles of the cheeks, the jaw and the neck. Its patented steel spring elastic ring, while being comfortable, provides a strong resistance to the muscles of the cheeks, the
jaw and the neck, allowing them to firm up better."  However, it seems like quite an expensive and elaborate contraption for merely exercising a couple muscles, so i thought there must be alternatives.  How effective does this device sound to you?   compared to the profile toner mentioned above?  i also read on your bulletin board that there is a difference between push and pull resistance.  It sounds like the profile toner uses "push" resistance, and the chin muscle tonifier uses "pull" resistance.  is this correct?  is the latter therefore more effective?  And how effective are these devices compared to simple isometric exercises, exercises with the hands, from your book, etc.? 

Bottom line, I would like to use whatever works best, regardless of cost or time involved.   I am interested in purchasing your book, however the only chapters I really need are the ones for chin and neck.  If there's a way to purchase only these, say by email, great, otherwise i'll buy the whole thing, no sweat.  I can't wait to hear what you have to say about all this! 

Thank you very much for your time, hope to hear from you soon,


Hi Alex

I looked at the 'Chin Muscle Tonifier'  and from what I understand the way it is used is by opening and closing the mouth. The only resistance you would have is when you open the mouth (contracting the Temporalis).   If you are not at least able to move your head back and forth with resistance... It is doing nothing for the neck. When you take into consideration muscles can only pull... not push. You then realize you are really not applying   resistance to the rest of the muscles.

Example: If you do toe-raises to build your calves,you can obviously see that  the rest of the leg is taking part (moving up and down) ... does this mean you are also building your quads?  Nope.

Each facial muscle has a separate job to do. When that muscle is called upon to contract it will then pull back toward it's origin i.e when smiling the muscle is pulling from the corner of your mouth towards you ears.   When training (targeting one particular muscle) the other muscles just go along for the ride. The entire area that is moving may feel like it's getting a workout, but they're not getting nearly the workout it would take to build them.

Any mechanical resistance applied to the face and neck that one can come up with, can also be applied by your hands,   So far, there doesn't seem to be a piece of equipment on the market that can do it all. 

Hope I've been of some help.... clear as mud?



Neck/Chin  Aug 11, 2000

Just caught a glimpse of my profile in a department store 3-way mirror this morning and I am in shock. How come no one has told me that I have all all that excess skin around my neck/chin? I'm 43, kinda thin w/bony features. I am noticing a general "sagging" around mouth, thinning of lips etc. But the neck thing is horrible. I don't quite see how the exercises can really take up that slack. My mother has a quite a double chin, but she is also quite a bit heavier. I'd appreciate any advice, suggestion.


The exercises can really help! You're young enough that if you get started right away, you should see some dramatic results within 6-8 months. The neck muscles build fairly easily, especially if you combine resistance training in the gym as well as FlexEffect. Read through the board (there's a lot!) and you can hear from so many people about their results from FlexEffect. Remember that building muscle also helps the skin, increasing it's tone, color and elasticity. If you haven't ordered anything
from Deb yet, I would recommend that you get the video first then graduate to the book. You'll be glad you did.

Good luck,


Help with neck   Aug 11, 2000

I am using the tape and seeing results in the facial area, but not a lot in my neck and jowl area which is loose and has that turkey neck look .  Anything extra that I can do?
Yes!   You can double up on neck lift and you can perform one of my favorite exercises. You won't find it in the book or video since I developed it separately, but I have had good success with it. If you have TMJ, please proceed cautiously.

In a standing position, tilt your head back with your chin thrust out. Place your hands around the base of your neck in a kind of choke hold position (but don't choke yourself! LOL).

Anchor the skin/muscle of the neck with your hands.

Then use exaggerated chewing motions, opening and closing your mouth fairly rapidly with your chin thrust out.

Do 25 to 50 chews. Then repeat. You will definitely feel the work out in the muscles of your lower jaw and the area around your temple as well as in your neck.

Also, if you work out in a gym, shoulder shrugs are great for building the neck!

Good luck!

What muscle does this exercise work?   Jul 25, 2000

Hi Deb 

I absolutely love this board and I am seriously thinking about purchasing your book/video ( I just turned 38!)I have one question about an exercise I saw while surfing through and want to know what muscle group it affects...The exercise stated to lie on bed with head just off side and raise up for 10 counts ...Just curious...Thanks in advance


Hi Yggie

Head Lift - the exercise you are referring to -  works the sternocleidomastoideus (SCM) muscles.  Targets the sides of the neck and the purpose of the exercise is to firm and elongate the neck.  The function of the SCM are to hold the head upright, moves it from side to side, and forward and back. 

It's a great exercise to do as a preventative so you don't develop a saggy or creapy neck.   If you've developed any atrophy, this exercise really works to build up the area to rehabilitate it and get it back to a state of firmness.

Thanks for asking! I highly recommend you go for the book and video - it'll change your life - more specifically lift your face and neck!

Your age of 38 is a fabulous time to start - reverse anything that has just started to atrophy and prevent future atrophy of the face and neck.....so stop thinking about it and just do it! Deb has developed THE ONLY AND MOST EFFECTIVE FACIAL REHABILITATIVE/RESISTANCE TRAINING PROGRAM out there......it's the best....times a wastin' and faces are falling....go for it! 

Best of luck,


Chin   Jul 25, 2000

I've been flexing since February and have definitely noticed improvement everywhere on my face except under my chin. I have saggy skin between the neck and the under-chin area.   And so far, it's not "shrink-wrapping".  I'm 38,  my skin is in very good condition--but the sag that I have in that area isn't going away.   If I pull gently on my jaw skin,  the sag disappears,  so I guess the problem is due to jaw muscle atrophy?    Will this area ever improve??  What more can I do?? 


Hi Ann

The neck can be a lot of work at times but at age 38 as far as facialbuilding goes...you're still a baby...just keep at it.  You might want to give Retin-A a shot if you're not already using it and I can tell you this; regular bodybuilding can also make a big difference when it comes to the neck.  If you are working out at a gym, go after shoulders, traps, pecs they all tie into the neck and can make a tremendous difference.   Keep us up to speed!



Update at 5 months    Jul 25, 2000


I'm the one that wrote Post 781 asking about the book.  You asked about my training and an update. Well, I flex everyday sometimes doubling up on the undereye exercises and the neck
exercises which seems to give me the most problem.  I usually do 50 head lifts a day and 10 to the count of 8 of the exercise where you put both hands under the neck and make a sad face. I've noticed a big difference, however, I notice if I "pig out" too often and not maintain my usual diet, I tend to have a sag-ier neck.  I think this is also genetic as it runs in my family.  But nevertheless let me stress that doing this many neck lifts and the other exercise has firmed my neck area and if
I don't get off the band wagon with my diet, the sagging neck is NEARLY gone! 

As for my undereye areas, I don't have any lines, but when I smile they're there.   Also, like some flexers, I have to lay off the cheek exercises for a while and I do notice a difference.  Right now, I'm only doing the upper cheek exercises (The exercise where you hold the lower lids down and smile) four times a week so they won't overbuild too fast and make the undereye lines look worse.

I've had my days of where I hardly saw any undereye lines and my days of doubt when they were there again the next day, but I know it's going to get better because it already has from the
day I started FlexEffect.  All in all, I wouldn't trade this exercise program for anything.  I've noticed that my overall appearance is different in that I'm beginning to see lift and my skin isn't thin and gaunt like it was. My skin even glows more than it used too.  My only regret is not taking pictures in the

Let me add too that I've used Retin-A for years and Retin-A alone without Flexeffect just don't cut it.  I still had a saggy and gaunt look.  Retin-A with Flexeffect goes hand in hand as one compliments the other.

I just can't wait to see the results in February, 2001.


Hi Becky

Thanks for a terrific update!  It's still not too late for pictures. Take a target picture (an area you are really going after). 

Deb ;-)


Neck         Aug 27, 1999


Wow !   What a great site !  I'm ordering the video as soon as I can and am so excited to get started !  I'm 33 yrs old and am lucky enough not to have many fine wrinkles yet, my biggest problem seems to be the lines on my neck. I know these will deepen with time. Do you have an exercise for these too?
Keep up the great work !   
Hi Marybeth

Absolutely!  I can't tell you just how far ahead of the game you really are. The neck is the one area most people totally ignore until... HELLO!  Scroll down to Post #1 and #17.  When you get the book be sure to incorporate the area involving the neck from the FlexE...Massage.  Don't forget to take photos.   At your age, the changes become apparent very quickly because you're not dealing with a lot of drape and starting at your age...YOU NEVER WILL!!  Stay with us and keep us up to speed with your training.



falling, falling...and not getting up      July 7, 1999

HELP!!! any tips will be greatly appreciated! I am 42, was considered very beautiful, now my face has fallen, my neck has skin hanging down (more on the left side), I've tried exercising, creams, lotions, jells, etc. NOTHING is working. What can I do, or do I just have to live with it. Thanks   :)


Hi Jae

42 ?    You're still a baby!   Don't even think about  "living with it"   Everyone knows what changes can be made through bodybuilding. YOUR FACE IS NO EXCEPTION.  Go after it!



Neckline/Loose Skin Under Chin         May 16, 1999

The bad news is that my neckline is not as firm as it was just 2 years ago and there is some redundant skin under my neck. I can't notice it in the mirror, but see it in photos of myself. The good news is that I'm 48 and apparently this happens earlier in most people. Does your program/book address this? Can one get noticeable results in the early stages of neck sag. Finally, is there a best sleep position to minimize sag over time?

Thank You,                                                                                                                                Randi

Hi Randi

You just said the magic words, early stages.  The earlier the better.  This is not to say that once you have a considerable amount of sag nothing can be done  but lets face it,  nothing compares to prevention.  If you have just started to notice it,   you're still in the prevention stage. When it comes to the neck, there is much you can do.  For a start,  scroll down to question Flabby Chin and start doing that particular exercise now.  As far as knowing the best sleep position.  I haven't a clue.  The way I sleep! ... I have actually woke up at the foot  of the bed.  Thanks for the post



Flabby Chin     April 27, 1999

Over the past 8 months I've lost quite a bit of weight through strength training and good nutrition.  However, the skin under my chin looks horrible.  I'm not into cosmetic surgery  Are there
exercises that will remedy this?  This is really bugging me!


Hi Judy

Unfortunately whenever you lose a substantial amount of weight this can happen, but given time, the skin usually catches up. If I drop a lot of weight, regardless of the amount of facialbuilding … same thing. While you are waiting, you need to GO AFTER IT!

You say you are into weightlifting so I don’t need to tell you just how easy it is to build the neck. In fact there are some people I feel need to take the day off! (no neck)



You also need to massage your neck, and don’t be afraid to be aggressive.

Thanks for asking and keep me posted.


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