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Far More Than A Facial Exercise Program… ADVANCED Facialbuilding®

See What FlexEffect Facialbuilding® Can Do…   JOWLS   EYES   WRINKLES   SAGGING SKIN


FlexEffect Facialbuilding® 3rd Edition Consist of The Following:


FlexEffect WorkShop Opened 24/7. This is a private forum for FlexEffect Facialbuilders only. This feature is a privilege not a purchase. At FlexEffect WorkShop you’ll find Veteran Trainers and Newbies alike sharing their personal experiences and privately displaying their progress via photos.  No extra charge … but positively priceless!


Book 275 pg w/DVD

FE™ Resistance Training Exercises: Strictly Facialbuilding. For the first time; emphasis on eccentric negatives (high intensive training ‘HIT’) for extra build where needed. Developed by Deborah Crowley.

Advanced Neck Training Exercises: Combination Bodybuilding / Facialbuilding. Very aggressive and very productive.

Jolting® and Pressure Reps®: Bone Remodeling for replacing and increasing bone density. This is the first time such training has ever been offered. Developed by Deborah Crowley.

Cross Stretching®: Skin Remodeling for connective tissue repair. Increases collagen, elastin and reduces scar tissue. This is the first time such training has ever been offered. Developed by Deborah Crowley.

FE™ Pressure Massage: Tones skin and is a prerequisite for bone remodeling. Developed by Deborah Crowley.

FE™ Facial Massage: Revs up all facial cellular functions i.e. muscle, bone, vascular and lymphatic responses. Also restores skin tone and resiliency. Developed by Deborah Crowley.

15 Isotonic Exercises: For maintenance and additional skin and muscle toning.

Target Training: A guide for extra concentration needed in problem areas.

Skin Regeneration: Covers today’s top skin remolding agents.

Training Variations: To accommodate personal training needs.

Training Schedule: To help you get the most out of your workout within your timeframe.

Complete Facial Muscle Guide: Description, function and illustrations.

Questions & Answers: Gets directly to the point without ridiculous hype.

And, so much more: By far the most comprehensive facial training book ever written. 275 pages of Facialbuilding and nothing less!



The DVD consists of 49 Resistance Training Exercises that can only be found in Facialbuilding. It also consists of 3 new training disciplines: Jolting® , Pressure Reps® (bone remodeling) and Cross Stretching® (skin remodeling). These new training disciplines are the first of their kind and are personally demonstrated by Deb and Audrea Crowley showing the proper way to use your hands with FlexEffect’s trademarked technique. It is an excellent visual training tool worth a thousand words!


Training Log w/ CD

For the serious trainer. The Training Log will give you the most time effective, fail-safe way to train. Because one size does not fit all, the Training Log allows you to build your own personal routines that meet your individual makeup and time-frame.



Those new to Facialbuilding will find the CD most helpful by supplying them with a place to start. The CD offers 2 training routines to choose from, one short routine lasting 12 minutes and one 20 minute routine. It makes training easy and is a great way to unwind at night, or if you prefer; simply pour yourself a cup of coffee and start your day.