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Fuller face or thinner face? Apr 4, 2001  

Hi Jason,

I've been flexing for almost a year now and it seems that my face has become thinner (weight is the same).  I was wondering if the exercises tend to slim down one's face or fill it out.  I read somewhere that muscles take up less space then fat and therefore, gives the appearance of being thinner. 


Hi Ellen

My face is definitely fuller!


Hi Ellen

my face was very thin and 'gaunt' BF (before flexing)..my face is definitely fuller..either that or it has 'lifted' where it gives the appearance of full cheeks that I NEVER had, even when I was 12!  I realize you cannot change the shape of your face you were born with...but you sure can make some major adjustments! enhancements!..and overall pleasing results.


Hi again;

I was thinking: perhaps you just have a thin face naturally and building the muscle has strengthened your 'inner structure' (don;t know exactly what to call it)..inner structure sounds good.  A thin face is extremely attractive..makes you seem 'chisled' and elegant.  Are you unhappy with it?  or see
definite strengths and build?.....and often it takes longer than a year to see optimal response in specific targeted areas.



When the muscles are more relaxed or sagging, the face can appear fuller. After building and tightening the muscles through exercise, your face may appear somewhat thinner in some areas and
a little fuller in others as the muscles hug closer to bone structure. After a year you should notice areas that have built and others that while may seem thinner, are much tighter, like the lower cheek area. The best thing to do is to look at pictures of yourself before you started flexing and compare them with pictures you take now. It will give you a more objective view of the changes you've been able to make.


Hi Jason, Sadie, Jean,

Thanks for your responses-it's so great to get feedback.  The lower cheek area is exactly where it seems thinner.  Perhaps because my upper cheek area is fuller and more lifted.  Actually, I'm not unhappy with it at all--it's just a different look then I'm used to.  I'm still seeing changes so I know I'm a work in progress.



Facial Definition  Jul 5, 2000


I'm a 23 year old guy and I'm just interested in looking better.  I don't have any problem with aging.  My main issue is that my jaw muscles are already built up substantially and I think that they are a little too big which makes my face look awkward at times.  Can this program help that, and help me achieve a thinner more defined face like that of male models? 


Hi Amato

Facialbuilding will not thin down the face but you can build certain areas that will give the face more contour.  I would start by building the area just above the cheekbone.

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There is also  'WINK ADV'  After a few weeks you'll know if this is where you want to go with it.

Thanks for asking



Lost a lot of weight      July 3, 1999

I have recently lost  a lot of weight and the skin on my cheeks look 'crepey'...   What can be done about that?  Also, there are a lot of "crinkles" around my eyes.  I am 67 years old but look much younger except for this problem. Thanks.


Hi Honey

Anytime a considerable amount of weight is lost, there will be loose skin.   How fast/far this skin retracts depends greatly on ones age.   But never, and I mean never, fall for the thinking; "it's too late". Anytime you go after your body (fitness) you are sure to make improvements. Before any consideration of cosmetic surgery comes into play, first find out just how much lean mass/firm skin you can recover on your own.  I mention cosmetic surgery (even though you didn't)  because in the  minds of most people, it seems to be the magic bullet.  Believe me when I say, you have so much control over the condition of your face, if you'll just take it!  Thanks for the post



Help!           May 25, 1999

Hello Deborah!  I need help.  I just ordered your flex effect book through the internet website.  My problem is that I have a serious problem with my face ever since a few years ago when I lost weight after coming out of the US military.  I have prominent cheekbones and whenever I look in the mirror I notice that I have a serious shadow under them.  Even my family has noticed that I lost a lot of weight.  I lift weights and exercise by riding my bike.  I am fit but I don't think that my appearance on my face reflects that.  Can your flex effect book give me the extra muscles to compensate for the loss of fat on
my face?  I have noticed that there are other products out in he market that claim to build up facial muscles such as the product called facial magic which I saw on an infomercial. I want to know if your flexeffect system is effective and can help me.   I appreciate your assistance.
Suk kim

Hi Suk Kim

It sounds like you fall into the same category as I did several years ago (face too thin).  Go to the top of the page and click on (Isometrics to Resistance) this will give you some idea how facialbuilding can be of help.  If at anytime you need my help or have any questions regarding your training get right back to me.


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