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Deborah Crowley
IFA Certified Personal Trainer
Former Competitive Bodybuilder
Originator of Facialbuilding®
Est. in 1979 Eureka, CA USA


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Hello Visitor and Welcome!   

I would like to take this opportunity to make a few very important points...

When you are involved in a field that is as controversial as facial training you simply are not allowed the luxury of ridicules hype or unfounded claims. As the originator of Facialbuilding® Est. in 1979, I have learned only too well the importance of being able to back-up every claim I make regarding FlexEffect®. Please take some reassurance in knowing that everything you see and read on this website I stand behind one hundred percent as do the many professionals you will also find here supporting FlexEffect®.

Bottom line: The longer you keep facial muscles strong and highly elastic they will…

(1) Continue to put stress on the bone, retarding bone loss (a huge culprit in facial sagging)
(2) Maintain the demand for supple connective tissue (elasticity and collage)
(3) Slow-down the loss of subcutaneous fat.

So, when a person’s face begins to fill-out due to Facialbuilding® that person is not just looking at underlining muscle, h/she is also looking at everything that has been lost over the years.

Does it take more than Facialbuilding®?   Oooooh Yeah

Skin Care Regimen:  Before I go any further I would like to make it clear that FlexEffect® is NOT a cosmetic company.  We are strictly ALL about Facialbuilding® however due to the importance of a certain cosmetic procedure (not surgical) that can greatly enhance the look of your skin I felt the need to offer such a procedure.

One of the products is a Micro-Dermabrasion and the other is a Calming Nourishing Serum.  I could just as easily have suggested the trainee go to a Cosmetologist or Dermatologist to have the procedure done monthly but the cost of such a luxury would be quite substantial… $100.00 + a pop.  Monthly Micro-Derms can make a huge contribution to the creation of beautiful skin.  In my research to find the best Micro Dermabrasion made, I found that it was possible to obtain the exact same crystals used for the exfoliation found in the machines of the Dermatologist offices and spas.  To obtain these crystals I would have to have it privately formulated, hence Eco Frog 'Micro Dermabrasion'.  For a calming formula to follow the MicroDerm, not to mention a great follow-up to a vigorous training session I found fresh cucumber to be the most soothing, healing, and nourishing agent available.  Again, this too had to be formulated for Eco Frog: 'Cucumber Calm' Serum

BTW... Our Micro-Dermabrasion will last for months since very little is needed per procedure... it is serious stuff so go easy on it.

Again, this will NOT add nor take-away from you Facialbuilding progress in any way, but what it will do for your skin alone is so worth giving it a shot.  I know you will be impressed.

Remolding Agent:  Retin-A or Copper Peptide.  I use both
Sunblock:   An absolute must.
Vitamins  / Minerals:  You name it!
Anti Aging Supplement:  Protandim

For more information, visit our General Forum.  Online Certified Trainers and Veteran Facialbuilders from  all over the world are there to answer  any question you may have.  If you feel FlexEffect® is right for you… you’ll find our WorkShop Forum an excellent training tool.  There you’ll find all the help you could possibly want for getting the most out of your training.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you on the Forum!