Deborah Crowley Founder of FlexEffect


      Deborah Crowley
           Founder of
FlexEffect Facialbuilding
           Est. 1979


FlexEffect is a complete Facialbuilding regime involving facial bone, connective tissue and all the voluntary muscles of the face and neck.  The three disciplines found in Facialbuilding are Facial Resistance Training for increasing muscle density, Jolting and Pressure Reps for the remodeling of facial bone and Cross Stretching for the repair and remodeling of connective tissue.

As a former competitive bodybuilder along with 35 years of Facialbuilding I can assure you; nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to FlexEffect Facialbuilding for achieving and maintaining a firm youthful face.

No creams, No gloves, No nonsense.

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                                            "A Firm Youthful Face Right At Your Fingertips"