These photos have not been enhanced in any way,
nor has the subject had any form of cosmetic surgery.

aimeeB aimeeA

Aimee BEFORE & AFTER FlexEffect Facialbuilding®

Build at the sides of the nose lifting-out NLs
Cheeks built giving needed fullness
Jawline build smooths entire area




Aimee AFTER FlexEffect Facialbuilding®


I have been flexing for just a little under 18 months and am totally blown away by the results. I also only eat unprocessed food – no wheat dairy or animal products, so mostly raw fruit and veg, drink ionized water, don’t drink alcohol or smoke and generally lead a healthy lifestyle. I meditate on a regular basis and feel that this is intrinsic to how you feel about your life in general. I still have some way to go with my frown lines but overall I am really pleased with the results and just want to thank Deb, Claudia, Audrea and the FlexEffect training team for being so dedicated and bringing such an amazing program to the world. Amiee

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