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Facial Exercise VS Facialbuilding

Facialbuilding is a Complete Threefold Training Regimen, separately targeting muscle, skin, and bone for maximum results. This advanced form of training consists of ‘Facial Resistance Training‘ for muscle, Cross Stretching for Skin Remodeling, and Jolting/Pressure Reps for BoneFlex Modeling

FlexEffect Facialbuilding Study 1997 Physical Therapy

Deborah Crowley Age 31 – 1979 Clinical Study ‘Facial Resistance Training™’ Eureka Physical Therapy, Eureka CA.

As a competitive Bodybuilder in 1979, I developed Facial Resistance Training™ to make up for the loss of facial fat competitive bodybuilding is notorious for.  After a few years of Facial Resistance Training I was truly convinced I had found the answer to facial aging, and quite confident that such aggressive training of the muscle would also keep skin and bone in check as well… WRONG. While approaching 60 it became perfectly clear something was definitely missing; obviously targeting facial muscle solely was not going to go the distance! “Where there’s a will…”Short story: Extensive research on my part prompted the development of FlexEffect’s two new disciplines to address skin matrix breakdown and the loss of facial bone.  After several months of experimental training, I was blown away. I saw a marked improvement. So there you have it… FlexEffect Facialbuilding 3rd Edition How effective is this training?    See Deb age 65 

“Having reviewed facial exercise programs for my patients, I found Facialbuilding by FlexEffect superior in every aspect, scientifically sound and by far the most comprehensive…”

– Valori Treloar, M.D. Boston, MA
Board-Certified Dermatologist


Cross Stretching for Skin Remodeling




 Fibroblasts Cells…  The Holy Grail of Skin Remodeling

Studies show far more fibroblast activity resulting from mechanically stretched skin than typical wound repair brought about from cosmetically controlled procedures such as abrasions. punctures, laser, etc. It is important to note fibroblast cells do not respond to everyday physiological strain on the skin i.e., massage, facial exercise, vibration, etc. To promote the highest level of fibroblast activity, the skin must be stretched beyond normal levels.  Remember, it’s all about wound repair, so your goal is to bring about microscopic levels of damage; againmicroscopic… not visible to the naked eye.

Cross Stretching™ was developed by Deborah Crowley founder of FlexEffect and can be found within FlexEffects’ Facialbuilding 3rd, Ed.  This training is based on the same principle as Facial Resistance Training™ developed by Deborah in 1979 (the breakdown of facial muscle fiber to bring about hypertrophy)  Cross Stretching™ is the breaking down of the skins matrix i.e, weak, brittle, worn-out tissue to bring about thick, firm, supple, elastic skin.

Before to After FlexEffect










FlexEffect Facialbuilding®
Mona: April 2018 to April 2019.  More to come in the next 6 months!

Bottom line:
Facialbuilding covers every aspect of the face:  Skin, Muscle, and Bone; to neglect any one of these areas would be a complete waste of your time.   Example:  What good are lifted lids (muscle)  if the lids are still wrinkled (Skin) and what good are lifted smooth lids, if your eyes are sunken inward (Bone)


New Advancement In Facial Exercise

Advancement in Facialbuilding for Jowls, Marionette Lines and Nasolabial Folds.
This training picks up where Resistance Training  leaves off, Targeting Bone Loss and Skin

Jolting™  Pressure Reps™  Cross Stretching™

Advanced Facialbuilding for Jowls, Marionette Lines and Nasolabial Folds; due to facial bone loss

New advancement in Facialbuilding for sagging skin, sagging neck, facial wrinkles, eye-bags; due to health or age related loss of skin integrity

A few years prior to the DVD clips above, I developed three new Facialbuilding regimens: Jolting™ and Pressure Reps™ for BoneFlex Modeling™ (addressing facial bone loss) and Cross Stretching™ for Skin-Remodeling (increasing collagen and elastic fiber). These three training methods are the first of their kind!:

The undisputed cause of facial-drape i.e., marionette lines, nasolabial folds, jowls, is the wasting of facial bone.  See BoneFlex Modeling™ Jolting™ and Pressure Reps™

The science behind FlexEffect’s latest training technique for Skin-Remodeling (Cross Stretching™) was confirmed in a recent study by the Tissue Engineering and Wound Healing Laboratory at Brigham and Women’s Hospital; an affiliate of Harvard Medical School.  In the study, researchers noted that the “accumulation of neuropeptides in both epidermis and dermis were significantly increased after cyclical stretching of the skin.”

In layman’s terms, the researchers concluded that by stretching the skin, cellular physiology is affected in a positive way. Following the smallest amount of tissue damage (not visible to the naked eye), the body’s natural healing process takes over; a reaction triggered by FlexEffect’s Cross Stretching™. The healing process (the release of fibroblasts cells) creates new collagen and elastic fibers accompanied by a build-up of glycosaminoglycans (molecules that restore the skin’s moisture capacity) the result … firmer, plumper, more elastic skin with fewer wrinkles.