These photos have not been enhanced in any way,
nor has the subject had any form of cosmetic surgery.




FlexEffect Facialbuilding



Hi Deb,

It’s me, Denise C. again. I wanted to give you a little background on me. I am a Blues Singer, a woman, a mother, and I am married to a sexy wonderful man.

Like all women, I care very much about my appearance.   I am a former collagen / restylane and botox user.  I had my last and final treatments October on 2007. The May 2007 picture of me was part of a photo shoot for a press kit. Notice the draping of my eyelids.

Upon comparing the two pictures, I have to tell you, although I had noticed some subtle changes in my appearance, I was stunned at the progress I have made.  The pictures speak for themselves. I look refreshed. Dare I say it? I think I look a little younger.

I was part of a Juvederm/Restylane trial, October 2006 . One side of my nasal labial fold was treated with Juvederm, the other side with Restylane. If you notice the May photo, you can see the nasal folds are beginning to show again. I had an appointment with Dr. Enevoldson’s nurse on August 2, 2007 so that my progress could be documented. The nurse who has administered all my cosmetic treatments was surprised by my Facialbuilding results.  She was not familiar with your program, but could tell from my pictures that “what ever I was doing was working”. She asked me for a sample of the exercises and so I demonstrated frowner and upper lid stretch. She would be interested in taking a class should someone were to begin teaching the method near Modesto, hmm……….

I was a former facial exerciser in my mid thirties. I used your program and various others, but gave up exercising in favor of botox and other facial fillers. Being younger, and mildly effected by aging I don’t think I was able to appreciate the more natural results the exercises had given me. What ultimately turned me off about the fillers and Botox treatments, was the pain, the expense, the often unnatural results and the little obsession I was developing about keeping up my ” results”  I was overwhelmingly more insecure as a result of my cosmetic treatments.

The FlexEffect program empowers me, and the work I have been doing on my face is a key part of my entire fitness program. As a result, I feel more connected to myself, I am more excepting and appreciative of my own beauty.

I am glowing, in part because of your wonderful program and I wanted to share my excitement with you.




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