Doctor’s Review FlexEffect Facialbuilding®




Loren Pickart, Ph.D  
Discovered the tissue regenerative actions of copper-peptides.
Authored – Reverse Skin Aging
You will find mention of FlexEffect Facialbuilding in his book

“As a Scientist in the field of aging reversal and skin remodeling, I personally want to congratulate Deborah Crowley on her design and development of what she coined in 1979, Facial Resistance Training. Her non-surgical Program “FlexEffect Facialbuilding” has literally revolutionized Facial Reconstruction Alternatives





Anne Ingard, P.T
Ingard Physical Therapy
Natick, MA

“..As a physical therapist for 28 years, I have treated many patients with conditions that resulted in facial muscle weakness or paralysis.  I wish that I had known about FlexEffect Facialbuilding years ago.  After viewing Deb Crowley’s program I realized that my exercise programs for facial muscle training were inadequate and I was under-training my patients from the neck up.  Deb’s program reminded me that for optimal results, all the muscles of the head and neck must be trained, not just a few.  All the facial muscles work together to maintain the contour of the face and control the movement of the forehead, eyes, nose, jaw and mouth.  Deb’s program is easy to follow.  She clearly explains each exercise and demonstrates proper technique.”

Valori Treloar, M.D.
Board-Certified Dermatologist
Certified Nutrition specialist
Boston, MA

“… I needed a facial exercise program to recommend to my patients and my internet search produced eight of them. Deb’s FlexEffect was the program with the best strength training focus.  Combining her bodybuilding expertise with a thorough knowledge of facial musculature, she has developed a program that makes sense  physiologically.   Loss of muscle is not the only cause of aging of the face.  Decrease of fat pads, thinning of the layers of the skin, damage by ultraviolet light, poor nutrition all contribute.  However, Facialbuilding may well be one of the most important ways we can help slow the aging process.”

Mark E. McGovern, M.D., FACC, FACP
Miami, FL

“… I have been doing FlexEffect for over a year. My results, to say the least, have been fantastic.  I practice them about 12 – 25 minutes almost every day.

From a scientific standpoint, facial exercises unquestionably work.  Much as an applied program of bodybuilding strengthens and enlarges the skeletal muscles, as well as tone and tighten the overlying skin, facial exercises do the same.  The skin and muscles in the face sag with time.  A regular applied program of facial exercise will strengthen and lift them, and tone and tighten the overlying skin as well.

Unfortunately, there are still many surgeons that refute claims of the efficacy of facial exercises.   It may simply be that they are not familiar with the programs or techniques.   It’s unimaginable to think, from a physiological point of view, that the effects of weight training stop at the neck.”

Jon L.W. Richards
M.D Auburn, WA

“…I can’t imagine any knowledgeable medical professional would doubt that the facial muscles would respond any differently to exercise than any other skeletal muscle. It’s refreshing to finally come across Flexeffect a facial training program that not only can improve muscle tone but also increase muscle mass. I believe these facial exercises as an adjunct to a healthy diet, nonsmoking life style, and daily sunscreen use, can slow down if not reverse that ‘normal’ aging process.”

Jennifer Sherwood, M.D.
Los Angeles, CA

“… While reading about the FlexEffect program and browsing the discussion board, I have noticed several references to the smooth skin of chlidren compared to the sun damaged, aging skin of adults. The reason they can make thousands of expressions that do not result in wrinkles is not because of lack of sun-damage. The epidermis of a newborn continuously grows to accommodate new growth in both musculature and skeletal structure. Gerontoligists have conclusively proven that this growth can occur from birth to about twenty-five years of age, after which the human body slowly begins to decline. At that point, when the epidermis is no longer growing and stretching, is when the ravages of gravity and sun damage begin to take effect. This is exactly when a program like FlexEffect  is most beneficial. Through Facialbuilding, a person is able to increase muscle mass, thus causing the epidermis to stretch and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Thank you for your time and I look forward to joining you all as a Facialbuilder.”

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