The success of any eye exercise rests SOLEY on a COMPLETE training strategy


 Eye Bags, Wrinkled Eyelids, Hooded Eyelids, Eye Hollows,
Dark Circles Under Eyes, Drooping Eyebrows 



Results of FlexEffect facial exercise training: complete void of puffy eye bags, lower lid smooth, wrinkle free, thicker eyelid skin, eyes set wide open when relaxed.   Results of FlexEffect facial exercise: complete void of hooded eyelids, smooth wrinkle free eyelids, thicker eyelid skin.

Above: Deb Crowley Founder of FlexEffect.  Age 65
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“… it is never simply one exercise … each eye problem demands strategic training”


EYE BAGS:  STRATEGY –  FE Resistance Training™, Cross Stretching™,  FE Facial Massage™ Skin Rolling™

If bags are not caused by allergies, they are more than likely fat deposits. It was once thought the only way to remove eye bags was surgery. Studies show continuous pressure applied over any fat deposit will cause it to dissipate; for example, overly tight undergarments leave permanent groves… Lower eyelids are no exception.

Before facial Exercise FlexEffect:  hooded lids, puffy eye bags, crow’s feet, thin skin Results of facial exercise FlexEffect:  removal of hooded eyelids, removal of puffy eye bags, loss of crow’s feet, thicker smoother skin under eye, and firm lift in upper cheek.

 ABOVE Andrea

HOODED LIDS:  STRATEGY –   FE Facial Resistance Training™ – BoneFlex Remodeling™ – FE Pressure Reps™

Hooded lids can be genetic, if not the case, then caused by brow-drape due to thinning of the skin, and/or bone loss.

Before Facial Exercise FlexEffect: hooded lids, crepe eyelid skin, wrinkled lids, eye bags Results of facial exercise flexeffect: removal of hooded lids, upper lids thicker and smoother, less wrinkling of lower lids, removal of eye bags.

ABOVE Jacqui

WRINKLED LIDS:  STRATEGY –  FE Skin Remodeling™ – Cross Stretching™ – FE Facial Resistance Training™

The majority of Tori’s wrinkles were due to sun damage. Obviously, avoidance of the sun was paramount in her training. Cross Stretching™ was needed to repair her skin i.e., thicken and smooth the skin.  Aggressive FE Facial Resistance Training™ gave her all the lift she needed.

 Before Facial Exercise FlexEffect: sever sun damage, crepe eyelids, thin wrinkled skin, eyelid puffiness Results of facial exercise FlexEffect:   loss of hooded lids, smooth lids, smoother facial skin, loss of puffy lower lids.


EYE HOLLOWS:  STRATEGY – Bone Flex Remodeling™ – Pressure Reps™ – FlexEffect Skin Remodeling™ – Cross Stretching™

If you were not born with eye-hollows, they were caused by bone loss and thinning of the skin.  Look at that skin!

Aimee Before FlexEffect Facialbuilding Aimee After Result of FlexEffect

 ABOVE Aimee

DARK CIRCLES:  STRATEGY –  FE Facial Resistance Training™ – Cross Stretching™ – Pressure Reps™ – FE Massage™ –
FE Skin Rolling™

Dark Circles are generally inherited. However, kay’s after photo clearly shows heredity was not her problem.  She trained aggressively using every tool FlexEffect offers and created a firm, lifted full-face…  Great Job!

Before Facial Exercise FlexEffect: Dark Circles, hooded lids, frown-lines, thin skin, sunken upper cheeks, nasolabial lines. Results facial exercise FlexEffect: Dark Circles gone,  lifted upper lids, smoothed frown lines, thicker skin, fullness in upper cheek,  lifted nasolabials



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