Facial Muscles


The majority of facial exercise programs today are either Isotonic toning exercises (nonuse of hands) or Isometric, the simple anchoring of the muscle before contracting, offering minimal build.  FlexEffect offers Facial Resistance Training™ (progressive resistance training) as found in bodybuilding, hence the name Facialbuilding®.  This type of training calls for elongating the muscle before you contract it, giving you what is known as a concentric contraction*. More importantly, Facialbuilding also uses eccentric contractions* commonly known as negative-phase training. This particular type of contraction renders enormous results. The combination of these two types of muscle contractions offers the trainer maximum potential for building muscle.

 Facial Muscles – Exercise or Build 


FlexEffect Facialbuilding is an extension of bodybuilding, so not unlike bodybuilding, it addresses far more than the mere building of muscle. Facialbulding also targets what is probably the most aging phenomenon of all; facial bone atrophy and the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

FlexEffect developed Jolting and Pressure Reps for Bone Remodeling and Cross Stretching for Skin Remodeling.

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*eccentric contraction:  When the resistance is greater than the force generated by the muscle, i.e., the individual fibers of the muscle contract but the force (pull) is so great the muscle actually lengthens.
*concentric contraction:  When the force of the muscle contracting is stronger than the applied resistance.




Simply An Extension of Bodybuilding™