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Skin Remodeling By FlexEffect

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When you are involved in a field as controversial as facial training you simply are not allowed the luxury of ridiculous hype or unfounded claims. As the originator of Facial Resistance Training ™. Facialbuilding® Est. 1979, I have learned only too well the importance of being able to back up every claim I make regarding FlexEffect Facialbuilding® Please take some reassurance in knowing everything you see and read on this web site I stand behind one hundred percent as do the many professionals you will also find here supporting FlexEffect®

Facialbuilding® FAR surpasses mainstream facial exercises. It is backed by Independent Studies, 35 yrs of research and taught in medical facilities such as Physical Therapy clinics, Dermatology offices, and Hospitals.

The following is comprised of the three principal training procedures that make up the framework of Facialbuilding.  These training techniques were developed by Deborah Crowley and are only found within the FlexEffect Facialbulilding program.

Facial Resistance Training™   

 Training Variations:

FlexEffect Facialbuilding® 3rd Edition Pg 81

Rapid Reps, Ten Second Training (intensity training), Negative Training, Split Routines. “Fiber type (fast-twitch or slow-twitch) distribution within a muscle determines how the muscle builds. Since fiber type is genetically determined, it’s easy to see why so many trainers respond differently to the exact same program…” “…when you are up against an area that won’t respond; varying muscle contractions and shock training are just a few proven solutions.”


BoneFlex Remodeling  

FlexEffect Facialbuilding® 3rd Edition Pg 195

Jolting® and Pressure Reps® ” Although our bones may seem to be inert, bone tissue is really very active material that is continuously being broken down (reabsorbed) and new bone being reconstructed and deposited…” “…facial bones decrease with age, dissolving, shrinking, and leaving empty spaces… This has a HUGE effect on Eyes, Cheeks, and Jawline.”

The Lower Jaw at Different Stages of Life:    FlexEffect Facialbuilding® 3rd Edition Pg 198.










Skin Remodeling

The following facial exercise is an example of our skin remodeling regime, a great alternative to Botox treatments.

FlexEffect Facialbuilding® 3rd Edition Pg 255.

Cross Stretching® “…the process of replacing existing worn-out connective tissue with new collagen and elastic fibers…” “…mechanical remodeling is to induce a small amount of controlled skin damage (not obvious to the eye) to promote fibroblasts cells…” “…leaves you with firmer, more elastic, less wrinkled skin…”

Example: Below Photos of Carol after 6 months training with Cross Stretching.

BEFORE - Skin Remodeling By FlexEffect


AFTER - Skin Remodeling By FlexEffect




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