Facial Resistance Training for Sagging Skin



The majority of those looking into facial exercises and facial resistance training for the answer to facial sagging will find it surprising that facial sag in NOT caused by lax facial muscle but rather the loss of facial bone. The diagram to the left shows the areas of the face where the majority of facial bone is lost.

Studies have shown that women had a significant decease in facial bone volume at a younger age than men so they showed signs of aging sooner.  A women can lose up to 20% of her facial bone mass 3 to 6 years after menopause.  So, what does that mean?… Rebuild It!




Bone Target Areas

Bone Target Areas

BEFORE Tori  Age  47

BEFORE    Tori Age 47

AFTER Tori Age 50

AFTER    Tori Age 50

Target Areas:

Zygomatic to lift cheeks and jowls.  Frontal, Lacrimal and Ethmoid for hooded lids and eye hollows. Maxilla for nasolabial folds.  Mandible for jawline and neck sag.


Facial Bone Loss and How it Effects The Face:

As facial bones decrease with age: dissolving, shrinking, and leaving empty spaces, the skin can no longer tighten around the skeleton, causing sag. Looking at the diagram above one can easily see how hollow eyes begin to form. When the T-zone area of the face begins to shrink (area between the eyebrows) the result causes sagging eyebrows and the appearance of deflated eyelids.  As the flat bone (Maxillary Angle) that supports the cheeks begins to shrink, the fat pad slides down and forward, causing nasolabial folds and jowls.  It doesn’t take much of an imagination to figure out what the jawline will look like once the mandible (jaw) begins to shrink.

FlexEffect Facialbluilding’s answer to bone loss:

FlexEffect’s Facial Resistance Training™ has proven over the years to slow down bone loss; keeping one looking younger than their years well into their 60’s.  As with any resistance training it has its limits when up against ones age and personal condition.  Within FlexEffect’s 3rd Edition, FlexEffect offers two new training disciplines NEVER attempted before by any facial training program. Today, FlexEffect no longer puts emphasis on SLOWING DOWN bone loss but rather offers you the ability to actually BUILD facial bone. This is not wishful thinking, it’s a physical fact!  Our Bone Remodeling  techniques for replacing lost facial bone  are called  Jolting™ and Pressure Reps™.  

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