FlexEffect’s private Online WorkShop is positively invaluable for getting the most out of your training. When you’re up against an area of the face that just won’t respond; varying muscle contractions, approaching the muscle from different angles, and shock training are just a few proven solutions.  Veteran trainers with years behind them engage Newbies by working together pooling and sharing their experiences and knowledge that can literally take them far beyond today’s mainstream facial exercise techniques. FlexEffect Facialbuilding is the most disciplined form of facial training there is; allowing the amount of time one spends on a single workout to be less important than consistency, proper technique, and diversity. This means you’ll get more from your training in less the time…just doesn’t get any better than that!


How to Register for WorkShop:

When registering, you MUST use the exact email address you used when you
purchased FlexEffect. Your email address is your key to entry.

If you cannot use the same email address:   Email: Customer Service

In the Subject Line put: ‘WorkShop – New Email’
Provide:   your first/last name
Provide:   the email address you used when you purchased FlexEffect
Provide:   the new email address you wish to use

Once you have registered for WorkShop, it can take a few days to gain entry.

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