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The Best Facial Exercises for Wrinkles is Cross Stretching®
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“When seriously challenged, our bodies have the most amazing ability to revitalize, repair and restore itself. It simply comes down to one thing … HOW we challenge it!”   Deb Crowley.

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Above: Deborah Crowley Age 65 – 2014 Deb’s Photo Journal ‘click photos above to enlarge’

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Above: Tori Age 50 Tori’s Photos


The best facial exercise procedure one can do for facial wrinkles is Cross Stretching® This new training technique was developed by Deborah Crowley Founder of Facialbuilding. Cross Stretching is now a major part of the latest FlexEffect Facialbuilding® 3rd Edition program. So, why did Deb, after swearing in her first edition “Nothing absolutely nothing compares to FlexEffect Facial Resistance Training” find it necessary to research, develop, and add this new training technique to her Facialbuilding program? Well, guess you could say … ‘Older Made Wiser’ After 30 plus years of her Facial Resistance Training™ (building muscle) it subtly became clear to Deb as she began approaching 60, her training was beginning to fall short! For some reason her skin was no longer keeping-up. Wrinkles were not the problem but rather a visual thinning of the skin causing a fragile look. Deb said that’s when she realized; with advancing age, the integrity of the skin i.e. connective tissue, collagen and elastic fibers could not be simply left up to building the surrounding muscles. She was convinced at that point she would have to go directly after (target) the skin itself,

Like Deb said in WorkShop

“If wrinkles are your main issue, or your resistance training doesn’t seem to be getting the job done anymore…. it’s time to up-your-game!”





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